The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 2 – Mysterious Crest

Wu Tiangong was no longer in the arena. He was sent to the best healers in the clan so he could receive a haste recovery. If Wu Zetian was Wu Tianyi’s treasure than Wu Tiangong was Wu Jing’s treasure.

As he was being healed by the best healers in the Wu clan it didn’t take long for the severity of the injury inflicted by Wu Zetian to lessen.

Wu Jing had questioned Wu Tiangong multiple times to find out what had happened. It was practically impossible for a rank 5 Planetary realm sorcerer to defeat one at rank 2 Stellar realm sorcerer, however, Wu Tiangong did not bother answering his question and revealed to him his sorcery had been sealed without an explanation of how.

Wu Tiangong knew that his father trusted the sovereign elders far too much to accuse them of harming his own son. In fact, the thought would never even cross his mind. So, he never bothered explaining the reason his sorcery had suddenly become sealed.

Time had once again passed.

Wu Tiangong had turned 16 years old in the blink of an eye, however, his status in the Wu clan had changed for the worse. Wu Tiangong's body was as weak as a cripple. Even though he was the son of the clan chief and Wu Jing had tried everything he could to unseal his sorcery, but nothing had worked. He was deemed ‘worthless’ by his entire clan.

Wu Tiangong was on his last straw. In three months, the Wu clan would host their annual youth tournament where those at the age of sixteen would fight to determine the strongest of the new generation. Every child in the Wu clan at the age of sixteen was obligated to participate, including Wu Tiangong. Even though the act of killing during the tournament wasn’t permitted, he would still become a laughingstock. Wu Tiangong’s body was practically weaker than a newborn, let alone sorcerers his age.

“This tournament was introduced by our ancestors. There’s nothing I can do to stop you from participating. Put up with it this time, I’ll find a way to restore your sorcery” Wu Jing said with a face filled with sorrow.

“Father, thank you for your concern but I’ve already been the laughingstock for over half my life. This tournament won’t change anything.”

“Son-” Wu Jing’s expression had turned from a state of sorrow to dejection. He was completely disappointed in himself.

Wu Tiangong showed no emotions on the surface; however, he was flustered. He knew that relying on his father forever wasn’t an option and he wasn’t planning on either.

“Damn it! This damned pill ruined everything. Life is not worth living if I’m going to be a cripple for the rest of it.”

Wu Tiangong had once heard that ‘dangers present opportunities’ and decided life is not worth living as a cripple. He was dead set to explore the Kunlun Mountain in hopes of a treasure that could unseal his powers. This area is located in the Wu clan’s territory; however, it was considered taboo for anyone in the younger generation to even step foot in there as it is filled with monstrous beasts at the peak cosmic level and even some at the Multiverse level.

Wu Tiangong snuck out of his house, his parents unaware and had started his journey. After three days of traveling, he had reached the outskirts of the mountain – something which would take ordinary sorcerers under a week. Even though the Kunlun Mountain was a relatively dangerous area, the outskirts were actually quite safe.

Traveling there had already taken a toll on his body but Wu Tiangong paid no mind to it and continued walking till he had finally arrived at the centremost part of the mountain, where the peak monstrous beasts live.

Whilst walking towards the innermost part Wu Tiangong was met with sharp gazes from every angle, however once again Wu Tiangong paid no mind to it and strangely enough no beasts had decided to attack him. Almost as if they were saving this prey for an existence even more powerful than them.

Climbing up the mountain was already very tiring for a sorcerer, one could not even begin to imagine the exhaustion Wu Tiangong was feeling.

He had finally reached the centremost part of the Kunlun Mountain. The area was very peculiar. Giant footprints were pretty much visible everywhere on the mountain, however, the centremost part of it was completely different - all the gazes that were once leering at him had now completely disappeared and was replaced with one single gaze. However, this single gaze was far more petrifying than the rest of them combined.

Wu Tiangong wasn't afraid of death in the slightest, but whoever was watching him at this moment was far too horrifying, leaving his legs in disarray and almost dropping to the floor.

He had closed his eyes almost accepting a swift death - a monstrous beast the size of a grown elephant had descended from the sky and pounced at Wu Tiangong. This was no ordinary monstrous beast - it was a noble Griffin. A beast with the body, tail, back legs of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. The appearance of a Griffin was truly majestic. -  it was the king of this mountain and a beast at the rank 5 cosmic realms.

Wu Tiangong's skin was slashed off, his flesh revealing the outline of his bones.

Thoughts had clouded Wu Tiangong's head.

(Wu Tiangong) I can't just die like this. If I die now Wu Zetian and Wu Tianyi's plan will have succeeded. My life will have been in vain and my father will meet his end. I have to at least try to fight back. 

Wu Tiangong did the best he could to resist folding both arms over his head in an attempt to block its fatal attacks, however, what could Wu Tiangong - someone who had his sorcery sealed do whilst battling the legendary Griffin? It was too powerful.

It did not even take five seconds until Wu Tiangong had dropped to the floor and his heartbeat had stopped. Wu Tiangong had died. The surrounds had turned awfully quiet now that the battle was over. It was not every day this Griffin could consume a human, and frankly, they tasted a lot better than monstrous beasts, so he had spared no time before slowly devouring Wu Tiangong's corpse. The beast thoroughly enjoyed every bite and almost seemed like he was at peace.

However, right at that moment, a crest had appeared on Wu Tiangong's chest, which emitted a blinding glow. The glow had rapidly spread to every corner of the Kunlun Mountain, not even sparing the outskirts until it eventually started to subside.

The monstrous beast that had once attacked and devoured Wu Tiangong to a state where he was not recognisable had disappeared without a trace. In fact, the entire mountain was completely flattened. Wu Tiangong's heart rapidly started beating again. His body was also replenished almost instantly but his body now was incomparably stronger to what it was before - Tiangong had unconsciously reached the peak of the cosmic realm (rank nine).

Two months and 26 days had passed and he had finally regained consciousness but he wasn’t at the Kunlun mountain anymore. Wu Tiangong recognised where he was as it is the place where he spent most of his years growing up. Upon opening his eyes, he was immediately met with the gaze of two people. These two gazes were respectfully his mother and father however both of them were crying. Wu Tiangong was flustered. He had spent most of his life around his parents but this is the first time he had seen them crying.

“Son, you’re awake! How are you feeling?”

Wu Jing had started scanning Wu Tiangong from tip to toe to ensure Wu Tiangong had fully recovered.

“Father, mother don’t worry I’ve fully recovered”

Wu Tiangong jumped off his bed and landed in front of his parents.

Wu Tiangong’s parents were much more concerned with his health than the fact that the entire Kunlun Mountain had been completely flattened and a crater being the only thing left in its place.

“Father, how much time is left till the tournament starts?”

Wu Tiangong asked eagerly.

“The tournament starts tomorrow, however, don't fret I’ve managed to find an expert sorcerer from the Xin Empire who might be able to help you regain your sorcery. Quickly come, we’ll pay him a visit.”

“There’s no need. I’ll be fine tomorrow”

Wu Tiangong knew the sorcerer his father had found was probably someone from the Xin Empire, however, he had probably found him on a whim as a last hope to save him. Therefore the 'expert' surely wouldn't have the skill set required to unseal his sorcery if it was still sealed. 

“Son, are you sure?”

Wu Jing was perplexed – Wu Tiangong would always get excited about news regarding him regaining his sorcery however not only had he rejected the help offered, but his reaction also made it seem like it was a trivial matter to him.

“Wu Tiangong. Your father has spent a lot of his time and countless treasures to contact this expert to help unseal your sorcery! You shouldn’t act on an impulse.”

Wu Mei - Wu Tiangong's mother - was enraged as she thought Wu Tiangong gave up on attempting to regain his sorcery.

“Mother, I don’t need the help of that expert. Tell him he can return. I’m going to go train for tomorrow. Please don’t disturb me,”

Wu Tiangong said as he left the room. Both Wu Jing and Wu Mei were left speechless and didn’t refute Wu Tiangong.

Wu Tiangong had decided to enter the Wu clan’s imperial library. Due to Wu Tiangong’s special status as the son of the clan chief even though he is bullied by others, they can’t restrict him from access to areas owned by the Wu clan. That includes the imperial library which can only be accessed by the elder existences of the Wu clan. The library was very grand, towering above every building in its vicinity. The walls were built with a material resembling gold however gold looks much inferior in comparison.

Upon entering the library Wu Tiangong stood still staring at stacks of books towering towards the tall ceiling however these were no ordinary books. Each and every single one of these was a priceless grimoire that ordinary sorcerers could only dream of reading. Once Wu Tiangong adjusted his expression turned from astonishment and amazement to daze and confusion.

The library was filled with sky-scraping shelves packed with grimoires emitting powerful energies. If it wasn’t for the massive sign saying ‘Wu Imperial Library’ it could easily be confused with a maze. However, one dusty grimoire stood out to Wu Tiangong - this grimoire was unlit and dingy and seemed like no one had paid any attention to it at all. Wu Tiangong picked it up and revealed the grimoire’s name - ‘First Heavenly Slash’. Wu Tiangong had found a treasure worth more than any of the other grimoires in the library combined.

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