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Here it is. I wonder if any of you read the chapter before I uploaded this.

Important People:


Santiago Alonso Caballero. MC.


Dolores Arima. Head of the Arima clan, as well as its greatest swordmaster.


The Founder. Benefactor of Santiago and designer of the Steel Bulwark. Actually ???.




Miyamoto Akihito. Close friend of Santiago, as well as leader of the ???. Magical DPS, debuffer.


Isabel Reyes García. Newest member of ???. Physical DPS, healer. Classmate of MC.


Ignacio Fernandez Ruiz. Founding member of ???. Physical DPS, buffer. Classmate of MC.


Francisca Hidalgo Santana. Third member of ???. Magical DPS, barriers.


Rubén Gallego Cruz. Fourth member of ???. Magical DPS and Physical DPS.


???. Extra member of SEDS. Daemon.

??? allies:


Almudena Herrero Guerrero. Map and navigation tools provider. Classmate of MC.


Felipe González Redondo. Vehicle provider and maintainer. Scruffy, prefers to make everything by hand.


Ramón Hernández Muñoz. Likes black way too much. Decent doctor, impressive pharmaceutic.


Ana María Suárez. Owner of the renowned Kosmos, provides knowledge of the Fayd. Not very well known.


Nuria Medina Gómez, also known as the Asura. Akihito’s kendo sensei, as well as a retired mage. Old woman. Gives combat training and exploration tips.


Silvia Serrano Molina. Agent of the Agencia Española de Control sobre Materias de la Distorsión. Makes sure ??? doesn’t get in trouble with the law and covers their activities.

MC Family:


Sara Caballero Lopez. The mother of the MC.


Gonzalo Alonso Ruiz. The father of the MC. Smith of the Gun branch of the Kyrioi apo Metallon.


Elena Alonso Caballero. Little sister of the MC.


María Alonso Caballero. Big sister of the MC.


Mario Alonso Caballero. Little brother of the MC.


??? Alonso Caballero. MC’s Twin. Currently an unwilling servant of Koluath Veld.




Ein Sof. Daemon God that created Sephiroth in order to ???. Stole Santiago’s Guardian and made it ruler of Keter. Also gave Santiago ???, granting him the role of Satan. Real name ???.


Adam Kadmon. MC’s original Guardian.


Koluath Veld. Lich from another universe that holds Santiago’s twin.


???. Criminal from ??? captured by Akihito’s team.


About the author

reluctant writer

Bio: A depressive 21 year old on anti-depressives for the past six years, I write because over the last seven years I have thought of over fifty stories, forty settings, and one massive unifying setting born of real life physics, philosophy, and various mythologies (Aztec, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Chinese and Shinto), and yet I haven't written anything till today. So I thought, why not? And began writing one of my newest sub settings.

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