The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 7 – Poisoned

Narrow, dingy and cave-like, a cheap bony oak framed bed was cut shorter to fit into the room. A snippet of carpet greying with decades of mould and dust on top of it, supposedly the mattress. In front of the bed were several thick metal bars and three robust grey stone walls surrounding it.

In the center of the room, a girl with soiled lustrous black hair and a tarnished sweet innocent face was tied up by broad and heavy chains to an oak chair, but in comparison to the oak bed frame, it was much sturdier – the chair she sat on was most definitely not ordinary. Spikes covered the front, arm-rest, and seat. Whoever was sitting here was currently undergoing gut-wrenching torture.

Resounding footsteps could be heard from a distance. The sound of the collision between wooden sandals and a metal floor. Gradually becoming more audible the closer it got.




A dark silhouette had reached for the heavy door made of metal bars.


Time doesn’t slow down for anyone, yet for the girl, it felt like it had barely budged. Her expression had turned into one filled with complete dejection.

The silhouette had finally moved close enough to identify – it was a man marked by reflecting physical strength. The man was a mammoth in comparison to the girl; he had a thick grey facial hair reaching the bottom of his torso.

He walked in with his chin thrust forward and narrowed eyes. This man was one of the sovereign elders who was standing behind Wu Jing during the youth tournament.

In his hand, he carried an awkwardly large bloody mace. The nails on the mace directly fitted the multiple seemingly dug out holes on the girl's bodies, almost like a jigsaw piece. This was clearly not her first experience.

“I can’t handle any more of this. I’ll bleed out to death. My life is far more important. If I reveal who it was, I might still have a chance of living, however, if I don’t, I’ll certainly die.” The girl started breathing heavily.

The sovereign elder had not wasted his time with superfluous words, he had lifted the gigantic mace above his head and revealed a swinging motion.

“STOP!” The girl bellowed.

Outside of the prison cell, dawn came seeping down the mountainsides. The sky was streak by clouds and the golden sunshine was brighter than ever – at this point, it would blind even sorcerers if they stared for long at it. Things had finally calmed down in the Wu clan’s territory.

Tiangong was currently meditating cross-legged on a grass field, collapsing light pouring over him like water. He had spent the last few days stabilising his foundations – Tiangong was now officially comfortable with his new vessel.

Great, I’m now used to this new body. Tiangong whispered to himself. I’ll be able to make maximise my breakthroughs in the future.”

He stood up and breathed a mouthful of fresh air.

“Time to head back!”

Tiangong was darting across the grass without disturbing it – this was one of the characteristics of the legendary Qilin. He was heading towards his home, and it wasn’t too far away, so it only took him a couple of minutes to reach.

His house was nothing compared to Zhou Fang’s palace; however, it had a special place in Tiangong’s heart. From afar it was bricks and adhesive decked with slates, the same as any other. There was nothing about it in the very least attractive, yet it gave him a sense of belonging.

Even if he had only used it as a safe zone to escape the bullies in the Wu clan – something whichhe frankly didn’t need anymore–Tiangong had spent most of his time in this ordinary house.

Tiangong had reached for the doorknob, without even bothering to look. He was completely accustomed to it.

He was immediately greeted by his living room. One which was quite small and cramped, however very comfortable. The room was filled with furniture, mostly sofas – it wasn’t obvious but this simple touch certainly added to the vibe of gentleness surrounding his home.

In the corner of the room, his mother (Wu Mei) was sat. One would think sitting in such an environment would also calm Wu Mei down, however, her current countenance was devastating.

Tears were cascading like a waterfall from the corner of her eyes. Searing pain was audible through her series of deafening shrieks. When she cried, she would grab onto something for aide, virtually anything, a table or the back of a chair, and then her whole body would quiver.

Tiangong was not at all amused by this scene. He did not see his mother very often as she would always strangely disappear, however she was a very vibrant person. He had only ever seen her either happy or angry. Not once had he seen his mother cry before. And he would most certainly not forgive the person who had caused this scene.

“Mother.” Tiangong had thought twice before speaking. “Mother, what happened? Who did this to you?”

“Tiangong, when did you come in?” Wu Mei was in so much sorrow she had unconsciously blocked her surrounds and had never noticed Tiangong’s presence. Her lack of reaction seemed almost forced.

“It's...It’s your father.” The more she spoke the more she started to murmur. “Your father has been poisoned by Wu Zetian.”

“POISONED?” Tiangong was shocked. “Where is father now?”

“He’s under the care of our most knowledgeable sorcerers in our Wu clan's Alchemy quarters.” She simultaneously lowered her head whilst speaking. “I’m afraid even I’m currently not allowed in.” It was strange how Wu Mei would stop immediately stop crying when answering Tiangong's questions, and a second later start crying again, as if she hadn't paused a minute ago, but Tiangong did not question it.

Once his mother had revealed the location of his father’s whereabouts Tiangong had instantly rushed out of his home.

Tiangong had reached the entrance of the Alchemy quarter's main building. This was most likely where a person of the clan chief’s status would be treated.

In front of the entrance stood two sovereign elders, both at the rank 9 Cosmic realm.

Both sovereign elders had noticed the determination in Tiangong’s eyes and knew that they were no match for him in terms of power, but their words might stop him.

“Y - Young master Tiangong. Your father is currently undergoing treatment by our most skilled sorcerers. If you were to interrupt right now, it could lead to your father’s condition worsening”

However, Tiangong took no notice of these elders and dashed into the building.

“Young master...”

*” Darn it. why do I have to be so unfortunate? I can’t guard the entrance when someone as powerful as that

The guard’s thoughts were filled with rage, yet his body betrayed him. He was shivering from head to toe. Like he had just survived a calamity.

Inside of the building, three people were surrounding Wu Jing – who was currently unconscious.

His skin was pale and cold to the touch. He had degraded from his once bulky physique to one in the shape of a stick. His former prowess had now completely subsided.

Wu Jing's case was much severe than Tiangong - it wasn’t a poison which sealed the consumer's sorcery, it was much more potent. This poison would’ve taken his life already if it wasn’t for the treatment he was currently undergoing.

“Tiangong. Don’t come any closer. The three of us are currently trying our best to improve your fathers' condition. You just need to watch from the side.”

“Let me have a look at him. I’ll be able to tell what the problem is.” Tiangong spoke in a much more respectful tone to these sovereign elders. This was due to the fact all three of them were soaked in sweat, because of their attempts to cleanse the poison in his father’s body.

Tiangong actually had a limited amount of conversation with his father. This was mostly because he was ashamed of his powers being sealed. His father had enthusiastically spent a lot of time finding people who could possibly unseal his powers in naught. However, he had never stopped.

Even if it didn’t seem like it Tiangong had always loved his father dearly.

He reached his hand out towards his father’s wrist. Tiangong was reading his pulse.

Tiangong widened his eyes, raised his eyebrows and his mouth pulled back towards his ears. 

His father's condition was truly disastrous, and at Tiangong's current strength it would be incredibly hard to cure.

In another setting, the conversation between the girl and the sovereign elder had yet to end.

“Fine! Stop! I’ll tell you who gave me the poison.”

The girl who was undergoing torture was Wu Zetian.

Wu Zetian was a mantis who stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.

Even though she had experienced death-rendering pain – in fact much more than her father had. She was at least still alive, and the opportunity to remain so depended on if she was willing to betray the one who had provided her with the poison.

The sovereign’s previous stern expression had yet to fade away. Leaving a mark of fear on Wu Zetian’s soul. Her heart had tensed.

“It was...” Wu Zetian had started to stutter. “It was.”







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