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The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 6 - Zhou Yue's Mistake

Three days had gone by since Zhou Yue’s visit to the Wu clan. To Wu Tiangong, the days blurred together, forming one long rainbow – it was only natural that gossip of how powerful he is once again encircled the Tiantang Kingdom. His reputation was finally restored.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Zhou Yue had finally returned home and she was enthusiastic to announce what she thought would be good news.

Even though the Zhou clan was equal in terms of status to the Wu clan, their territory was much grander.

The Zhou clan’s territory was actually built over an ancient city. Though most things had to be rebuilt, there were still some derelict buildings that remained. These derelict buildings, despite their state, were made of a material resembling gold, however, it seemed thousands of times more precious than ordinary gold. The buildings galloped into the clouds asserting a sense of dominance to anyone who would catch sight of them.

“Zhou Yue, where have you been this past week?”

A voice reverberated throughout the Zhou clan’s territory from a distance. This powerful voice originated from the clan chief of the Zhou clan – Zhou Fang.

“Father, I have good news. I have managed to nullify the arranged marriage I had with that trash!”

Zhou Yue was filled to the brim with joy. Her father had always wanted to cancel the marriage since Wu Tiangong's downfall but it was quite complicated for him as he was the person who had arranged it to begin with. So, Zhou Yue having managed to cancel it on her own would've been seen as a blessing.

However, Zhou Yue was delusional.


Zhou Fang was a well-composed middle-aged man with a wizened face. His back was slightly hunched but he was still much taller than the average person standing roughly 2.5 meters tall. Zhou Fang was currently sitting on a grand throne made entirely of gold and embossed with dragon patterns, which almost seemed to be animated. Zhou Fang had all the possessions of a king, however, the way he reacted was certainly much unlike one.

In this situation, he could hardly control his temper. Not only had Zhou Yue offended and nullified a marriage with the strongest genius in the Tiantang Kingdom, but she had also insulted the entire Wu clan. However, Zhou Yue didn't know this and she would certainly regret it when she does.

"This? He should be happy. " She wondered. "I’ve managed to cancel a marriage with someone whose sorcery is sealed. Why is he enraged?"

Zhou Yue had spent the journey back to her territory quarantined, so naturally, she hadn’t caught a single whiff of any news regarding Wu Tiangong.

The conversation between the two ringed throughout the Zhou territory, so it was quite audible to the majority of people in the vicinity and as Wu Tiangong’s recent status revamp was already common knowledge to the people in the Tiantang Kingdom (this naturally would include the Zhou clan), it would leave one wondering why the daughter of the clan chief, who was seen as a genius in both political affairs and sorcery, would make such a stupid decision.

Zhou Fang’s thoughts were distraught. He had personally raised Zhou Yue since birth, and knew how capable she was – she wouldn’t make such a lawless mistake without reasoning.

“Zhou Yue." He shouted in a tone filled with anger. "Hurry up and get home! We will discuss this there.”

She was now beyond confused as to what was going on. She had thought her decision would please her father, not infuriate him.

The clan chief lived in a very luxurious palace – one with architecture like no other. This building was also a remnant from the ancient city which had inhabited this territory previously. The ancient city was ruled by a monarch, which at the time had invited the best architects to personally construct his abode. The palace was located quite high up on a mountain overlooking the entire Zhou territory.

Even though the exterior of the palace was quite pleasing to look at, the interior would leave you agape.

Zhou Yue had now reached the gate of the palace. It was shiny and unrealistically large.

Her tiny hands reached out and she had only opened the gate slightly when faded light had escaped from the palace and blinded her. The light seemed very unnatural, but at the same time very holy – it originated from a torch, it was a priceless treasure. Something that her father would use to boost his cultivation speed during secluded training.

It was worth noting that Zhou Yue didn’t actually live in the palace, and her entering it today was actually a first. This actually frightened her, as she wouldn’t be invited in her father’s palace without an abundant amount of reasoning.

In the midst of the faded light, a majestic throne was visible to the naked eye. It was embezzled with buoyant dragon patterns. Even if a cripple would give off an imposing vibe if they were to sit on the throne.

A crimson rug bathed in blood was streaked from the gate all the way to the throne her father sat on.

Zhou Yue would undeniably have to walk on this rug to reach her father.

She was pondering endlessly eyeing the rug.

She wasn’t usually scared of her father, she was usually rather arrogant around him, however something about him today had petrified her from head to toe.

Zhou Yue had accidentally looked straight forward and immediately met her father’s gaze  - this was not the sort of gaze a father would use to greet their child. It was a sharp, terrifying gaze directed at Zhou Yue's soul.

At this point she started shivering, however, she was still reviewing what she could’ve done to enrage her father.

(Zhou Yue) What have I done? Why is father so angry? Why is he looking at me like that? He’s completely infuriated.

Zhou Yue’s legs were still wobbling, but that didn’t stop her from walking towards her father.




She had once again caught the gaze of her father and she was left frozen on the spot. Zhou Yue was very unyielding, she gulped and continued moving forward.




The palace hall was abnormally silent therefore the pitter-patter of Zhou Yue’s tiny feet was incomparably loud, however, none of that mattered – she was now standing right in front of her father, completely vulnerable to his heart-rending gaze.

Zhou Yue opened her mouth in an attempt to speak, but before she could even utter a word Zhou Fang spoke.

“Zhou Yue, did you break the engagement with Wu Tiangong?”

Zhou Fang’s rage had currently reached the boiling point and his tone was filled with rage.

Zhou Yue was almost ogling the floor, trying her best not to look up at her father. The room was once again awfully silent. She didn’t have the stomach to answer back anymore.


Zhou Fang had repeated her name in hope of an answer.

“Yes, father. I have ended our arranged marriage.”

Zhou Yue had used all her might to talk back. Her legs wobbled more and more until she eventually dropped to the floor. The rug she stood on was surprisingly thick, so the drop was softened for the most part.

“My beloved daughter. Do you realise what you have done?”

Zhou Fang had slightly calmed down, as it truly didn’t seem she knew what she had done.


(Zhou Yue) I understand that I had nullified a marriage set by my father and the clan chief of the Wu clan, however, this marriage was set when Wu Tiangong was still a genius. My father should be happy I got myself out of that mess.

“Have you not heard of Wu Tiangong having unsealed his powers?”

Zhou Yue’s expression had instantly shifted from frightened to one of repentance. She had thought she had grasped the severity of the issue; however, Zhou Fang opened his mouth once again.

“Have you not heard Wu Tiangong had single-handedly defeated a sovereign elder of the Wu clan? Someone at rank 1 Multiverse whilst at the peak of the cosmic realm?”


If Zhou Yue’s expression was previously one of repentance, then now it was one of complete self-condemnation – like she had been tread upon by a herd of horse.

“Father, that can’t possibly be true.”

She tried her best to denounce her father’s words – Zhou Yue was also a genius, however, if Wu Tiangong was truly a peak cosmic realm sorcerer who could defeat a grand sovereign elder, she would only be an ant in comparison.

“You question the investigations conducted by our Zhou clan’s elite spies?”

She had finally grasped the gravity of what she had done. She had insulted the number one genius in the Wu clan and If she didn’t find a way to resolve this situation the Wu clan wouldn’t leave things be.

Zhou Yue was a very attractive girl, who would instantly stand out among others. However, her current appearance was one so hideous that even her father could hardly recognise her.

The duo both silently contemplated in the room. Thoughts about how they were planning to resolve this situation before it escalated had swarmed their minds. It was once again abnormally silent like someone had muted the surroundings.



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