The Cycle of Resentment



Chapter 4 - Traversing Sorcery Ranks


The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 4 – Traversing Sorcery Ranks

Visible Sorcery power was gathering around Wu Tiangong, almost covering him like a veil.  However, that only lasted for a few seconds, until the sorcery power had started morphing into the shape of a curved line. This attack was so powerful, that it's surrounds had started to crack creating multiple voids in the air.

Wu Tiangong had taken one final glimpse at Wu Zetian before unleashing the attack in her direction.

"First Heavenly Slash!"

Wu Tiangong exclaimed.

The attack was flying towards her with bizarre speed, and Wu Zetian was going to be hit in under a fraction of a second. However, before reaching her the attack had seemed to be nullified. 

If this attack had reached Wu Zetian, she would undoubtedly die - even a cripple could tell.

"A mighty sovereign elder would actually concern himself with a battle between the younger generation. Don't you have any shame?"

Wu Tianyi was the one who had rendered Tiangong's attack null and void.

"A geniuses death would be a loss to the Wu clan. I only did what any other reasonable person would do."

Wu Tiangong had no heart to chase the matter any further - he would sooner or later get his revenge however without sufficient evidence his father would definitely stop him, so he remained quiet.

If anyone had the thought of challenging him before, the thought would cross the mind of close to no one now. However, some people were completely delusional and couldn't be saved.

“Wu Tiangong, could you trade pointers with me too?”

A resounding voice shouted loudly. The voice came from a monstrously colossal man – this man was Wu Guang. The Wu clan had a ranking list for the top geniuses of the younger generation. Wu Zetian was the highest on the ranking list currently at number 1, however, she wasn't always number one. Wu Guang used to be number 1,  but his last birthday had split him apart from the members of the younger generation - once a sorcerer reached the age of 50, they would be counted as part of the older generation.

Wu Guang was one of the many who would openly assault Wu Tiangong when he was much weaker. Therefore, as the opportunity to pummel another bully presented itself, Wu Tiangong would naturally not decline.

“It would be my honour.”

“I do have one condition though. Allow a sovereign elder to search you for magical gear before we start our spar.”

Wu Guang was under the impression that trash would always remain trash – he had thought Wu Tiangong used magical gear to gain his current sorcery rank and if he was stripped of it, he would also return to being trash, however little did he know his thoughts were completely flawed.

The corners of Wu Tiangong’s mouth rose up into a mischievous smile as he nodded to Wu Guang’s condition.

"That's absolutely fine, however, if you find no magical gear on me I will personally strip you of your abilities as a sorcerer."

Wu Guang's face had turned slightly pale. Was he willing to risk his own sorcery in exchange for a small bet? However, he didn't even have the opportunity to answer back.

Almost instantly Wu Tianyi flashed onto the stage and stood right in front of Wu Tiangong whilst grinning. It was clear that Wu Tianyi was using some sort of observation skill whilst looking at Wu Tiangong.

Time was passing slowly, and Wu Tianyi's expression had turned noticeably less joyful the more had passed.

It had been an hour since the Wu Tianyi started searching Wu Tiangong, however his expression had only got worse. He was surely about to give up.

Suddenly his face lit up almost as if he had a plan.

“Here it is. I found it!”

Wu Tianyi had taken a magical gear out of his storage pouch. It was an illuminating jet black stone that emitted a vibrant dark hue of gaseous flames. A single glimpse was all that was needed to tell it was a precious treasure for any sorcerer.

The crowd had once again burst into an uproar however, compared to before, the crowd was now started yelling out insults towards Wu Tiangong.

Even the clan chief was fooled by the Wu Tianyi's plot, as it was much too unreasonable for Wu Tiangong to turn into a cultivation genius from his past state of ‘trash’.

Wu Guang deafening laughter covered the entire plaza.

“Haha. That’s what I thought. Once trash always trash. Using underhanded methods to cheat during the youth tournament. As expected of Wu Tiangong”

Wu Tiangong did not respond to Wu Guang. He revealed a smirk and took a gaze at all those who were laughing at him, so he could remember all of them and make sure he doesn’t befriend them in the future.

“It has always been one of our customs that those who cheat during the youth tournament are tortured and beheaded to set an example to the younger generation.”

Wu Tianyi voiced his opinion as he was committing an act of justice.

Wu Jing’s mind was muddled. As the clan chief, he would have to uphold all the customs passed down to him by the clan’s ancestors. However, the person in question was his own son, Wu Tiangong.


Wu Jing muttered to himself.

“Father it's fine. I’ve engraved all those who wronged me today in my mind.”

“I will now uphold our customs and receive justice for the younger generation”

Wu Tianyi unleashed a powerful slash containing the aura of a rank one Multiverse sorcerer in the direction of Wu Tiangong, however before the attack could reach him. He had disappeared.

Wu Tianyi was puzzled and adjusted his gaze towards the clan chief. As he would be the only person who could move about without him noticing. However, Wu Jing stood in the exact same position as before and Wu Tiangong was nowhere in sight.

In reality, Wu Tiangong was right behind him and had perfectly concealed his aura, so unless Wu Tianyi physically looked in the direction Wu Tiangong was standing he would never be noticed.

“He’s behind you!”

“Sovereign elder! Wu Tiangong is behind you!”

Audible shouts could be heard all across the arena. Those who wanted to get on the Wu Tianyi's good side had not only shouted, they were even pointing behind him to mark Wu Tiangong’s exact location.

The reason Wu Tiangong could escape his radar was that he was not only a rank 9 cosmic realm sorcerer – he was also able to traverse across 2 levels of sorcery. In other words, not only would rank 1 Multiverse realm sorcerers not be his match; even rank 2 Multiverse realm sorcerer’s, unless they were a genius-level existence above Wu Tiangong, they would not be his match.

Wu Tiangong replicated his movements and unleashed a slash, however, it was tens of times more powerful than the one Wu Tianyi had unleashed. Not to mention the fact that the sovereign elder was not expecting the attack and had no way to defend it.

An arrow at the end of its flight – Wu Tianyi had precisely been cut into two through the middle. His organs revealed to everyone present. Those who were faint-hearted immediately started to throw up.

If those with weak comprehension didn’t understand that Wu Tiangong wasn’t to be trifled with, then they had now received a lecture.

Wu Tiangong was emitting the aura of absolute dominance. Making everyone else feel inferior and that they had wasted the time they had spent alive. Those in the audience who met Wu Tiangong’s gaze would either faint on the spot or drop to the floor shivering.

“Does anyone else want to accuse me of cheating?”

The storm had ebbed to nothingness. Silence was now lingering in the air. What was this silence? If there is a soul present at least a heartbeat would be audible, however, at this moment the surroundings were illogically mute.

The silence was poison to them. Sweat drenched the skin of all those present. Even Wu Tiangong’s own parents couldn’t help but feel a sense of lingering fear.

Wu Tiangong illustrated how powerful he was perfectly. Not even the faintest thought of Wu Tiangong cheating had crossed anyone’s mind anymore.

"Cultivators are bound to chains at birth; these chains aren’t the sort of chains tied to the likes of prisoners, nor are they the ones used for worldly treasures such as jewelry – no, these are the abstract ones graciously handed down by our creator. The very chains which weigh us down the least, but oblivious to us, hinder us the most."

"Those who do not move, unfortunately, do not notice them. These fools revere the very chains restricting them, taught to worship their oppressors since birth. However, I, Wu Tiangong am very aware of these chains which bind me to the earth and impede my rise to the heavens!"

“In the jungle of life, there are lions and lambs. The prey and the predator. You guys are pitiful lambs, however, I am not a lion. I am a mighty dragon – those who oppose me will receive my indefinite fury. Those who support me will receive my indefinite aid in times of need.”

These words were engraved in the minds of everyone present.

Wu Tiangong had wanted to interrogate Wu Zetian in front of the others, so he could reveal their schemes to his father before sending Wu Zetian to her death, however, something urgent had come up.

Wu Tiangong took one final gaze at the people in the audience and in a flash left the arena and ventured towards the Kunlun Mountain. During Wu Tiangong’s fight with Wu Tianyi memories charged into his head.

Wu Tiangong was the reincarnation of the legendary Qilin.

The divine beast which had caused an uproar during the primordial era where beasts were the ultimate rulers. At a time when humans didn’t exist. His former self had not only caused the destruction of everything, but he had also caused the recreation of entire realms. His former self had single handily defeated all four celestial guardians. The Qilin reigned during the strongest era.

It was, without doubt, the most fabled and omnipotent existence to have roamed the universe.

Divine Beasts had innate abilities. A single innate ability from any random beast in its era could bring complete annihilation to entire Empires. Wu Tiangong’s abilities, however, were far stronger. He had not only unlocked his past memories. He had also awakened his celestial bloodline – this bloodline was far stronger than that of the beasts in its era. This very bloodline enabled the Qilin to manipulate all forms of life – create an entirely new species, possess and control others. The power to create and destroy.

No sorcery skill could even begin to compare with it. Even the ‘First Heavenly Slash’ which Wu Tiangong had considered a treasure was absolutely worthless in comparison.






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