The Cycle of Resentment

The Cycle of Resentment

by Qilin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Wu Tiangong’s birth caused an uproar in the Tiantang Kingdom. Born to the chief of one of four strongest powers, the Wu Clan, Tiangong was destined for greatness. However, nothing ever goes quite right in life and at the age of six, he was faced with betrayal. Gone were his prospects of greatness, of power and grandeur; a decade of misery taking their place. But nothing lasts forever and once the river of destiny changes its course, Wu Tiangong plunges onto the path that was once rightfully his.

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An interesting story, but I wish there was more to visualize!

Reviewed at: Chapter 5 - Arranged Marriage

I'm rather new to Xianxia and Wuxia, so I'm just going to say what my impressions were. I like the story, though I felt Tiangong could be a little more sympathetic and likable. He's already super powerful, so revenge I feel is a little to over the top.

This story is also very strongly narrative drivven. Some people might call those info dumps, and they are, but I don't mind. What I DO which this story had more of was dialogue. Ten times more. More dialogueeee! And of course, more descriptions about what people look like, what their surroundings look like, etc. I would also like to see some internal monologue from Tiangong and the other characters so I know what he's thinking rather than always being "told" what he's thinking.

The grammar is somewhat lacking, but it's not super bad. I've seen some pretty unreadable stuff, and there were only a few sentences I had trouble understanding what was going on, but that's the trouble with most stories when authors describe things vaguely or in weird ways.

With more fleshing out on the descriptions, dialogue, and interior monologue, and a little more sympathy for Tiangong, I think The Cycle of Resent could be pretty good!


I actually made an account just so I can review this fiction. I'm an on and off user of RoyalRoad and only use it when I'm searching for new things to read, so I really didn't have much of a need for an account.

This story's synopsis caught my eye and I tried it out. It honestly wasn't great at first, it was mostly narration and the character seemed more like an object than the main character but, I, later on, read that you had updated all the chapters in the comment section of a post, so I re-read chapter 1. Compared to before, the story is incredibly good now. I was actually growing restless from the cliff hanger I was left on in chapter 7. 

I never really saw the problem with grammar that everyone else did as it was still very much readable but to each their own. The story has only been improving with each chapter in my opinion, and you're doing a great job! 

Keep it up. I won't stop reading this fiction anytime soon.



 I think there's definitely an idea here, but it's not being clearly conveyed through the writing. The writing itself has difficulty with grammar and flow, which is a large reason of why it's difficult to understand.

I get that not everyone knows proper grammar and writing technique (otherwise everyone would be doing it), but I think you need to plan out the story a bit more. Really dig deep into why the characters are the way they are, and read a few of the other fictions on here for some examples of descriptions. "Street cultivation"i a pretty good example of an realistic cultivation novel, while "The Godking's Legacy" is a lot more zany but still follows all of the grammar rules. 

Keep trying, but it's just not there yet. Try looking up online for a guide to writing.


At the time of this review the story is on chapter 5.

Overall this story is a must for anyone looking for a xinxia or wuxia type of read. Most of these stories involve rapid growth with the main character going from zero to god-level as fast as possible, but in the Cycle of Resent Wu Tiantang is already extremely strong from the get go. Which is both interesting and problematic, but the problematic aspect of it can be overlooked because of the purpose of it in the story and what it means for the plot.

As the chapters go on Qilin's writing gets better and better, so the current issue with grammar and flow is being resolved with time and development. The story could use some slowing down in order to help with worldbuilding and character development, but chapter 5 does a good job of this which makes me optimistic of the future.

And in all fairness I love these cultivation stories where the MC is super powerful. So personally I can overlook Wu Tiantang's strength, however I do understand that some people do not enjoy such rapid growth. Worry not though as after speaking with the author we've talked about slowing down his development so that it makes sense for the reader.

Qilin and I have been working hand in hand to assist each other in our writing and I have a great feeling about the future of this story. If the world itself and the various aspects surrounding the story are fleshed out well then it can reach the full 5 stars in my opinion. Just for now it can use more chapters since it is still young so I won't judge that too harshly.