The Courage Fable: Mousey and the Feline Prince

by Nicholas S. Casale

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Drama Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Strategy
The second book in the Fables series.


After having defeated Queen Felicia, Mousey has settled down in the forest as a local healer. He uses his magic to make the lives of those in his community easier, and happily spends his days with his family and with Sopher, the magic book.


But when a kitten comes to him sick from poison, Mousey decides to investigate. He discovers a farm run by a greedy, tyrannical pig named "Lord Swine," and that the animals forced to work for Lord Swine live in complete misery. With the help of some new friends, one of which is Queen Felicia's son, Mousey sets out to put an end to Lord Swine's tyranny and bring peace to the land once again.
In case the cover art does not make it obvious, this is meant to be a kids' novel series, but adults can enjoy it too.
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