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Hello! Chapter 5 has officially been uploaded after lots of contemplating about where I want this fiction story to head towards and the goal towards the end of it. I realised the first 4 chapters felt party rushed to the reader due to the number of power-ups the main character has had and all the info dumps, so I decided to take it a bit slower from this point and add a couple of side stories so the main character has to put work in to get results, rather than them being unlocked through 0 effort. 

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The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 5 - Arranged Marriage

As Wu Tiangong had left the arena where the youth tournament was taking place right after he created a scene, he was not there to witness what happened after he left.

Everyone present started kowtowing and flattering the clan chief – even the arrogant supreme elders were no exception. They had all realised their mistake and out of fear tried their best to reconcile with Wu Tiangong’s father in hopes of him sparing them.

However Wu Tiangong had no one other than his mother and father to rely on in the Wu clan. He did not consider the rest of them as family nor friends, so their attempts were futile. 

An hour had passed and Wu Tiangong was still undergoing his strange transformation. His body had now started to reconstruct; however, it was thousands of times sturdier than before and unconsciously emitted the airs of a king.

He had grown thick muscles all over his body and towered others at 2.2 meters tall. Wu Tiangong was a handsome man before transforming, and his face still resembled what it was before, however his appeal had increased tenfold.

Wu Tiangong's previous bloodline was considered impure as it had also once contained the inferior bloodline of the Wu family. However, now that his body had undergone these changes the Wu family's bloodline which once flowed through his blood had now completely been drawn out of his body, leaving only the Qilin's pure bloodline. 

Wu Tiangong regaining all his memories gave him a broad knowledge. One key bit of information was that the whole concept of ‘sorcery’ was derived from cultivation. The Tiantang Kingdom Wu Tiangong lived in was considered incredibly weak and this caused them to be alienated from the rest of the world - leading to each generation getting progressively weaker and vital information eventually being lost.

The Planetary, Stellar, Cosmic and Multiverse realms were just the foundation realms for cultivation. Once one had reached the Boundless realm, they could finally be considered a cultivator.

Wu Tiangong had gained a lot of enlightenment from his former life's memories. However, the powers he once had was not so easy to obtain again. Wu Tiangong would have to cultivate to higher realms and slowly unseal the powers of his bloodline.

He had also obtained a cultivation technique called “Divine Flow”.
This enabled those who practiced it to absorb and merge with other life forms and energy no matter how potent it may be. As Wu Tiangong was still far too weak to use the true powers of his bloodline, this technique was perfect for him.

The life forms the cultivation technique absorbs would be stored in his dantian making it considerably easier for Wu Tiangong to manipulate.

If Wu Tiangong were to capture the soul of a cultivator stronger than himself, he would be able to gain complete control over it.

Two days had passed by in the blink of an eye. The powerful aura which seemed to be cocooned around Wu Tiangong had finally subsided - his transformation was finally complete.

"I feel great! No one below rank 5 Multiverse would be my match"

Wu Tiangong was, in fact, still a rank 9 cosmic realm cultivator, however, he was already able to traverse across 2 cultivation ranks before. Now that he had obtained his previous life's battle experience the title of 'genius' wasn't enough to describe Wu Tiangong anymore - he was a demon.

Now that Wu Tiangong had finished measuring his power level, it was time for him to return home.

It had taken Wu Tiangong about 10 minutes to reach the Kunlun Mountain from the Arena and his house was much further away. Previously it would take Wu Tiangong three weeks just to reach the outskirts from his house - it now took him under an hour.

Wu Tiangong's progress was completely absurd. If the sovereign elders that previously messed with him had come to know how powerful Wu Tiangong is now, they'd be scared beyond belief.

"Son, you're back! Where did you go?"

Wu Jing was still a peak Multiverse realm cultivator, he would easily be able to sense Wu Tiangong if he was in Wu Jing's perimeter.

"I had felt the opportunity to breakthrough, but your son is incompetent and failed."

Wu Tiangong felt there was no need to disclose his transformation or any details about his previous life to even his father, as it would only attract unwanted attention - not to mention the chances his father would believe him were close to none.

"Son, you've left for a long time. Actually, since you left many members of the Wu clan have presented you with gifts in an attempt to reconcile with you."

Wu Mei threw a small pouch towards Wu Tiangong. This pouch wasn't an ordinary pouch though. It was a storage device. The tiny pouch was able to store two rooms worth of items within it.

One such tiny pouch was already quite expensive, it would leave others wondering what grand treasures would be inside of it.

Wu Tiangong was the son of the Wu clan's clan chief so not much could catch his eye and a storage pouch wouldn't catch his eye, however, the items inside left even Wu Tiangong in astonishment.

The storage device was filled from top to bottom with priceless treasures used to increase cultivation, some of which Wu Tiangong had only ever heard of.

This pouch was attentively prepared by Wu Zetian and her father. If they didn't reconcile with Wu Tiangong sooner or later, there would be no place for them in the Wu clan.

Wu Tiangong would never accept such precious gifts from friends, however, if it was offered by someone he had broken all relations with he wouldn't mind.

The cultivation resources within the pouch would allow Wu Tiangong to breakthrough to the Multiverse rank one in a matter of minutes as he paired it with the 'Divine Flow' technique he had learned in his past life.

"That's not all after the tournament ended everyone returned to their lodgings, and Wu Guang used this opportunity to run away." Wu Jing uttered.


A loud explosion could audibly be heard in the distance, instantly interrupting Wu Tiangong's train of thought.

Wu Jing as the clan chief had to uphold his duties and ensure the safety of his clan. He rushed out of his house and charged towards the direction of the explosion. Wu Tiangong was following closely behind.

"Where is that trash Wu Tiangong? Call him here right now!"

The voice came from a girl, which seemed to be similar in age to Wu Tiangong. Her hair was kohl-black and it plunged over her shoulders. She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s-leg eyelashes.

One look was all it took to tell she was a striking beauty, however her manner of conduct completely contrasted her outward appearance.

She also wore a glimmering headband on her forehead with the character 周 (Zhou).

"Are you looking for me?"

Wu Tiangong furrowed his eyebrows. He was enraged at the scene in front of his eyes. The beauty was strangling an aged elder of the Wu clan - he could turn a blind eye to internal fights within the Wu clan, but he would never forgive those of other families who injure people from the Wu clan.

"You're Wu Tiangong? Do you recognise me?"

Wu Tiangong actually had no memory of ever meeting this girl, so he was very confused. However, his father knew all too well who this girl was. She was Zhou Yue, the daughter of the Zhou clan's clan chief - a power as dominant in the Tiantang Kingdom as the Wu clan.

"Zhou Yue, what brings you here today? Has your father asked you to pass on a message?"

Wu Jing asked.

"I'm here to cancel my arranged marriage with Wu Tiangong. I would be more than willing to marry him if he were at least a sorcerer, however, his powers are sealed. It would be embarrassing for a genius like me to marry a cripple."

Zhou Yue's had to show respect to Wu Jing therefore her arrogant tone had calmed down slightly when talking to him.

Everyone present had heard Zhou Yue's words as she was shouting them at the top of her lungs, in an attempt to show off, however, everyone present was from the Wu clan and had all bore witnessed to Wu Tiangong's current level of strength.

Zhou Yue was delusional - not only had Wu Tiangong's cultivation been unsealed. He had also made a heaven-defying number of breakthroughs. Even the sovereign elders in the Wu clan would stand no chance against Wu Tiangong.

Wu Tiangong could defeat those in the same generation as him with just a gaze - even a genius such as Zhou Yue was no exception.

"So you are here to cancel our arranged marriage? I'm glad you came here, otherwise, I'd have to journey to the Zhou clan and do it myself. Someone of your level doesn't even deserve to be my slave, let alone wife. Our marriage is officially cancelled, now get out of my sight!"

Zhou Yue was offended by Wu Tiangong's words but she would never have thought the marriage that was arranged before she was even born could be canceled with such ease - she was elated.

News of Wu Tiangong's sorcery being unlocked had yet to reach outside of the Wu clan, but that's not to say it would never happen. Sooner or later the entire Tiantang Kingdom would come to know of how powerful Wu Tiangong had to become and the Zhou Yue would undeniably regret her actions today.

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