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2113, the Earth has finally solved the climate change issue caused by the loss of forests and technology entering a new era. A world of virtual reality is created by a genius scientist in a VRMMORPG game called "BORNEO", taken from the 3rd biggest island in the world famous for it's forest and wildlife.

An orphan stumble across the game during military service, not forgetting his roots and experience in the world he starts to create his own legend in the game. He is not alone though, billions of other people are also trying to do the same.

This is my first ever novel after so many years as a reader. I hope it would bring the same feeling like the other novels bring to me in this site, I also take inspiration from various novels so you might notice some similarities. Please bear with me during my new journey as an author here.

I won't set a schedule for releasing the new chapter yet, I might try to do so after a few chapters in and I started to get the feeling of how things work.

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