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A woman is seen rushing through the forest. She is being hunted by mercenaries and adventures for the mana crystal she possesses. She must escape from the forest that hosts foul creatures, and beast to make it back alive. An unfortunate series of events causes a chance encounter with a magical beast that not only changes her life but the magical beast life as well.

I decided that I will begin to release chapters once a week. A new chapter will be released every Friday. I will also release an extra chapter every 3 days after reaching basic goals. Every 10 follows, 10 favorite 10, ratings or 10 reviews up to 100 of each will result in a bonus chapter. That is up to 40 bonus chapters!!! This will give me motivation. I will get to see if my novel is something people want to read. 

Thank you for reading my novel and feel free to join the discord. I just created it and it is completely empty =D


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