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You should play Fortnite. 11/10 Game.

‘We are $22.6 trillion in debt as of Sept. 30, 2019.

The United States of America is $22.6 trillion in debt.’

The Dark sighs.

‘So what? China’s is $5.3 trillion debt, Russia’s is 219 billion debt.’ Zonoah mentally voices with passion.

Zonoah’s plunges his lightsword deep into the enemy’s body. With lightsword pierced the energy melts a hole in the enemy's body.


His body weakens, losing vitality and just like that a life is taken. The Dark laughs, almost congratulating Zonoah.

‘If we don’t default on the debt, imagine the world we could build. Infostructure, universal basic income, accelerated economy. The necessary bubble we all dreamed of. How else are we to provide for every human being?’ Zonoah sacrifices some thought.

Another. Blocking a diagonal lightsword slash with a lightshield.

Pulling the lightsword Zonoah hands sideways-chop toward the enemy. Cutting into him.

‘On a Global level we’re all printing money so why not? The question is what country is going to hold you accountable for your debt? None if the United Community have anything to say about that. Nuclear weapons means no large-scale country can fight each other directly, unless your a mad man.’ Zonoah considers.

Two additional people up ahead. A teammate down with an enemy overbearing him

Recovering, Zonoah sprint sideways-chop with an unnatural speed, cleaving into the enemy, saving a nearby ally.

‘Zonoah here to save the world. Ha, how foolish.’ The Dark mutter.

“Much appreciated sir.” Bewildered, the ally thanks him before continuing to battle.

Glancing around, Zonoah finds similar displays of combat, bodies crashing into each other, lightswords clashing, and most importantly, light-like projectiles sailing overhead.

“This rebel base was suppose to be easy Zonoah.” Tina angerliy voices.

“Theres more than we thought, but its just up there. Lets move!” Zonoah shouted to the rest of his comrades.

Steel frame open door. Burn holes litter the cement walls; burnt fallen comrades keeled over from failed entries, but not this army of two.


“Shield.” Tina askes for and Zonoah obliges getting into formation.

Tina becomes the cover, sticking out slightly behind Zonoah who is glowing the passage with his trusty light-shield.

Tina fires her phaser, her gun burning a hole in the enemy’s torso. His body slumps in the adjacent doorway of the hallway.


Zonoah steps over the body into the adjacent room with Tina a skip behind. Scanning until his sight reaches the edge of the room. They find an enemy with a phaser tucked in the corner of the room.

The stranger decides to shoot Zonoah with little choice, the reliable light-shield taking the brunt. Tina retaliates with a shot of her own. Burning yet another hole into the enemy.

‘Haha.’ The Dark say. ‘Behead him.’

Choosing to be stronger, Zonoah lets the body slide to the floor.

While spearheading the room, squads were in the process of cleaning other rooms.

“Clear!” Tina announced.

Similar shouts resounding throughout the building. Squad mates in the process of clearing other rooms.

Tina urges Zonoah up the stairs into four more. Enemies ready, a mix of lightsword, lightshield, kinetic guns and phasers greet them.

A hail of gunfire, and Energy rain upon Zonoah’s light shield requiring more effort to hold up. Tina unable to get a shot in, throws a grenade over Zonoah.

After a delay, the grenade explodes, incapacitating one, and knocking back a shield user opening him up to vulnerability.

Tina not missing an opportunity lands a shot in his torso, removing him from the fight.

A man with a kinetics gun, and a man with a phaser left. Easy pickings for someone like Tina.

Tina first takes out the more dangerous target with a bolt of energy, the man with the phaser. Tina then attempts to shoot the man with the kinetic rife in the torso, landing in the arm instead. Taken out of the fight, Tina handcuffs the target. With her weapon holstered, she temporarily relies on Zonoah to clear the rest of the building.

Zonoah peers into each of the rooms before shouting “Clear!”

Tina climbs to the window from the floor after handcuffing the enemy. The sound of gunfire throughout the rebel base. Smoke rising through the air. Shouts resounding.

“But we’ve yet accomplished our mission.”

A note from Pursuit

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