Copper Claws

Copper Claws

by Asa Artair

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Nora, the only survivor of the massacre of her town, My Little Wanderer, has moved on, lives her ordinary life, perfectly unaware of her twin sister’s ghost that is haunting her.

Kara is a restless spirit. Trapped in her bitterness, anger, and jealousy, she watches her sister, following her every step.

The only person in the world, who can see Kara, is her nephew, Jaro, who comes up with a plan to help her move on.

But in order to do that they have to travel into the very heart of the treacherous Steppe, a place that is known for magic, both foul and not and inhabited by bandits, hunters, and strange, dangerous creatures.

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Asa Artair

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Starts good and gets a lot better as the story progresses!

Reviewed at: 9. A Story Told

This story starts a little slow, but it picks up pretty well. Though that being said, it's not an "action story." It's more introspective with moments of action, and to my surprise, creepyness, though I wouldn't call it a "horror."

It's an adventure story into the Steppe, a magical place with hunters and supernatural creatures, which is cool and unique. The characters are believable and sympathetic. There's a certain couple that I want to get together, but I won't say anything more on that point. I've asked for a sequel. We'll see...

Copper Claws is definitely worth reading, but if you find the beginning a bit slow, just endure for a few pages. As you can tell, this is an advanced review by someone who has read the entirety of the story. ;)