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I was there before Death was born. I was there when the Sea of Chaos formed. I was there when the first universe was born. I was there when life appeared for the first time. I was there at the dawn of time, and will be there for its twilight.

Long story short I am old and powerful. I would be called an Eldritch Abomination by many among you. This however is not my story. This is the story of my favourite human, a man who managed to surpass my expectations until the day of his death. A man to whom I personally taught the deepest secrets of Creation.

The story of my Disciple, born to a world within the Fayd. A man who was called many names. Godkiller, Guardian of the Gates of Death, My Left Hand, Destroyer, The End by his enemies. That Crazy Dude by his allies. I call him Sam-Sam, mainly to annoy him.

But primarily, this is a story of a man doing his life right. With all my wisdom I can’t think of him living a better life than he did, given his circumstances.

So gather round, for the story of my dear friend.

Not a litrpg.

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