The Book of Madness

by The Mad Writer

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Romance Short Story Multiple Lead Characters Slice of Life Supernatural

Not really, I just named the book with a fancy name because I liked it! Haha!

Anyways, you may think of this as a compilation of incredibly short stories amassed by an omniscient, omnipresent being (ME!!!) who has the most honorable hobby of peeping at various beings at various worlds of various universessss from various periods of time.

Such stories may or may not have sequels due to my utter inability to focus on one thing and may or may not cause the feeling of dissatisfaction.

Read at your own risksss!! Muahahaha!!!


[A/N: ALL stories here are MINE and I wrote them MYSELF. If you think you've read one of them and think I plagiarized them, I DID NOT. I simply have a tendency to create different accounts in different websites with different names. This means I tend to forget passwords or even the fact that I actually have that account. Please be informed that I ABSOLUTELY ABHOR COPYING OTHER PEOPLE'S WORKS AND HAVING MINE PLAGIARIZED. Please do inform me if you've read them before and I'll try to take them down if it's my account and please don't patronize those that aren't.]

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