The Cycle of Resentment



Chapter 9 – Awakened Ethereal Sight


The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 9 – Awakened Ethereal Sight

Tiangong reached for his tiny storage pouch and took out a huge gleaming furnace; it was practically new, as Tiangong had never used it before.

He lit the furnace with a simple low-ranking skill and controlled the temperature of the flames.

Tiangong then simultaneously threw both the flame aggravating herb and sacred sage seed into the furnace. Almost instantly after the sounds of deafening popping noises could continuously be heard from inside the furnace.

The two resources had exerted their true pressure upon collision. They were natural enemies, so unless Tiangong was able to control both with absolute precision, one of them would undoubtedly be destroyed.

Only one opportunity is all Tiangong had, yet he was as calm as the smoothest waters.

He had now been controlling both the resources and the temperature of the flames in the furnace for about half an hour, and the sounds of popping had finally stopped and was replaced with the sound of one final explosion.


This explosion was far louder than the previous popping, and shook the entire floor of the ‘Treasury Tower’ - even Tiangong had to cover his ears.

But that was not necessarily a bad thing. The bigger the reaction during concoction, the better the end result would be.

The two resources had now finally merged into a charcoal-like substance. Now the final step was to add a drop of a Nine-Headed Bird’s blood.

Tiangong had thrown the drop of blood into the furnace and controlled the flames to spin around and mix the drop of blood with the charcoal-like substance.

The flames were spinning around furiously at an incredible speed. The resources inside were hardly visible, however, Tiangong did not slow down.

Tiangong looked like someone who had been sent down by the heavens, whilst skilfully concocting a pill with ease, almost as if he had done it millions of times before.


The pill had now successfully been concocted. Steam was ceaselessly being released from the furnace. In the midst of it, a pill had formed. An unstable pressure which was ten folds more potent than that of the flame aggravating herb was being released by it. This was the legendary ‘Bloodline Rupture Pill’. Even the Xin Empire would not be able to concoct it.

Now all there was left to do was consume it.

“Here goes nothing,” Tiangong exclaimed in his mind.

The ‘Bloodline Rupture Pill’ wouldn’t miraculously increase his control over his bloodline, in reality, it would only allow him to shortly communicate with it. Tiangong would have to undergo a constant struggle subduing his bloodline whilst experiencing excruciating pain till it recognises him as its master and grants him further control over it.

Tiangong’s mouth was agape, as he threw the pill inside and swallowed. The reaction wasn’t instant, but it surely didn’t take long.

By now Tiangong had dropped down to the floor and started rolling around. Hands gripping the hair at the top of his head, he was screaming. “AAAAAHHHH!” Tiangong was in so much pain his complexion was ashen, and his skin had started to pale.

Searing fiery burst of energy were pulsating around his body. Each burst being more powerful than the former. This torture had lasted only ten minutes before the connection with his bloodline was cut off.

“Without plowing and weeding there is no harvest!”

Tiangong had lived through this tribulation, but that was not all. He had unlocked an innate ability of his bloodline – the ‘Ethereal Eyes’

This would now enable Tiangong to see through the true nature of objects, whether that may be a tomb hidden behind a rock or a being able to tell if a person was lying to him. However, this was not its ultimate use.

The ‘Ethereal Eyes’ could only be called upon by Tiangong when he needs it, but as his control over his bloodline grows, they act as his set of ordinary eyes.


Meanwhile sometime before Tiangong had entered the ‘Treasury Tower’ in the Wu clan’s prisons.

“It was...” Wu Zetian had started to stutter. It seemed like if she revealed who it was, she would be met with an even greater end. She paused for a second. “It was... Wu Mei. She was the one who provided my father with the poison to seal Tiangong’s sorcery and also the person who provided me with the poison used on the clan chief. She had promised my father the position of clan chief as long as he followed her schemes.”

“Blasphemy! You expect me to believe the clan chief’s wife would poison her own husband and son?”

The sovereign elder once again raised the mace above his head. The prison cell was very dark, however, the mace was shining vigorously. He slashed the mace en route to Wu Zetian.

“I HAVE PROOF!” She yelped with all her might.

The mace had stopped right before it collided with her skull. Dangling right on top of it, staying there for a couple of seconds before he retracted it and held it to his side.

Wu Zetian let out a huge breath.

“If you lied to me, you won’t get away with just a swift end. I will make you suffer and wish you were dead. Torture worse than anything you’ve ever experienced.” The sovereign elder spoke with a stern voice.

She gulped before opening her mouth. "I have a letter written by Wu Mei in the storage pouch you have taken off me. It has her signature and aura on it.”

The sovereign elder clutched at a storage pouch in his robe’s pocket. This was the possession of Wu Zetian.

He searched through for a moment before discovering a letter. One that was just as described by her.

This letter undoubtedly had the aura of Wu Mei on it, however, what was most shocking was what was inscribed within it.

“Wu Tianyi, I know you’ve been eyeing the position of clan chief for a long time now. I can help you obtain it. It’s quite simple, Wu Tiangong is now six and a talent like no other. However, what if we were to seal his sorcery? With Wu Jing’s temperament, he would undeniably give up cultivating his sorcery to help his son unseal it again. Once you finally catch up to him take the position of clan chief by force.”

Wu Mei gave Wu Tianyi false hope, so he could help her seal her son’s sorcery and get away with it. However, she had not stopped there.

Where Wu Mei had received these poisons from was at present unbeknown to everyone. But what was even more puzzling was why Wu Mei would go through all this effort to poison those she was closest to.

The sovereign elder started to frown. If the person they were dealing with was someone else in the Wu clan, he could at least understand. However, the person in question was the wife of the clan chief. What reason would she have to poison both her husband and son?

“This-” The sovereign elder muttered to himself whilst ogling the letter assuring himself that this was truly written by Wu Mei. “It seems like I’ll have to report this.”

The sovereign elder had left, just like when he had first walked in. However, the footsteps, this time around had started off extremely loud and only got quieter the further away he was.

The sovereign elder was on his way to Tiangong. Perhaps he would know why Wu Mei would do this.

He had received news that Tiangong was last seen entering the ‘Treasury Tower’, so he camped outside of it till he caught sight of him.

The sovereign elder only stood outside for under an hour when one of the ‘Treasury Tower’s’ doors suddenly opened. A figure drastically smaller than the door, but still quite tall for a human had walked out.

It was the person the sovereign elder was waiting for - Tiangong.

“Tiangong!” The sovereign elder exclaimed.

Tiangong revealed a puzzled expression, as he truly had no idea why a sovereign elder would be waiting outside for him.

“Why have you come searching for me?” Tiangong questioned.

“This matter is quite complicated; it regards your mother.” The sovereign elder replied, treading carefully.

“Quickly speak.” Tiangong immediately became concerned. What he hated most was others injuring his family members, however, the words about to be spoken by the sovereign elder had shocked Tiangong.

“How do I put this... Your mother was the one who provided Wu Tianyi with the poisonous pill which sealed your sorcery at the age of six, along with the poison which has put the clan chief in his current condition.” The sovereign elder spoke whilst staring down the ground. Even though Tiangong was only a member of the younger generation, he was truly too scary to look in the eye.

Whilst the sovereign elder was speaking Tiangong had activated his ‘Ethereal Sight’. Who’d have thought his innate ability would already have its uses so early on?

The words spoken by him didn’t seem to be lies, so Tiangong didn’t refute them. Instead, he asked him one simple question.

“Do you have any proof?” Tiangong asked.










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