The Ascension of Celestial Priest

by TheGoldenMonarch

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation Xianxia

The World of Might and Magic Saga

Book 1: The Ascension of The Celestial Priest

Death by a freak accident, Lukas is torn from his old world and thrust into a new one where he finds himself in something he never thought possible. The Existence of Magic.

Still homesick as ever and yet thirsting for the new knowledge Lukas strives for more power and strength as Priest of Light so he can protect himself and his new family long enough to find the answers he desperately needs.

On why was he brought to the New World?

And what he should do from there?

and if he will ever find a way back.

Update Schedule;

2 Chapters per Week

8 Chapters per Month.

Uploaded every Saturday Morning, each week sharp unless life happens in between. With more chapters guaranteed when they happen to be ready

PS/Basically it's a LGBT story that meshes fantasy with Cultivation elements together to form its own thing. I hope you enjoy. Please vote if you happen to like it and comment on the chapters below on how I can improve my storytelling. Namaste and have fun :D.

There also might be a bonus chapter every now and then as i take a long time to edit my chapters and make more perfect plot-lines.In addition the picture above is only meant to be used temporarily. If the owner ever desires for me to take it down, i will gladly do so.

My story was orginally published at Webnovel with Royal Roads as my secondary website.

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Group Leader (V)
Word Count (VIII)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Index I; Author's Notice. ago
Index II; The Top 10 Institutions in The Continent of Lush. ago
Index III; The Cultivation Ranks for Mages. ago
1; Prologue ago
2; A New Life. ago
3; The Unexpected Ride. ago
4; The Cathedral of Light ago
5; The Meditation Arts. ago
6; The Soul Altar. ago
7; The Godly Statue. ago
8; The 'Reunion'. ago
9; The Hand in the Darkness. ago
10; The StarLight Staff. ago
11; The Golden Stairs. ago
12; The Endless Expanse. ago
13; The Unexpected Breakthrough. ago
14; Planning Ahead. ago
15; The Continent of Lush. ago
16; Spell Casting. ago
17; What Entails to be a Priest. ago
18; The Official Missive. ago
19; The Golden City. ago
20; The Accusations. ago
21; The Carriage of Nobles & Half-Elves. ago
22; The Graveyard of Sorrows. ago
23; The Catacombs. ago
24; The Underground Rats. ago
25; The Ambush. ago
26; The Rat King. ago
27; The Retaliation of Spells. ago
28; The Aftermath. ago
29; Tier 2 Spell: Wisp of Light. ago
30; The Forbidden Religion. ago
31; The Midnight Flower. ago
32; On Their Way Back. ago
33; Secrets & Consequences. ago
34; The Generous Rewards. ago
35; A Star-Marked Badge. ago
36; The Slaughter Fest. ago
37; The Midnight’s Company. ago
38; The Midnight’s Invitation. ago
39; The Midnight’s Warning. ago
40; The Dead Man’s Spells. ago
41; On Gods & Runes. ago
42; The Ancient Tiles. ago
43; An Old Friend. ago
44; Radiant FeatherSteps. ago
45; A Silent Breakthrough ago
46; A Reunion of Sorts. ago
47; The Fire Streaked Raven. ago
48; Within the Fire Mountain ago
49; The Beast in all its Glory ago
50; The Decisive Strike ago
51; The Mantis Stalks the Cicada ago
52; Ulqiorra. ago
53; Its a Cruel Selfish World ago
54; When Day turns to Night ago
55; The Starry Descent. ago

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Currently on chapter 23. The story is pretty good. My only issue with it is the grammar. Its not terrible but there are a few mistakes through out every chapter. But other than that I would recommend if you enjoy a good magic/cultivation story.