Viceroy's Pride

by CoCop

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

This story could be about the Tellask Empire, ruler of a thousand suns and faced with imminent peril at the hands of the Orakh hordes.  It could be about Paltai Amberell, the scion of a noble elven House, fallen upon hard times and seeking to find the key that will restore his family's name and save the Empire itself.  It could be the story of his voidship, The Viceroy's Pride, powered by magic and crewed by a team of crack marines as they search for adventure and the solution to the Empire's myriad problems.

Instead, this is the story of Daniel Thrush, human electrical engineer, befuddled researcher and survivor of the debacle that was first contact with a spacefaring civilization. Due to a combination of luck, magic, hard work, and more luck he is thrust into the center of events as Earth is shoved onto a much larger stage rife with semi-immortal elves and magical kingdoms that predate the Earthly invention of agriculture.

Earth is outnumbered, and we have precisely one wizard.  Dan.  He's not very good at it, but he's going to have to learn in a hurry or watch everything he knows get torn apart by massive spacefaring empires straight from the pages of a fantasy novel.


Some readers have noted that the MC tends to be weak willed and pushed around a bit.  A significant portion of the story is his character growth into not being a pushover (i.e. him being passive is in the early chapters on purpose).  I'm just including this caveat/warning to make sure that readers aren't surprised/upset and that they stick with it until he learns to stand up for himself.

His arc begins to crystallize around chapters 25-27.  If that's too long to wait, I get it, I'm just trying to do my due diligence and warn you that the character development is a bit of a slow burn.

This is NOT a harem novel.  Nothing against them, just not what it is.


Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Prologue ago
Chapter 2 - Budget Cuts ago
Chapter 3 - Paying the Bills ago
Chapter 4 - The System ago
Chapter 5 - Setting the Baseline ago
Chapter 6 - The Next Steps ago
Chapter 7 - Training and Waiting ago
Chapter 8 - Beyond ago
Chapter 9 - Camping ago
Chapter 10 - Getting Established ago
Chapter 11 - Making New Friends ago
Chapter 12 - Assembling a Party ago
Chapter 13 - Delving (I) ago
Chapter 14 - Delving (II) ago
Chapter 15 - Delving (III) ago
Chapter 16 - Ants! (I) ago
Chapter 17 - Ants! (II) ago
Chapter 18 - Back to Town ago
Chapter 19 - A Night Outdoors ago
Chapter 20 - Rematch (I) ago
Chapter 21 - Rematch (II) ago
Chapter 22 - Ranking Up ago
Chapter 23 - Morning's Harsh Light ago
Chapter 24 - Mistranslations and Explanations ago
Chapter 25 - Friendships? ago
Chapter 26 - Hasty Decisions ago
Chapter 27 - Escape ago
Chapter 28 - Exile ago
Chapter 29 - Mad Scramble ago
Chapter 30 - Nightfall Reprise ago
Chapter 31 - Helpless ago
Chapter 32 - Tutelage ago
Chapter 33 - Training Montage ago
Chapter 34 - Gilded Cage ago
Chapter 35 - Runescripting Apprentice ago
Chapter 36 - Runeforged ago
Chapter 37 - Stalker in the Night ago
Chapter 38 - The Third Night ago
Chapter 39 - Two Weeks Notice ago
Chapter 40 - Freedom ago
Chapter 41 - Triumphant Return ago
Chapter 42 - Epilogue Book 1 ago
(43) - Book II - Chapter 1 - Prologue ago
(44) - Book II - Chapter 2 - Recruits ago
(45) - Book II - Chapter 3 - Testing ago
(46) - Book II - Chapter 4 - The Other Half ago
(47) - Book II - Chapter 5 - Shapes on the Horizon ago
(48) - Book II - Chapter 6 - The Precipice ago
(49) - Book II - Chapter 7 - Faltering Steps ago
(50) - Book II - Chapter 8 - Reap the Whirlwind ago
(51) - Book II - Chapter 9 - Scatter ago
(52) - Book II - Chapter 10 - Starlit Duel ago
(53) - Book II - Chapter 11 - Welcome to the Jungle ago
(54) - Book II - Chapter 12 - Reflection ago
(55) - Book II - Chapter 13 - The Professionals ago
(56) - Book II - Chapter 14 - Ambush ago
(57) - Book II - Chapter 15 - Acquisition I ago
(58) - Book II - Chapter 16 - Acquisition II ago
(59) - Book II - Chapter 17 - Acquisition (Final) ago
(60) - Book II - Chapter 18 - Question and Answer ago
(61) - Book II - Chapter 19 - As Dawn Breaks ago
(62) - Book II - Chapter 20 - A Walk in the Woods ago
(63) - Book II - Chapter 21 - Infiltration ago
(64) - Book II- Chapter 22 - Hide and Seek ago
(65) - Book II - Chapter 23 - Monsters & Prey ago
(66) - Book II - Chapter 24 - Retaking the Amazon (I) ago
(67) - Book II - Chapter 25 - Retaking the Amazon (II) ago
(68) - Book II - Chapter 26 - Retaking the Amazon (III) ago
(69) - Book II - Chapter 27 - Retaking the Amazon (IV) ago
(70) - Book II - Chapter 28 - Stowaway (I) ago
(71) Book II - Chapter 29 - Stowaway (II) ago
(72) - Book II - Chapter 30 - The Final Frontier ago
(73) - Book II - Chapter 31 - Assuming Direct Control ago
(74) - Book II - Chapter 32 - Catching Up ago
(75) - Book II - Chapter 33 - The World Keeps Turning ago
(76) - Book II - Chapter 34 - There's No Place Like Home ago
(77) - Book II - Chapter 35 - America in Flames ago
(78) - Book II - Chapter 36 - Storming the Citadel ago
(79) - Book II - Chapter 37 - There and Back Again ago
(80) - Book II - Chapter 38 - Mageking Ibis ago
(81) Book II - Grand Theft Viceroy (I) ago
(82) - Book II - Chapter 40 - Grand Theft Viceroy II ago
(83) - Book II - Chapter 41 - Epilogue ago
(84) - Book III - Chapter 1 - Prologue ago
(85) - Book III - Chapter 2 - Bayou Country ago
(86) - Book III - Chapter 3 - Recruitment ago
(87) - Book III - Chapter 4 - The Raid (I) ago
(88) - Book III - The Raid (II) ago
(89) - Book III - Chapter 6 - Ambush ago
(90) - Book III - Chapter 7 - Setbacks ago
(91) - Book III - Chapter 8 - Negotiations Under Fire ago
(92) - Book III - Chapter 9 - Earning a Paycheck (I) ago
(93) - Book III - Chapter 10 - Earning a Paycheck (II) ago
(94) - Book III - Chapter 11 - Boss Fight ago
(95) - Book III - Reunion ago
(96) - Book III - Chapter 13 - Gearing Up ago
(97) - Book III - Chapter 14 - Independent Study ago
(98) - Book III - Chapter 15 - Planning ago
(99) - Book III - Chapter 16 - You’re Not a Thief if You’re the Good Guy ago
(100) - Book III - Chapter 17 - Joint Ventures ago
(101) - Book III - Chapter 18 - Miami ago
(102) - Book III - Chapter 19 - Siege ago
(103) - Book III - Chapter 20 - Veni Vici ago
(104) - Book III - Chapter 21 - Mergers and Acquisitions ago
(105) - Book III - Chapter 22 - Calm Before the Storm ago
(106) - Book III - Chapter 23 - Stealth ago
(107) - Rescue? ago
(108) - Book III - Chapter 25 - Expansion ago
(109) - Book III - Chapter 26 - Pound of Cure ago
(110) - Book III - Chapter 27 - Shock and Awe ago
(111) - Book III - Chapter 28 - The Hangover ago
(112) - Book III - Chapter 29 - New Toys ago
(113) - Battle of Bakersfield ago
(114) - Book 3 - Chapter 31 - The Dogs of War ago
(115) - Book 3 - Consolidation ago
(116) - Book 3 - Chapter 33 - From Sea to Shining Sea ago
(117) - Book 3 - Chapter 34 - Surviving Contact with the Enemy ago
(118) - Book III - Chapter 35 - It's Raining Orakh ago
(119) - Book III - Chapter 36 - Half a League Onward ago
(120) - Book III - Chapter 37 - Accepting the Invitation ago
(121) - Book III - Chapter 38 - For Auld Lang Syne, My Dear ago
(122) - Book III - Clash of Champions ago
(123) - Book III - Chapter 40 - A Dance in the Dark ago
(124) - Book III - Chapter 41 - Epilogue ago

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viceroy's shame (first review got deleted)

Reviewed at: (90) - Book III - Chapter 7 - Setbacks

the first seven chapters of this story are no longer so pants on head retarded that they make my brain hurt. unfortunately im not allowed to post my criticisms without spoiler tags so get ready for a  paragraph or two under the spoiler tag


Spoiler: Spoiler


A Little More Planning Would Go A Long Way

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - Rematch (I)

This is a fun lit-rpg where magic and science coexists.  The MC gets magic and a system equivalent and is sent to a magic-based planet to do traditional lit rpg things.  Unfortunately, things don't really seem planned out or logical.  For example, the MC joins a party nervous about adventuring in the silver mines...and then the nervous party voluntarily tackles a nest of giant ants with essentially no plan whatsoever.  He never asked his folks how or when he was going to teleport back home.  He doesn't bring a gun, any technological equipment -- ok, maybe he wants to blend in -- or any food!  He teleports blindly to another planet knowing nothing about it other than that there are humans somewhere on it and he will end up without 50 miles of a teleporation hub...and brings no food!  There is also something a little out of place about the humor.  Since there isn't much, its kinda weird when the eccentric billionaire financing his journey takes him aside and tells him to make sure to get a harem when he goes to fantasy land "for the sake of every red blooded male."

All of this aside, the story is kind of fun, and the MC is likeable enough.  I feel like the author just needs to make a decision and either get more serious about the plot, or add more humor and continue to not worry about things overmuch.  


Diamond in the rough.

CoCop is writing an interesting story, wich I personally am hooked on. 
A story with a system but without it taking the story over.

Story moves at a nice pace.

Biggest negative I think; I have to wait for new chapters to come out!! Haha


The story itself is phenomenal with all the intrigue and so on but he says his character is weak willed for character development but it's not really development but a sudden realization him saying he'll change but then a while later it looks like no progress has happened with the military he was almost as passive as ever. He didn't stand up for himself against them or his 'students'


At first, I was put off on how the MC let people run over him, but kept reading because the world-building was one of the best. The system origins are explained and how it works. The power creep is believable and later the MC grows past his timidity and matures. This is honestly one of the better stories I have read on here. 


Realistic LitRPG Apocalypse, but its GOOD!

Reviewed at: (124) - Book III - Chapter 41 - Epilogue

When I started reading this story ten months ago, I was expecting yet another few hundred chapters of the classic system apocalypse, yet this story goes a different direction from most such stories. Firstly, there is not an unrealistic system, but there is a pretty realistic one, and a blend of magic mixed with Sci-Fi, this novel is truly one of the best such Apocalypse LitRPG novels on this site. Furthermore, it's written by CoCop, the man/woman who finished one really good story before writing this one, as well as starting and finishing another story while this one was ongoing. Finally, at long last this story is complete and I'm off to read Blessed Time.

TLDR: It's really good, read it if you like Realistic LitRPG Apocalypse and the fixing of the said apocalypse.


Worthwhile fantasy read, without a touch of wish-fulfillment

Reviewed at: (58) - Book II - Chapter 16 - Acquisition II

Apparently the author has made substantive edits to the story in response to criticism, which looks to have improved the early story quite a bit. Kicking off, the premise is that elves invade Earth in a bid to use humans as cannon fodder against orcs. Unfortunately, they find themselves initially unprepared to handle modern weapons and their display of dominance collapses before the US military begins research into the magical systems, making no headway as the research team is slowly whittled down to the first and now last member, Daniel Thrush. He, in a demonstration of classic human intuition, decides to eat some of the mana crystals as his final unsupervised experiment and awakens magical affinities within himself.

From there on, the story follows him as he attempts to navigate the decidedly limited options available to the only awakened human on Earth. Several reviews have criticized Dan's progression as being a weak-willed pushover, but all of his choices make sense. He reaches out to the previous project lead, a professor from MIT and she brings him into the private foundation she's been working with since the military trimmed down the project. They set him up with a training regimen, a system (that only has limited sway on the story) and all the information they've managed to collect and translate. After that, they track down an unimportant world to send him to so that he can gain enough mana to return and begin awakening more humans.

Dan does what anyone would do in his situation. Find people that know more than him and try to figure out what to do next. If you meet a friendly ranger on an alien planet, you're going to rely on them to learn more about the world. There's no wish-fulfillment, he doesn't start with incredible powers and push around unjust leaders, he just wants to lay low and develop the potential to eventually match elven spellcasters in a way that humans oppressed under their empire aren't allowed to.

Overall, it makes for an interesting sci-fi/fantasy mashup with a normal every-man catapulted into a fight for freedom that he is ill-prepared for. The world hasn't collapsed into anarchy, the governments and economies are still running, there's just an on-going alien invasion. It's an entertaining read with little in the way of errors to detract from the story.


As much SpaceOpera as LitRPG and better for it!!

Reviewed at: (124) - Book III - Chapter 41 - Epilogue

This was a really enjoyable and realist glimpse into a transhuman future with believable enemies and power scaling! 

The characters grow out of old flaws and into new ones. The evil is by turns EVIL and nuanced. The people act like people and their is a lot of genuine creativity in how the author uses and adapts familiar tropes. The story is unpredictable without being manic. Nice work!!


So, while this book generally is good, it has a character which is not really understandable, as well as the assumption that the government or army, do not have lawyers. The characters seem to be very two dimensional, which some small outliers. One is a mobber, which our hero follows, but while this is understandable, everyone in an official capacity is stupid, regardless of if they are human or alien. The story has much potential, and one thing that is very good is the grammar. I generally only see a few mistakes, if any at all, which is great. The basic underlying story is also good, but it devolves right now, mostly because of the 2-D characters and the dynamics between them. Certain things are ignored, and we do not see why.

Warning, the following is a spoiler:


Spoiler: Spoiler



Good, get past chapter 27 or so to see Dan's character arc.

Reviewed at: (80) - Book II - Chapter 38 - Mageking Ibis

This is turning into a pretty complex but still easily enjoyable story.

At first, despite the author's warning, I was ready to drop the story somewhere around chapter 20 - Dan was just such so spineless and lacking any gumption to stand up for himself, letting himself be used repeatedly.

But after that it got better. As of chapter 80 Dan is willing to stand up for himself and not tolerate too much shit from those who are ignorant or just crap people. So, a pretty good story arc for him, and the author brought it along in a way that seems fairly natural and at a good pace. I don't know what will happen with Dan going forward but am happy so far.