The Cycle of Resentment



Chapter 11 – To Have Eyes But Fail to Recognise Mt.Tai


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The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 11 – To Have Eyes But Fail to Recognise Mt.Tai

Tiangong had sat down, still being ogled by the crowd, however, Tiangong was quite a resilient young man, to all those who were staring at him he returned a cold eye. One which frightened all those who had the misfortune of seeing it.

The food he had ordered was now ready. Countless dishes and waitresses were all flowing out of a single door. The dishes on their plates were surely much better than something he would eat on a whim at the Wu clan. Each dish was carefully prepared and looked delectable and luscious.

Tiangong had started on a bowl of rare pork ramen, it was a dish pleasing to one’s eyes. He chugged it down in a matter of seconds immediately moving to the second and third bowl.

The crowd in the tavern had turned from customers to an audience, all staring at him demolishing bowl after bowl of delicacies they wouldn’t even be able to afford.

“More, more! Who asked you to stop?”

“Little friend, it appears we have run out of ingredients. We usually don’t serve this many of our most expensive foods in a single day” The man at the bar replied.

“I suppose there is nothing we could do about that then. Give me your best wines!”

“As you wish, little friend.”

The man at the bar swayed his sleeve at a man behind him, the man looked like he understood what he was indicating and immediately went to the back of the bar. When he came back, he returned with a jug the size of an adult elephant which was filled to the brink.

“This here is our best wine made of drops of a fox spirit. It contains natural energies that benefit even the highest stage cultivators. The only problem is most people can’t even afford a single cup, let alone the whole jug. Would you like to purchase it?”

The man at the bar wasn’t lying, the wine truly contained a whiff of natural energies. It would most definitely benefit Tiangong, however not to the extent of another breakthrough.

“Great! I’ll purchase it.”

Tiangong threw another treasure towards the man at the bar, and without further delay immediately started draining the jug like he was at the point of starvation.

The doors to the tavern were kicked in, a young man had walked in. He truly looked noble, standing at 2.8 meters tall, his beauty was comparable to even the most gorgeous girls and his hair was coal black. He looked like he took good care of himself.

On his head, he wore a headband one with the Sky () character. On his sides were two men, similar age to him, which looked like his lackeys. This young man was surely someone of high status.

“Young master Du Bao. Your presence is an honor. Please let me treat you to something.”

“Hahaha. Tell your peasant workers to get me fox spirit wine.” The young man replied.

“Erm- Young master… I – I – I…I’m afraid that it’s currently out of stock.” The man at the bar was shivering whilst trying his best to construct a sentence.

Tiangong was still gulping down whatever was left of the wine, with a pleasant expression on his face.

“IT’S FINISHED? Who else can afford this wine but me?”

“It’s this young master”

Du Bao retracted his gaze from the man at the bar and shifted it towards Tiangong, however naturally he wouldn’t be fazed. This made Du Bao even angrier.

“You there. Do you know who I am? How dare you finish my favourite wine?”

“Can’t you see I’m drinking? How dare you interrupt I, your father?” Tiangong's previous expression of pleasure had changed to one of rage.

“You! I’ll let you die a dog’s death.”

Du Bao exerted the aura of a rank 1 Cosmic realm cultivator in Tiangong’s direction, it shocked the crowd, but this wasn’t certainly too insufficient to even tickle him.

“I had eyes but failed to recognise Mt. Tai. Please forgive me oh might Du Bao.” Tiangong was shaking from head to toe whilst apologising to Du Bao.

“You have had your chance, but you didn’t take it. The only option left for you is death.” Du Bao replied.

Du Bao waved his sleeve revealing a black sword. He was going to behead Tiangong in front of everyone to set an example. The corner of Tiangong’s mouth rose up into a mischievous smile, as Du Bao came closer and closer till eventually standing at the distance of a finger opposite to him.

“Young master Du Bao cut his head off.”

“That’s what you deserve for messing with young master Du Bao.”

“Young master Du Bao is surely a genius!”

The crowd was going wild. Everyone loved a bit of action, including the people present here. Even if they didn’t have any problems with Tiangong, watching him being beheaded was still very entertaining.

He raised the sword diagonally, slashing toward Tiangong. If this hit it would most definitely decapitate him. Du Bao was truly a savage.


Du Bao’s slash was incredibly fast cutting the air at the fore of it. Some of the people in the crowd had closed their eyes or looked away, but the majority of them were quite eager to see Tiangong's head fly off, due to how jealous he had made them previously.

“Idiots.” Tiangong thought in his mind.

The sword which was heading for Tiangong’s head was caught by Tiangong’s very own naked hands. But that was not it, he bent his wrist and the sword Du Bao was holding had snapped like a twig.

The crowd had already been through a lot, the once eager faces looking forward to Tiangong’s death were now devastated. The young man in front of them was much stronger than Du Bao, and they were practically begging for his downfall only moments ago, if Tiangong had wanted to they would all be dead right now without even having the time to regret their decision.

After snapping Du Bao’s sword Tiangong reached out his hand and grappled his neck. Du Bao was now floating in the air supported by Tiangong’s fingers, he had squeezed so hard Du Bao wasn’t able to breathe and was left suffocating.

“Please spare our master. It seems like you do not know who he is. He is the disciple of an elder in the Sky sect.” One of his lackeys desperately tried his best to save his master. However, Tiangong did not even bother to look at him, let alone respond.

Seeing Tiangong didn’t seem to care even Du Bao opened his mouth.

“Spare me please” He was silently begging Tiangong with whatever energy he had left.

“As a wise man once said. You have had your chance, but you didn’t take it. The only option left for you is death.” Tiangong said whilst giggling.

Tiangong held Du Bao by the throat for about two minutes. He only stopped when Du Bao had been suffocated to death.

Due to his past memories, his mindset was certainly not one of a member of the younger generation. In fact, even members of the older generation would pale in comparison to him.

Tiangong had pretty much ate and drank all he had wanted at this point. After taking Du Bao’s storage pouch he immediately left and started to travel again towards the Xin Empire.

Du Bao’s storage pouch was actually a lot less precious than he had thought. Other than one or two treasures, it didn’t have much.

At the pace Tiangong was traveling at right now it would only take him another two to three days till he would reach the Xin Empire, and find some way to steal an Essence shard from the Celestial Cloud sect.



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