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What had caused my coma? As tempting as it was to let her in on the 'truth' I'd told Matthias and Luciano, letting her run a story based on it would be an experiment resulting in only two possible results.

The populous think I'm insane or I'm really the messiah I say I am.

Making myself out to be the messiah of the Schelarian people wouldn't be all too hard, especially with the way current events had aligned themselves; My parents die, I fall into a coma, awaken to a world that is threatened by the evil chiefs, save the world with miraculous powers I'd woken up with.

It's a rough sketch but with good media and a big baddy(Madagascar), we could run it.

"Ah, that is something for my doctors and I to discuss," I respond, pouring she and I some tea. I wasn't all that ready to make a religion around myself, perhaps much later in my life.

And although religions serve as great tools to placate and enslave people in the masses, I'd rather placate my people through honest means. Giving them exactly what they've been asking for throughout the years; a livelihood, food, shelter and security.

"Here you go, I hope two cubes of sugar is alright?" I asked handing her a cup.

"Ah, thank you," she picks up the little spoon set on the side, stirring with it before taking a cautious sip of the lemon tea I'd prepared, "I'm much more of a coffee person but this is fine as well." She adds, chapping and pursing her lips at the sour taste as she did so.

"Coffee? You mean that bath of death?" I've never been much a fan of coffee or coffee drinkers for that matter, "You are aware that so much of that ugly stuff will worsen your menopausal symptoms right?" I take my seat and sip out my delicious cup of tea, its lemon taste washing away most of my disgust at her.

She stares at me in disbelieve, switching off and setting aside her recorder she cocks her head to the side at me and asks, "How old exactly do you think I am?"

"Well, I can't be sure but forty? In your late fifties perhaps?" I respond, trying best to cover the splitting grin threatening to form behind my teacup.

Her face flows through an array of emotions, leading from surprise and outrage to annoyance and amusement, "I see you're still one to pull legs, I guess asking about your health is pointless, you're perfectly fine." She lets out the last bit through gritted teeth.

I let out a delighted laugh and soon after she joins in.

"But just so you know, I'm barely thirty,"

"Barely? Ah yes, of course, your twenty-ninth year having around sixty months right…" I jest along with her, she waves me off with a smile and begins reaching for her recorder again, "How about I interview you instead, Miss Leriva?"

She raises an eyebrow at this, "And why would you do that?" she blinks, shaking her head as if completely taken aback by the thought, "Why would I even allow that?"

"Well, a change of pace for one," I offer, "Wouldn't you like to be the centre of attention for once?"

She crosses her legs again, changing from the right leg to left, "Aren't I?" she asks with a smirk.

I let out a snort at this but proceed with my intent anyway, "Well then, what do you think about the Council of Chiefs? You've written an article on them, I read it yesterday just before I had my office call yours."

"You mean before your office ordered my presence here and then proceeded to cancel the appointment, wasting valuable time I could have used running Lynx Media."

"Ah, right, I meant to congratulate you on successfully setting up that company. Would have loved to be…awake to sign it over to you but what can you do y'know?"

She rolls her eyes at me but answers my question nonetheless, "The Chiefs as far as the public knows are the most trusted members of your cabinet, although after many interviews with people they just don't seem to care who is ruling as long as things get better." She shrugs and adds, "A small niche of people did express nervousness at the thought of anyone other than a Fatah ruling the nation though, makes me wonder if people completely forgot this was meant to be a democracy."

I ignore her comment about democracy. I couldn't yet be sure if she was recording but only with a hidden recorder, I'd rather not be careless with my words around a journalist, no matter how refreshing she was.

"The Chiefs were a brilliant idea for Matthias to implement, although it was unfortunate that a majority of them turned out to be traitors of the state," this instantly piques her interests as she swipes her recorder from where it lay and points it at me again.

"Could you please repeat that? The Chiefs turned out to be traitors to the state?"

I smile lightly and comply with her wide-eyed request, "Ah, yes, the Chiefs were traitors to the state. Around four P.M yesterday the brave and loyal men in the armed forces carried out a raid in Anse Etoile, driving out and arresting the Chiefs who were discovered to be part of an intended coup de 'tat on my administration. They had contacts with Malagasy mercenaries as well as access to illegal weaponry."

"Were all the Chiefs to take part in this awful attack against your administration?"

I shrug, "Not all of them, although among the captured Chiefs there are some who argue that they were bullied and blackmailed into throwing in their support. That has yet to be determined of course."

"What have the Chiefs have to give as the cause for their attempts, I am aware that some have been known to arrange rallies and protests around Victoria here, calling for a change in administration, calling for the need for another political party. Do you think their dissatisfaction with your administration and government could have been a direct cause for their rebellion?"

I frown at this, "There was no rebellion, only murderers vying for power with the Malagasy government throwing all forms of support at would-be enemies of true Schelarians." I shift a bit in my seat, moving closer to the edge, "We have many of the Chiefs recorded on camera, confessing to an involvement with the death of my predecessor. Do you really believe such people have the right to come against me when I haven't even officially and publically taken office? And with foreign interference as well? Surely not, Miss Leriva, surely not."

She nods understanding my outrage. Had the Chiefs been involved in my parent's murder? No, but that could be arranged.

"And what will happen to these men?"

I narrow my eyes at her and take a sip of my tea, not wanting it to get any cold, "Although the law says the deserved punishment is death," I pause and set my half-empty cup down and making sure to look her in the eye I continue, "I am giving it great thought whether or not to pardon them."

"Pardon them?" she asks incredulously, "What need would you have to pardon them?"

"Oh so you are of the mind that their head should roll then I suppose, Miss Leriva?" she shakes her head and moves to refute, I stop her, "No, of course not, but they are justly deserving of their punishments. It's just that I tire of death."

She nods, looking quite solemnly at me. I smile and intend to lighten the mood I'd brought down. "So. My inauguration has been rescheduled, it's just around the corner and I need someone to wrap my arm around." It's my turn to smirk at her.

She sets aside her recorder and returns my smirk. "Well then, your office will be in touch with mine?"

I stare at her for a bit thinking, "Well actually," I let my smile widen as I speak, "I was thinking I'd get your number."


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