Rebirth: The badass young lady

by YueYe

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Romance Female Lead Reincarnation School Life Secret Identity Strong Lead

The eldest young miss of the Li family, the youngest businesswoman, the once in a lifetime genius, all these titles are for one person and that is Li xiao yue.

She, who after her parents death, took over the responsibilities for the business just to let her little sister have a good life as only she suffers but didn't think that she will be betrayed by the same little sister and her so called lover just for the property of the current one of the super family, Li family. 

"Your everything should be mine! I am the true heiress of the Li family! Even Qi ge is only mine!" says Li miao as she snuggles with Qi feng.

"This kind of unwomanly and ruthless woman is not even worthy of being compared to my Miao miao!" says Qi feng while looking down on Li xiao yue with his cold eyes.

As she loses her consciousness after waking up, she finds herself as the timid and naive Xi xiao yue and vows to take revenge for the previous Xi xiao yue and to make anyone who harmed her have a life worse than death!

As she accidentally dripped her blood on the jade gourd pendant left by the biological parents of the body, she gets herself a space and an ability which let's her make her own business empire.

Let's follow and see as she treads through the path to the peak again while avenging for her grievances of the past and present.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1:The past and the new me ago
Chapter 2:Going back home ago
Chapter 3:Am I dreaming? ago
Chapter 4:Leaving Home ago
Chapter 5:A familiar face ago
Chapter 6:I got a grandpa? ago
Chapter 7:The Future ahead ago
Chapter 8:Old man Wu ago
Chapter 9:Her new family ago
Chapter 10:Welcome Party ago
Chapter 11:Back to school ago
Chapter 12:A new friend, got! ago
Chapter 13:Disgusted Xiao Yue ago
Chapter 14:Looking for trouble? ago
Chapter 15:The storm in the forum ago
Chapter 16:Teaching a lesson ago
Chapter 17:Called to the Principal's office ago
Chapter 18:A voice that resounded in her heart ago
Chapter 19:She is my granddaughter! ago
Chapter 20:Become stronger! ago
Chapter 21:She is our precious little sister! ago
Chapter 22:Meeting Long Jin Yu again ago
Chapter 23:Mysterious Old Man ago
Chapter 24:Blue sea and white clouds ago
Chapter 25:Bai Long Wei and Xuan Xi Xue's past ago
Chapter 26:Amazing Weirdos ago
Chapter 27: Compensation ago
Chapter 28: having their first date? ago
Chapter 29: Cousin sisters ago
Chapter 30: Xia Rui gets angry ago
Chapter 31: A Friend's Visit ago
Chapter 32: Funny bunch of weirdos ago
Chapter 33: I'm falling in love with you ago
Chapter 34: Seeking death ago
Chapter 35: Meeting those two again ago
Chapter 36: White Lotus ago
Chapter 37: Pinning the blame ago
Chapter 38: Shameless ago
Chapter 39: She isn't Xi Xiao Yue ago
Chapter 40: The weather is really nice ago
Chapter 41: Going out ago
Chapter 42: A dazzling smile ago
Chapter 43: Exams ago
Chapter 44: A genius? ago
Chapter 45: Looking forward ago
Chapter 46: Kicking some balls ago

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