A Bard's Song: Lore

by Duncan Robinson

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Supernatural

When all the songs left in the world are hunted out of fear,

You stand up high and sing out loud so everyone can hear.

When all the people that you see have eyes to give you pain,

You hold your tune and understand, A Bard's Song will Remain

Magic is moulded in many ways, be it the intricate knowledge and study of the Wizards, the sworn pacts of the Warlocks, or the pious faith of the Clerics.  The Bards however, manipulate magic through their passion, be it through music, gladatorial combat, or stealing the secrets of others for copious wealth.  These factors combine to make them one of the most universally enjoyed, yet at the same time, reviled people in history.

When tensions boil over, and the world chooses sides, and Jonatan is caught squarely in the middle, he is pulled in every direction against his will, and must decide which side he must join.

(It's certainly been a while since I've written anything.  This has been an idea thats been brewing ever since I took up Dungeons and Dragons, and I hope that I can do it some small justice.  As it stands, I'm aiming to have a chapter going out on the 1st of every month.  I might speed it up in time, but this is what I can manage for the time being.  Hope you enjoy!)

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Duncan Robinson

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