The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 8 - Concocting a Pill

” This... This is Dantian seeking poison. It’s not very powerful, but this is far more precious than anything you could possibly get in the Tiantang Kingdom. Where did Wu Zetian get this? This is troublesome, the ingredients needed to purify the poison are much more precious than the poison itself, and can definitely not be found here.”

Tiangong was the fabled Qilin in his past life. An existence which had brought ruin to the universe, and restored it as it was now - naturally he would have broad knowledge, regardless of the topic.

“The only thing I can do is help father maintain his current condition by blocking the poison from spreading.”

“Sovereign elders, I appreciate all your help, but please move to the side. I will handle this.” Tiangong spoke with the airs of a king.

Even if the sovereign elders had wanted to refute, they could not - Tiangong had exerted intense pressure with his sorcery power locking all three of them in place. Despite the extremely strong pressure Tiangong had released, it did not harm any of them at all.

Tiangong still respected these three men. They were the only reason his father was still able to breathe now, even if the poison was still there.

Tiangong skillfully pierced 14 areas on Wu Jing’s body at an incredible speed. These were his major channel lines linked to all 365 acupuncture points.

The flow of Qi in Wu Jing’s body had started to increase enveloping around the poison, and fighting back.

Tiangong had temporarily dealt with the poison in his father’s body, however, this wouldn’t last. He had a limited amount of time to search for the ingredients necessary to completely dispel the poison.

The jaws of all three sovereign elders had dropped. They had spent the last two days restlessly using all they knew in an attempt to stop the poison from spreading. However, Tiangong had done it in a matter of seconds.

Tiangong simply just wasn’t a genius - he was a demon. Even the members of the older generation were clearly no match.

“You-”. The sovereign elders were gasping with admiration. They felt like they had wasted their entire lifetime.

“Tiangong. Where did you learn this?” One of the sovereign elders questioned Tiangong.

“Sovereign elder, that’s not important right now. My father has only been cured temporarily. The poison will start spreading again soon. And if three months' time, if he is not treated… He will undoubtedly die.”

Almost in unison, the sovereign elders revealed an expression filled with both dismay and rage.

“That bastard Wu Zetian!” One of the sovereign elders bellowed.

“However, it’s not impossible.” Tiangong paused. “Do any of you know where I could find essence shards?”

“Essence shard? Of course, we do. The Celestial Cloud sect owns a cave filled with essence shards, but I’m afraid it can’t be found in our kingdom. And the quantity has been decreasing over the years, so only people of grand status in their sect would receive the opportunity to obtain it.”

“Prepare me a map to the Xin Empire. I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow.” Tiangong said.

“But what use does the essence shard have?”

“It’s what we need to cleanse the poison in my father’s body.”

“That can’t be. The essence shard only helps with increasing cultivation.”

The sovereign elders were surely scared of Tiangong, but taking into account their clan chief’s life was at risk they rebutted him.

“I asked for a map of the Xin Empire. Are you planning to hinder me?” He furrowed his eyebrows.

“No, no. We wouldn’t dare!” The three sovereign elders felt wronged but nonetheless they lowered their torsos and head; bowing in the direction of Tiangong before hastily leaving.

Tiangong put his father into the care of a random maid, however, he wouldn’t just put his father in the care of anyone. The maids in the Wu clan weren’t blood-relatives. They were from an entirely different power - one which was much less powerful than his and had served them for multiple centuries. So, it was undeniable that they were very loyal.

Tiangong’s next course of action was to prepare for his journey to the Xin Empire.

He knew that the peak experts there were far stronger than he was currently, so he needed a way to bridge the gap between them.

“I’ll need to concoct a bloodline rupture pill. It’ll allow me to control more of my innate abilities. If I can unlock my Ethereal Sight, I’ll have a massive advantage in battle, not to mention the ability to see through the true nature of things.”

The resources Tiangong needed to concoct this pill would naturally not be found in the Wu clan’s ‘Pill Concocting Building’, it was far too pressure. If Tiangong wanted these resources, he would have to pay the Wu clan’s ‘Treasury Tower’ a visit.

Under normal conditions, the ‘Treasury Tower’ could only be accessed by Wu Jing - Tiangong’s father. However, he was currently unconscious. Wu Jing would always keep the key with him, so it was quite easy for Tiangong to take off him.

Obtaining the key was a blessing as the material the ‘Treasury Tower’ was made out of was a material Tiangong couldn’t break with his current level of strength.

The tower was awe-inspiring. It stood there as if materialized from the storybook of a child. It was faultless. Every brick of that tower had been propped by the worker's hands into a perfect circle.

One could easily tell that the Wu clan was much stronger in the past.

The entrance was made up of double doors which were of a generous size hulking over Tiangong. Tiangong had only opened one side of the entrance, yet it was so wide anything even an elephant could pass through - let alone Tiangong.

The resources were clearly visible before he had even walked in. His clan was truly rich. To say Tiangong felt crowded when entering wouldn’t be a stretch.

The tower consists of three floors. Each floor containing treasures more precious than the previous.

Tiangong was currently on the first floor.

Anyone else in the Wu clan would flip if they saw what he saw at this moment, however, Tiangong was calm and collected.

Tiangong climbed the stairs up. He had now reached the second floor. If one thought the first floor was crowded, on the second floor you wouldn’t even have enough space to breathe. Lofty piles of treasures worth miniature kingdoms were crammed in one room.

However, Tiangong did not stop climbing there. The resources he needed would naturally be on the third floor.

He had now reached the third floor. This floor was smaller compared to the other two, and there were also far fewer treasures. Tiangong had enough room to run around unhindered, but that did not mean the treasures were any less valuable than the other two floors. In fact, a single treasure on this floor would be worth the same amount as everything on the first and second floor combined.

Tiangong probed the floor, in search of three resources. A flame aggravating herb, a sacred sage seed and a drop of blood of a Nine-headed Bird. These three treasures were essential for Tiangong to communicate with his bloodline.

He didn’t have to search for long before finding the resources he needed. In the center of the room, six treasures were raised on top of a small platform. Three among them being the resources Tiangong was searching for.

The flame aggravating herb, physically looked like an ordinary leaf. However, the invisible gorging red flame it emitted betrayed it. If anyone below the Stellar realm approached it, they would get disintegrated.

On the right of it was a sacred sage seed. Like the flame aggravating herb, it emitted a pressure. But the pressure it emitted was very much different - it was one which brought tranquillity to those who had the pleasure of being around it.

Three drops of blood of a Nine-Headed Bird were inside of jade decanter adjacent to the flame aggravating herb. More than Tiangong needed.

“The Treasury Tower really had everything I needed to concoct this pill! Great!” Tiangong exclaimed to himself in his mind.

Now all that was left was concocting the actual pill, and that was actually the easy part for Tiangong.

Being the son of the clan chief naturally provided Tiangong with some perks. His father had provided him with a storage pouch, containing all sorts of items. One of them being a furnace.

These three resources were quite special. The flame aggravating herb and sacred sage seed was like lava and water. Both resources were completely lifeless, however when they collide with each other both exert a potent pressure and unless the person concocting the pill could perfectly control the pressure both unleash, only one of them would survive. Rendering the other useless, and hence failing the pill concoction.

In this realm, there were ranks for Alchemists. These ranged from Yellow Grade, Orange Grade, Green Grade, Blue Grade, Brown Grade, and Black Grade.

In the Tiantang Kingdom, the highest rank Alchemist was at the Yellow Grade.

The ‘Bloodline Rupture Pill’ Tiangong was going to concoct required a Green Grade Alchemist, so if anyone was here to witness what he was about to do they would faint from shock.

However, this was to be expected - In Tiangong’s past life he was an existence above the Black Grade. Him being able to concoct pills which needed a Green Grade Alchemist was only natural.

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