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The Great Collapse shattered the world, altering its terrain and destroying governments. At the same time, it brought magic to the world in a wave of chaos. Only the Gray Mage, who appeared just as suddenly as magic and disappeared just as fast, saved humanity from the destruction magic's arrival brought.

A century and a half later, the world is run by the Orders, the Guilds, and the Families, an uneasy peace between the three as the end of the Third Age of Magic draws near. Ryan Novar, heir of the most powerful Family, was born blind. During his Appraising, however, he learned that he possessed great magical potential, which would be wasted due to his blindness.

Determined to not waste his magical potential and to overcome his blindness through magic, Ryan set a goal for himself: become the second Gray Mage. While working towards this goal, Ryan discovers secrets about the Great Collapse, the Gray Mage, and the paradox that was his own birth.

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Matthew Thorne

Matthew Thorne

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I can see the criticism, but worth a read

Reviewed at: 0024

Some basic spoilers will follow:

First and foremost, this isn't a finely detailed 'mastering magic' story. The protagonist begins with an exceptionally high level of magic talent, the most notable being the ability to pull himself back in time. He then uses this to train his ability to use magic while resetting once he feels that he has acquired what he needs. In this sense, the story tends to show his initial experimentation before stepping back and allowing several months of resets to occur and moving to the next step forward. The worldbuilding expands with each of these steps and presents an interesting universe to explore.

Second, several reviews have complained that the MC sleeps with every woman he meets, which boils down to just two that are being directed to form political marriages with his family. While it might be unusual for a relatively isolated blind teenager to be that comfortable with it, it's not the brazen wish-fulfillment that a lot of stories throw at you. Despite the MC starting off with significant power, thus far the author has avoided the smirking protag "you can't imagine my power" as he smites obnoxious baddies trope, which is nice. That could change later on, but for the time being, he manages to just explore and learn without making a spectacle of himself.

The last point I'll discuss is the dialogue, which does have more than a few awkward moments centered around his friend and servant, Tyler. On the one hand, he is admirably open and comfortable with certain topics, but on the other, I half expected the MC to be bi-sexual (or his servant gay) with how frequently he discussed his servant's erections. Not to mention, most would be somewhat uncomfortable knowing that someone they have no sexual interest in is aroused by toweling off their naked body, not chuckle and assume that they're imagining a naked woman in his place. That said, the awkward bits of dialogue are short snippets that occur in between story moments and hardly detract from the story as a whole.

Overall, I'd recommend the story for an interesting entry into a fantasy world without the issues you tend to see from starting with an overpowered protagonist. The fact that he is blind adds an interesting aspect to the story, without bending the plot around it. If you can stand a few chunks of awkward dialogue, it's well worth the read.

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Synopsis can be misunderstood

Reviewed at: 0020

I like the series, however, it took me a while to start reading because of a couple ideas I made up from the synopsis.

Firstly, the mc is not helpless, going from one situation to the next.

Secondly, the mc is not downtrodden and looked down upon due to being blind (it is hinted at, but not seen directly as of ch20), and doesnt have the stupid trope that he must rise from the bottom and show that he is better than everyone.

Thirdly, there isn't blind adoration from everyone, apart from the sneering villains (who would then be put down), those who you would assume to be evil are sensible and the reasons for their actions, whilst not relatable, are understandable.

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Cool world not my cup of tea.

Reviewed at: 0009

It seems well written and the world is very well put together, but it's a little wish fulfillment-y for my tastes. From being the highest ranked in all types of magic to labeling himself a prodigy at learning how to use mana, the MCs succeeded at everything he's tried to do on the first try. He wasn't even actually blind for that long, as soon as he awakens his magic he easily develops 6 different ways to see.

Very cool setting though.

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Decent, but juvenile at times.

Reviewed at: 0023

So, decent story so far, though there are a few things that you could tone back on. 

Making him have sex with any girl that comes within 10 yards of him (and talks to him), is unneeded. It just makes the story feel more juvenile and diminishes it.

Also, please cut back on the useless dialogue with Tyler. Nothing against him, but it's extremely boring, drags the story, and is quite repetitive. 


Lastly, the story just seems to be missing something.

More defined goal? More depth to magic/learning rather than him insta learning everything? More build-up or foreshadowing? 

Truthfully, I can't quite put my finger on it, but it just seems to be missing that extra something. 


I'll do a more in-depth review later when more chapters are released / I have more time.

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Stiff characters

Reviewed at: 0032

This a slice of life type story with little to no suspense or challenge for the mc. He's op from the start and still hasn't even touched his true potential. People who are looking for a wish fulfillment type story (like me) might find it enjoyable. But be warned cause there are some glaring flaws with this story. 

First and foremost, there are no goals for me to look forward to. Yes, there are a couple of long term goals but they are so in the future and so vague that I can't consider them as a reason for me to be excited about the story and come back for more. Our mc just keeps training in his magical powers to achieve his ultimate goal and except that there is nothing for me to look forward to. There is some foreshadowing for war but it's nothing definitive and seems to be just like his other goals. Too vague and way ahead In the future. So if you wish to read something relaxing with no definitive plot, then go ahead and give this story a try.

Second, the characters. I don't know how to describe it but simply said, they did not feel real. As if they had something vital missing. They felt too unnatural, too unreal, too...robotic. it isn't your usual 1 or 2 dimensional basic characters, no. All of the characters had something different about them but one thing they had in common was how much they lack emotions. They aren't downright unemotional but instead, the author had done a bad job of describing them. Interactions between the characters always feels as if they are reading some perfect scripts that they had prepared before. I'm not saying every character should show exaggerating emotions but atleast something to show they are still living people.

Except that I don't have any other problem. There are some more problems like a few reviews said, especially how unreal Ryan's interactions with others feel but I choke it up to the authors taste for his characters. Cause his other story too had the same problem so I think it's intentional. 

All in all, an enjoyable slice of life type story that you can read as a substitute to wait for your other reads.

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Dialogue Kills It

Reviewed at: 0021

Some of the worst dialogue I have ever read (and i've read A LOT). Absolutely cringy. Completely ruins any potential it would have.

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Nice! A really good read.

Reviewed at: 0021

This is a real gem. While it seems that it isn't popular yet, I think all it needs are more chapters. I also really like the magic system though there are still some parts which seem unclear.

Night Auditor
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Another Great Story

Reviewed at: 0013

This is another great example of quality story telling that Matt provides to his readers.

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Great Story with MC going after what he wants

Reviewed at: 0016

Story is still the early stages with building up the story line but if the author continues down this path like several of his other stories this is going to be another great story.  I enjoy how the author is able to pull you in and keep you wanting more and look forward to see how the story plays out.  

Characters so far are great and I like the playful and sassy side of the MC and the way he looks past his disability and just takes a no nonsense approach to life.  He isn’t afraid to go out and get what he wants vs just sitting back waiting for things to be handed to him.  The authors does a great job describing his characters just enough to allow you to visualize who they are and enjoy how each characters personality builds as the story progresses.

Keep up the awesome job Matt and look forward to many more chapters.

Quiet Pup
  • Overall Score

Juvenile, Boring, and Annoying

Reviewed at: 0003

Only got a few chapters in before getting annoyed and dropping it. Seems like it is written by a highschooler for highschoolers to read. The characters are boring and/or annoying. The dialogue is cringey. There is often a lot of space between words which makes reading it aggravating. A lot of info is just lazily dumped. Overall, I wish I were blind while attempting to read this.