A note from Qilin

Hello. This is a light novel I decided to work on whenever I have spare time. I have always been intrigued at the 'cultivation' genre and thought I could give it a go myself. As of right now I have no regular upload dates, as like I said this is more  of a hobby than something I am going to take too seriously. 

I am a new writer, so any criticism would be much appreciated - that's not to say good feedback isn't appreciated too...

Haven't got much else to say. Hope you enjoy the novel!  ;D

The Cycle of Resentment

Chapter 0 - Prologue

In the distant past, the universe was ruled by divine beasts. Existences as vast as galaxies each owning their independent realms, however at the apex of the universe stood four sovereign beasts – supreme rulers. The Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise. They were better known as the “Four celestial guardians”.

These beasts were not just limited to one or two realms - each one of them reigned in a vast region of the universe, inhibiting the growth of other divine beasts to avoid any potential threats in the future.

However, their downfall was imminent when the ancient Qilin had awoken from his extended slumber. 

The "Four celestial guardians” and the Qilin had entered a vigorous war which caused the complete and utter destruction of the entire universe – after several millennia of intense battle the Qilin just barely emerged victorious.

Before their death, the Four celestial guardians had cursed the ancient Qilin and pledged that they would seek him out to the ends of the world in their next life.

The legendary Qilin had feasted on the physical bodies of the Four celestial guardians in an attempt to gain their powers and merge them with his soul, however even if it had succeeded the Qilin's efforts were naught as he wouldn't be able to escape death due to the severity of his injuries. 

So, as the only form of life left in the universe, the Qilin had offered his remaining life force to manipulate the universe and restore the realms that were once destroyed. 

 In addition to this, he cursed the Four celestial guardians, making it so he would be reborn at the same time as them.

The Qilin was not someone who would dwell on past grievances however the Four celestial guardians were beings that feared the strong and bullied the weak, so he could not leave things as they were.

Their resentment towards each other would allow them to one-day reincarnate until the enmity they had against each had rectified.

This dreadful tale was spread around all corners of the Earth and became known as ‘The Cycle of Resentment’.

A note from Qilin

Feedback would be much appreciated.

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