Binary Progression

by MrBadWithNames

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Low Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Progression Slice of Life Strategy Strong Lead Virtual Reality War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

JohnWillStab is the poorly-named shut-in on a quest to get into MMOs after a failed online career backfired leaving him uninterested in his speciality, strategy games.


He discovers an old, abandoned game with an active, albeit very eccentric, community of no more than five-hundred players on a single server maintained by an unknown individual.


Unbeknownst to him, the game he found is more than just an ordinary WoW clone and after many adventures with his group, they make the terrifying discovery that after two full volumes this story becomes a god damn isekai. 


What’s worse, JohnWillStab, the number-one edgelord on the server is somehow ending up in positions of power despite literally being an undead rogue with evil magic tentacles!


Will John’s edginess ruin the isekai? Why does the doctor have the highest kill-count in the game? Is 👑 really a valid character you could use for your username? Can the chef perform an exorcism? Why is God asking John for chicken nuggets? Really, he could just spawn them in - in fact, we saw him spawning food in before!  


Find out like… two of those within the virtual pages of Binary Progression!



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Icons for end of chapter image by 'Lorc'


Story updates and shit-posting available on twitter @MrBadWithNames1


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Beginning! ago
Chapter Index ago
Picture Album ago
Bromy's Bestiary ago
Classes Explained ago
Auxiliary classes explained ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 1: The newcomer to the MMO scene... ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 2: A run in with the Frogman and a cheater... ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 3: The JGuardians, also referred to as the justice bois ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 4: In loving memory of a lost cart. ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 5: Undead marriage counselling... ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 6: Spiders, why is is always spider?! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 7: Rootin' Tootin' and by god Shootin' ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 8: Ghost fish hunt ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 9: The ??? cheating service at play. ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 10: New To Dungeoning... ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 11: Fighting the first boss! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 12: The murder golem ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 13: References ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 14: BONE SNAKE ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 15: Crown on the run ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 16: Trolling on the high seas ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 17: Accidents happen ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 18: The siege ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 19: Fall of the JGuardians ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 20: Alexander ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 21: Maths ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 22: D.P.B ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 23: The new game. ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 24: Alex ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 24 (Part 2): Reused graphics ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 24 (Part 3): CHAIRS ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 24 (Part 4): Surprise! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 25: Jerry ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 26: Jerry?! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 27: JERRY! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 28: The Butt Pirates ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 29: Welcome to Bromy's wonderland. ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 30: Amongst the undead ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 31: I'm a healer... but ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 32: Reality ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 33: Issac ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 34: Forming The Guild ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 35: Into the swamp! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 36: Guild Base ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 37: Elplorr joins a guild... ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 38: MercenaryGuild ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 39: Even more cloaks! ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 40: Good-Cop Bad-Cop ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 41: Interrogation ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 42: The Smell Of Curry ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 43: Binary Progression ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 44: Curry cures hangovers ago
Volume 1 - Chapter 45: JohnWillStab has left the chatroom... (Volume 1 Finale) ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 1: Kwispii ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 2: Climbing the windy mountain. ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 3: Bear stance ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 4: The great library ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 5: Kniff and the book ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 6: SilverPeak ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 7: RuRet and the shifting volume plan. ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 8: Converging ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 9: The festival starts ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 10: The festival goes to shit... ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 11: JohnWillSad ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 12: JohnWillEdge ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 13: Finding a guild base for the second time... ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 14: The surprise... ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 15: Trollin ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 16: Dress-up micicry ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 17: HE DID AN OOF ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 18: Urmom makes a move! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 19: Catching up! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 20: meintube streamer ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 21: The realization ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 22: ROAD TRIP! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 23: READ THE EULA ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 24: FOXLY!? ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 25: Burning the rubber ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 26: Crown assaults the ealderly ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 27: One hell of a hacker! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 28: Making your peace. ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 29: A goodbye to a dear friend... ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 30: Vans ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 31: The plan! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 32: JohnWillStab is alright! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 33: Lorb?! ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 34: It's just a prank bro ago
Volume 2 - Chapter 35: They lived a spinoff (Volume 2 Finale) ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 1: Nostalgic, isn't it? ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 2: Alone in the village in the woods. ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 3: Who expects zombies in grimwood!? ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 4: Cats... ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 5: A game of catch! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 6: Goals ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 7: Slimes! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 8: JohnWillStab, Jordan and ___________ save the day! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 9: The river game ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 10: RIP ghost ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 11: Life lesson ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 12: Sword ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 13: The man in the hut. ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 14: Duplicates ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 15: A town called Levelgreen ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 16: The brawl ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 17: A tour of Levelgreen ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 18: Footprints in the mud ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 19: Leaving Levelgreen ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 20: Alex needs a hand... ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 21: A town in the pit ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 22: He turned himself into a puppet, funniest shit I've ever seen! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 23: A town in the pit ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 24: Names ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 25: A town in the pit ago
More of less a 100 chapter special ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 26: A guild in a guild in a... ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 27: Cool gloves ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 28: Down the cliff with a smoker ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 29: A town in the pit ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 30: Town over the hills ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 31: Snek-man ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 32: The ship in the fog ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 33: God-tier ventilation ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 34: The sun is a d... is hot. ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 35: Through the desert ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 36: Raz ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 37: Steve the skeleton ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 38: Wait two days! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 39: Tentacles again?! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 40: Memory dude ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 41: The economy! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 42: It's them at last! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 43: Foxly and the ice pillar ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 44: Crunch! ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 45: A message from the future ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 46: John's cup-size ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 47: A third returns ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 48: Smokin' ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 49: A demon king dies ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 50: The villain ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 51: HaremHarry ago
Volume 3 - Chapter 52: Voices! (Volume 3 Finale) ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 1: This time's the charm! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 2: Splitting hairs ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 3: Souls... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 4: More fish stuff! What's with the fish?! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 5: Backstories backstories... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 5: The beast on the ship... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 6: Beached-Pet-Island ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 7: Borknificus ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 8: (Beach episode poll) jGuardians meet team JohnWillStab ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 9: Friendly competitiveness ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 10: The meeting! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 11: Atwoz, back is he ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 12: Into the dungeon... again... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 13: The pink-haired one... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 14: Vampire nobles... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 15: Something's in the air... it may be flashbacks... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 16: A crossover. ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 17: Bonifacius' greatest fear! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 18: John And The Boss ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 19: Gravitation of the mind. ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 20: Curstl's illusion. ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 21: Time travel is always so complicated... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 22: Plan A... just better! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 23: Mindgames ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 24: Oh crack... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 25: A main character in the making! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 26: Into the abyss... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 27: Bromys before homies... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 28: The meetup! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 29: Out for a drink ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 30: XPhaxX ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 31: Experimentation! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 32: Training ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 33: Oh no, he's thinking! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 34: The juice! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 35: Stupid questions. ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 36: The rescue??? ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 37: The rescue?!?!?! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 38: Side-quest ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 39: Re:Foxly ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 40: Brainstorming time ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 41: The Lorb Special! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 42: Grimly ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 43: Teamwork-building (part 1) ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 44: Teamwork-building (part 2) ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 45: Teamwork-building (part 3) ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 46: Out for a stroll in the town... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 47: Arthur VS Lorb ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 48: The first raid! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 49: EVERYTHING WENT WRONG! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 50: He played Dank Souls... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 51: A little help! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 52: Another shot... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 53: This can only go well! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 54: It was poison... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 55: Crispy!... no "w" yet... ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 56: Spanish guitar~~~ ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 57: All over the walls! ago
Volume 4 - Chapter 58: Oh no... there's more! (Volume 4 Finale) ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 1: Picture ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 2: The murderer of Glumington strikes again! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 3: Dogs and rats ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 4: Screenshots! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 5: The play! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 6: Skin ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 7: Dreaming of doctoring ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 8: Loads of blue! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 9: Questioning Felix... ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 10: Men On A Mission ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 11: A big "OH NO" ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 12: Bromy... maybe... ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 13: OH NO OH NO OH NO ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 14: The Us*in B*lt of alley-running. ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 15: Coward ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 16: Goodbye, my fear. ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 17: Can't have nice endings ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 18: Noice! I think...? ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 19: JohnWillSmart is smart ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 20: COPPER ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 21: Grim being a bard... ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 22: Druids... ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 23: Reading! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 24: Of geese and violence! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 25: Bread ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 26: Utopia ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 27: Brain business! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 28: Getting the party started! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 29: Loose ends! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 30: DAGGERS! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 31: Bromy is smug ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 32: Edge and green ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 33: Progress with the soda! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 34: Washing machine for bones! ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 35: A favour~ ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 36: Digging a hole ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 37: Prison ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 38: Gambling ago
Volume 5 - Chapter 39: Like a god damn train (Volume 5 Finale) ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 1: Darius ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 2: The Index ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 3: Grand Escape ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 4: Potions ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 5: Don't kill the waiter! ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 6: The lich ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 7: Apology ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 8: Thal back then ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 9: Magnus too ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 10: A familiar town ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 11: Soup harassment ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 12: World and Soul ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 13: Great trap! ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 14: Demon king items ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 15: Water mammal ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 16: Jinxed ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 17: Knees weak, arms are heavy. ago
Volume 6 - Chapter 18: The end of the past ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 1: Cluelessness ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 2: Cluelessness and toast! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 3: Bonifacius got a quest! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 4: AN EMPIRE! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 5: product ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 6: Bravery Perhaps ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 7: Zephyr ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 8: Probably just vines ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 9: The day outside ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 10: Job n' Request ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 11: That time of the year! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 12: Gremlin' ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 13 : The 100% hit rate never missing bullet of doom ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 14: The ambush! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 15: Five Star Curry ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 16: Chefistry ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 17: HE CAN!? ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 18: SPOOK ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 19: Orbs ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 20: Salt! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 21: If the edgelord can't ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 22: He's back! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 23: A.S.S ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 24: Atop the tower! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 25: As expected... ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 27: Expectations... ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 28: The Fog ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 29: DEAL! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 30: Fishy situation... ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 31: Soup but bad! ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 32: Soup... again? Maybe? ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 33: Icarus ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 34: Tribalistic Look ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 35 : CIv part one ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 36 : CIv part two ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 37: Gordon Dirtman ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 38: Wabits ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 39: Unreachable ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 40: ...not mad ago
Volume 7 - Chapter 41: Heading up! ago

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Firstly, know that this isn't an isekai, or at least it doesn't start out that way. It's just a normal dude playing an old rpg on his computer (Yep! No VR either!) and interacting with various silly characters.

I like how the in game dialogue is represented, though I do wish that there was a bit more description between chat. I think that some description of what the speakers are doing could highlight the comedic effect, though of course it's harder because we're seeing game avatars and not real people.

Binary progression doesn't have a super heavy story, as expected of a comedy. That being said, we're just taken around with Bonifacius and John as they do stuff, and there's a hint of a irl story with the 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 I've seen a few little grammatical errors, but I'm giving this a 5 simply because of how the author uses poor grammar to their advantage in the dialogue. The old shakespearean try-hard speech was absolutely hilarious, especially for someone who has experience in shakespearean theatre. 

Of course, none of this would be possible without the characters. Though they aren't particularly deep or intruiguing, they are incredibly silly in a way that can only be described as "gamer". The chapters almost read like a comedic play, which lets your mind fill in the blanks in a way that is arguably more funny than if this read like a typical litrpg.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun little (maybe little isn't the best word to use... *glances at page count*) story that's sure to get you laughing, maybe check this out!


 If you have any experience of writing stuff, I'm sure you would agree that writing good humor is far, far more difficult than any other genre. Talk about an entire story platformed upon silly comedy, it could be a nightmare for authors. But this fiction pulls it off perfectly or rather nails it, hammers it...spanks it, anything you prefer.

Style - Rather than fiction, anyone could mistake it for the script of a film. The entire story is built on dialogues and has very less narrative. So it makes for a downside for immersive readers, but hey, you wouldn't be here if you do not want a light-hearted fun read to cure your sad day. 

Grammar - Just a few typos. Nothing else. It does not hamper the read in any way.

Story - Now this one is interesting. It's not just comedy all the time. Hidden within that is an actual, progressing story. A minor spoiler below only intended to pique your interests. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Character - No need to talk about this. They are the ones who completely carry the narrative. Their interactions being the one to make your day. Silly and quirky.

Very well recommended light read, even more so for people who generally play rpgs, multiplayer or not.


This story is such a fun ride. It makes me think of all the wacky adventures and accidental things I've ended up doing as a player. It starts off strong, dying when going against a strong player (something I've definitely been guilty of because, well, why not?!) 


As far as novel writing goes, it doesn't fit the normal style, as most of the story is pushed forward through chat logs and character actions. For a story revolving around an MMORPG, though, that's really all that's necessary. It makes it really easy to read and doesn't feel like there is an info-dump in the chat logs, which is more realistic. Never once have I ever joined a party and just had a whole block of text from someone with all the info on the game. 


There are some parts where there are some run-on sentences or the grammar is handled a little awkwardly, but after a read or two, you get the flow and can fill in the commas/words where they need to be and it's completely fine. It's not do distracting that it makes you want to throw a book at a wall. Something I like is that there isn't repetition. Some authors end up repeating the same phrases, sentences, etc. and then I also want to throw a book at a wall because I've read the same thing 3 different times in one paragraph. That's probably something that should be noted in writing style, I suppose. 


I love the story, the premise is great. It reminds me of a manga (or maybe it was a visual novel game) I played some time back. It's also very relatable and makes it easy to laugh at the parts that go wrong because, as a gamer, we've all made the same mistakes that the characters do. It flows incredibly well and while there's grinding, the characters make up for it in a way that it doesn't bore you, which leads me down to the next point!


Bonifacius is the personification of a true role-player. I absolutely love him. While JohnWillStab is the bumbling noob who has no idea what he's doing (e.g., me when I enter any new MMO game), Bonifacius reminds me of the veteran player that is so immersed in his role-playing that he simply is the character that he is trying to represent. In MMOs and DnD, those are the best players to be with - and his character that he created is hysterical. I love him. By extension of his questing, the other characters are launched into situations where they're at a loss or have no choice but to delve into the RPG element to get things done and it's great to see them opening up like that in the MMO. For me, the characters were definitely the strongest point in the novel. 


Comedy Slice of Life LitRPG Underrated Gem?

Reviewed at: Volume 1 - Chapter 13: References

This is a good book. Let me get the bad out of the way first.

The style and grammer need a little work. I think it might just be a preference/choice, but this is a webnovel site so...? You may bounce off that a little.

That said, don't let that be the deciding factor for if you check it out. The storyline itself is solid, and more importantly, I was giggling like a schoolgirl the whole time for how funny it is at a lot of spots(I'm a bald 200 pound dude with tattoos, so let that image sink in for you).

Personally, if I was playing this MMO I'd probably yeet my computer across the room, but there's a certain charm from reading it rather than playing it. The author does a good job making something that should be annoying turn endearing.

Also. One word.

Bonifacius. That is all.


Really Interesting Format - Cool Idea

Reviewed at: Volume 1 - Chapter 21: Maths

I really like this story. The prose seems really unique to me, almost experimental, but it's very appropriate for the story. It almost reads like something in second person, in the way it puts you into the narrative. 

It's always good to see people writing about things that they love, and this isn't an exception. It's full of little quirks and in-jokes that are really familiar if you play games like MMO's. 

The characters are fun and easy to follow because of the layout. It's also cool to see the artwork in every chapter. Overall, it's really well thought out. It's fun to join JohnWillStab's gamer clan for a while as you read. 


This story is perhaps the most enjoyable one I've read on this site. For one, the comedy isn't forced as opposed to other stories I've read. It appears seamlessly with the interactions of the characters, whether that may be among one-another or to the game itself. In addition to this, the comedy itself is enough to garner some fits of laughter from me, making me love the story even more as I continued to read each chapter.

While I wasn't a fan of the initial dialogue format, I eventually managed to go past that tiny sense of discomfort seeing that the dialogue between the characters were always a subject of interest. Literally anything they say would achieve some sort of interest from me; swaying me from thoughts of speeding through the dialogue.

Keep up the good work!

Sig Kusanagi

An enjoyable, humorous tale.

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but I am having a blast with this story. It's light-hearted, with well-developed character personalities, and just a delightful premise. 

It has dialogue galore, which would be a drag if it wasn't so entertaining to read the interactions between characters, and there's a very real sense of comraderie, like actual friends chatting while playing a game.

This is a great story, and I hope it continues.


This is a normal MMORPG novel.

No isekai, VR  or trapped in the game.

It is a hillarious advenrure in an old broken game that has loyal players in it.

Lots of roleplaying, memes, jokes, emotes, buggy game parts. It really reminds me of the time i played old school RuneScape.

Give it a try!


This story does a fantastic job of reeling the readers in. I typically don't read LITRPG's and stories developed around games, because if I wanted that type of world I would just go play the game, but this story is beginning to make me realize how well thought out and developed these stories can be.


Aside from some minor issues with grammar, this story is fleshed out and does a fantastic job of keeping the readers entertained. The world they are building is phenomenal and the plot is just as intriguing. Bravo!


I'd like to start off with mentioning that I'm not good and reviewing and english isn't my first language so most of this review will not be too undepth and long nor will I review about the grammar and language of the story.

With that out of the way, I must say that I enjoyed this story. I found this work from the forums and thought to just read a chapter or two before bookmarking it for later read but I ended up reading more then I could even imagine which only goes to show that the story was very light hearted and easy to read. The flow of the story is pretty easy and nice. No over complications or breaks in the flow that breaks my reading but it all flows in one nice smooth flow.

The story has an art work on nearly every chapters especially the starting chapters show some scenes from the story which is good to attract newer readers and get them hooked on just like I was. As an artist myself I know how hard its to draw and how much time it consumes so it only goes to show the author's love and passion for his novel which is admirable.

The story isn't the most descriptive but it has a different style of story telling through the use of chat logs and character interaction which is good in its own right. Paints the picture of the character better but forgoes on the description part.

I especially liked the idea of the story about a dead or old MMO game that no one plays and is full of glitches or already established power houses no one can contest. I've not read a novel with this idea before so it was unique and breath of fresh air for me. 


All in all I enjoyed this story and its a light hearted read. Something to read after reading too many action or drama novels as a change of pace. I would recommend this!