The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 3 – Trembling in Fear

Wu Tiangong put the grimoire away and quickly found three other grimoires. Each one of these was worse in quality in comparison to the First Heavenly Slash however they were very renowned in the Wu clan, not to mention much easier to practice and cast. The three grimoires consisted of ‘Lightning Dash’, ‘Arcane Beam’ and ‘Fiend’s gaze’.

After picking out the grimoires Wu Tiangong hurriedly ran to a quiet and desolate forest. He wasn’t running because he didn’t have much longer left till the tournament started – Wu Tiangong was looking forward to practicing a sorcerer spell again after a decade. He immediately took out the first grimoire he saw, the ‘First Heavenly Slash’ however upon opening it the once dusty and dull grimoire had turned into a strand of blinding light which was sucked into the crest on his chest.

Wu Tiangong's expression had turned dejected but only a split second before profound teachings were rushing through his brain. Wu Tiangong felt like he had mastered the ‘First Heavenly Slash’ to a degree not possible for him after a year of dedicated practicing in a matter of seconds. Wu Tiangong was surprised but more than anything he was brimming with joy. He once again took out another grimoire, this time the ‘Lightning Dash’. As he expected, the same instant he had opened the grimoire it had once again turned into a strand of light that was absorbed by the crest on his chest.

Wu Tiangong was always curious about what the crest on his chest was but he was sure that even though it had sealed his sorcery for over half his life that it was a blessing in disguise and would provide him with powers beyond his imagination in the future.

After finishing mastering the grimoires Wu Tiangong headed out of the forest. However, on his way out he encountered Wu Zetian, the daughter of a sovereign elder - she was once considered his best friend however after her scheme to seal Wu Tiangong's sorcery she was the first to start bullying him. Wu Zetian had always secretly despised Wu Tiangong, however, getting closer to him when he was someone not to be trifled with only granted her benefits.

“Oh, look who it is. The once demon – level genius, son of our clan chief, Wu Tiangong! You’re nothing but a cripple now. The tournament is tomorrow, you don’t need to kowtow to me right now. I’ll make you do it during the tournament in front of everyone.” Wu Zetian shouted at the top of her lungs as if she wanted everyone in the area to hear.

Wu Tiangong was not one to repay malice with kindness however he figured now was not the right time to deal with her. He slowly looked around and memorised the face of everyone who was laughing with Wu Zetian to repay them when the time was right. After he was done, he revealed a slight smirk and walked away without saying a word. The further away he went, the louder the laughing got until it eventually stopped.

Time had passed by and the day of the tournament had arrived. Today was the day Wu Tiangong could redeem himself and pay back all those who had bullied him when his sorcery was sealed. Wu Tiangong had not even managed to sleep a wink as he was busy conspiring how he would deal with those who had once oppressed him.

The tournament was naturally run by Wu Tiangong’s father and the matchings had been tampered with to ensure he would get matched with people of low-levels of sorcery, however, the tournament wasn’t that simple – if the victor was challenged, they would be forced to accept. This was all done to truly determine the strongest genius in the younger generation. The first matches were usually fodder battles to warm up the audience and as to be expected Wu Tiangong was first up.

“The tournament will now begin. First match Wu Tiangong versus Wu Qing” shouted an elderly man with a refined face full of wrinkles. He wore a purple dragon patterned robe. He was a sovereign elder – Wu Xiaoyao!

Wu Qing was considered the weakest of the weak in the Wu clan however as he was fighting Wu Tiangong, the thought of him losing had entered no one’s mind. The second his name was called he dashed out of the audience and into the arena. The arena was fortified with a shield that would stop a sorcerer’s magic from reaching outside of it, therefore causing no harm to the audience and surroundings.

Wu Tiangong didn’t immediately enter the arena instead he warned Wu Qing to concede otherwise he would be refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Once those words came out of his mouth, everyone present started laughing – even the usually anchored sovereign elders couldn’t help but giggle.

“You took the words right out of my mouth. Come hop into the arena, your daddy is growing tired” Wu Qing bellowed.

Wu Tiangong didn’t say anymore, instead, he listened to Wu Qing and dashed onto the stage. Wu Jing and Wu Mei revealed dispirited expressions – they were sure Wu Tiangong would be beaten up even more now that he has angered his opponent however before they could even attempt to reconcile with Wu Qing, the match had already begun.

Wu Qing immediately leaped in his opponent’s direction. A lethal black gaseous flame had formed around his fingertips ready to strike at any time however that was not all a terrifying killing intent surrounded Wu Qing sweeping towards Wu Tiangong ripple by ripple. Wu Tiangong did not even bother to react. As someone with sealed sorcery, he was as useless as a cripple. The audience was puzzled but more than anything looking forward to Wu Tiangong’s demise. Wu Qing finally released his attack, the entire arena was now fully surrounded by the black gaseous flame blocking the vision of nearly everyone.

Almost simultaneously the jaws of the clan chief and sovereign elders dropped. If the crowd was puzzled by Wu Tiangong’s reaction, then they were truly puzzled by the reaction of these peak figures.

The black gaseous flame had started to dissipate at an abnormal rate. A body lying on the ground was visible to the crowd. It was a body of a man in his early twenty’s with silver hair and a visible wound on his chest, however, this wound was not an old scar. Instead, it was absolutely fresh – the man lying on the ground was Wu Qing.

The crowd had immediately burst out into an uproar. Multiple remarks were visibly audible stating that Wu Tiangong cheated but the sovereign elders and Wu Tiangong’s father were the ones who knew best of what had actually happened. Wu Tiangong had knocked out and injured Wu Qing with only a wave of his sleeve – his sorcery had been unsealed.

Wu Jing was filled to the brim with joy. Wu Tiangong had not only unsealed his sorcery, but he had also made an unearthly amount of breakthroughs. No one had attempted to speak out for Wu Tiangong. The sovereign elders all despised Wu Tiangong and his father wanted the people who spoke out to feel embarrassed when their words were proven wrong.

Another figure had leaped onto the stage, however, this time around it wasn’t any weak sorcerer. It was Wu Zetian – a renowned genius in the Wu clan at stellar rank one. Wu Zetian had always harboured bad feelings towards Wu Tiangong so she would use any opportunity she can to bully him.

“Wu Tiangong, I am very impressed by your display of skills. Could we please swap pointers so I can expand my knowledge?”

Wu Zetian said in a sarcastic tone as if she was suggesting Wu Tiangong cheated.

Wu Tiangong had said nothing, rather he revealed a gaze filled with killing intent towards Wu Zetian. Terror mounted every step Wu Tiangong took. Wu Zetian legs started shaking uncontrollably and she instantly dropped to the floor. With the last bit of strength left in her, she spoke.

(Wu Zetian) What has happened to Wu Tiangong? We received the poison from a Kingdom much stronger than ours. It's almost impossible for him to find an antidote for it. He must be cheating, there's no way!

“I was only joking brother Tiangong. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Wu Tiangong all of a sudden started laughing.

“Little sister Zetian, I am really looking forward to this opportunity to spar with you. Please enlighten me!”

As he spoke he sent forth surges of sorcery power towards her, however, this time around he was holding back. 

As Wu Zetian was much weaker than him she could do nothing but attempt blocking the impact but without question,  she was sent flying back tens of meters from the collision. She tried her best to get back up but unfortunately fear had pulsed through her legs. She had dropped back to the ground and started vomiting mouthfuls of blood.

The crowd had once again burst into an uproar however this was not because he beat Wu Zetian – it was because of his sorcery rank. Wu Tiangong was a rank, nine cosmic realm sorcerer. Only one rank lower than the sovereign elders, who were rank one Multiverse sorcerers. The majority of the audience, who once despised Wu Tiangong had no choice but to acknowledge him as a genius once again. Flattery towards Wu Tiangong could audibly be heard around each corner of the arena. Even the sovereign elders had no choice but to curry favour with Wu Tiangong as he would sooner than later catch up to them.

However, Wu Tiangong was not done there. He had learned quite a powerful sorcery technique when he had paid a visit to his clan's Imperial Library - by the name of 'First Heavenly Slash', and now more than ever was the perfect time to test it.


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