The Stolen Shield

by HoneyMilk

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Romance Tragedy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Raine just wanted some money. All he needed was enough to get his business rolling. But when he agreed to take a much-needed job from his college friend Levin, he hadn’t expected to get stabbed, shot, and chased at midnight in L.A. with a drunk girl in the back seat of his car. And he hadn’t planned on joining a strange organization based in another world, thanks to which he flies off to a private island to suffer weeks of grueling training and endure intensive foreign language study the likes of which he hasn’t experienced since high school.

His friends sold the other world to him as a land of hope and second chances, a simple but beautiful place where he could put his many failings behind him and get a new start. Ignorant, trusting, and naive, he believed them. But they lied.

Please note that the story has a slow start (practically all of my readers say this).

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - A Friend Called Levin ago
Chapter 2 - A Stanford Hopeful ago
Chapter 3 - A Game Called Planet E ago
Chapter 4 - A Taste of Exhaustion ago
Chapter 5 - A Change of Plan ago
Chapter 6 - The Girl With Lots of Money ago
Chapter 7 - The Home Run That Went Too Far ago
Chapter 8 - The Korean Man at the Lobby ago
Chapter 9 - The Rich Girl's Birdcage ago
Chapter 10 - The Bottle of Juice ago
Chapter 11 - The Recruitment ago
Chapter 12 - The Offer of the Hopkins Company ago
Chapter 13 - The Duke ago
Chapter 14 - The Adrenaline Drive ago
Chapter 15 - The Birthday Celebration ago
Chapter 16 - A Smooth Flight ago
Chapter 17 - A Private Island ago
Chapter 18 - A Responsible Leader ago
Chapter 19 - A Canoe and Two Friends ago
Chapter 20 - A Tired Man's Anger ago
Chapter 21 - The Girl With an Ego ago
Chapter 22 - The Sharpshooter ago
Chapter 23 - The Report on the Outliers ago
Chapter 24 - The Preparation for the Competition ago
Chapter 25 - The Competitors ago
Chapter 26 - The Math Whiz ago
Chapter 27 - The Team Competition ago
Chapter 28 - The Fast Learner ago
Chapter 29 - The Individual Competition ago
Chapter 30 - The End of the Individual Competition ago
Chapter 31 - A Small Flame ago
Chapter 32 - A Week of Intense Studying ago
Chapter 33 - A Piece of Advice ago
Chapter 34 - A Profitable Spice ago
Chapter 35 - A New World ago
Chapter 36 - The Capital of Rialis ago
Chapter 37 - The Translation Request ago
Chapter 38 - The Team's Plan ago
Chapter 39 - The Team's First Request ago
Chapter 40 - The Goblin Attack ago
Chapter 41 - The Followers of Light ago
Chapter 42 - The Sword of the Demon Lord ago
Chapter 43 - The Second Request ago
Chapter 44 - The Elite Goblins ago

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  • Overall Score

So i'm not the greatest at writing reviews, but i feel like it's not right that there's none so far on this novel so here we go.

story-wise we're just getting started, but it's already very promising. The author doesn't rush to 'the good stuff' and properly fleshes out the mc before going to the other world. This may not be your preference but i suggest doing as the title of my review says.

The grammar is perfect.

Character-wise there's not much i can say yet aside from the mc as previously mentioned, because i'm unsure which ones will be recurring in the story. Everyone acts like actual human beings though, which is nice

  • Overall Score

I’ve honestly read too many other world WN so the start kinda bored me and I was gonna give it up but I gave it another chance and pushed 2-3 more chapters.

Its a nice story. It looks at things from a different angle, with the whole preparing thing. No superpowers or magic, yet still making you anticipate when the main characters will get some real action. It’s too early to decide but depending on the author , it could end up as a great work. 

Mad of chapter 23-24, it’s good :) 

keep up the great work 

mr paradox
  • Overall Score

Great once the gear starts rolling

Reviewed at: Chapter 44 - The Elite Goblins

The story really gets going at around after chapter 30 so if you're serious about reading this then please judge the story after reaching around that point.I tell you it's worth the journey if you don't mind slow start team based low fantasy story that leads to epic adventure with their teammates  like:

The second coming of gluttony (KR)

Grimgar of fantasy and ash (JP)

Sevens (JP) 

Goblin slayer (JP)


Edit at chapter 44: only neg is we need more chapters. Holy cow the cliffhanger is strong in this one

  • Overall Score

Just a really good read. It's well writen, and not just for RoyalRoad standards. The characters actually feel human, are all different and are actually growing.

It takes 30 chapters before we (and the MC) understand what exactly is going on, but the author managed to make everything interedting.

Well worth your time !

  • Overall Score

I realy dont know why it still dont in 10 best fiktions. Maybe too little magic for RR readers... mc gets into new world (with magic) about 36-40 chapter, from there it will be almost classic adventure on RR, before it have no magic. Very good storytelling. And there i dint see any romance) i hope his match will be from new world. 

The review is written on the state of chapter 42

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One of the best if not the best !!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 38 - The Team's Plan

In this novel, I found myself laughing, cheering and insulting characters. This story is so well written and at just the right pace that you find yourself drawn into the story. There is no game-lit element which makes it even more realistic.

I'm not going to lie I reed up to the 38 chapters in 1 go. 

You will find yourself immersed into the world of Stolen Shield.

I hope you will enjoy the story as much as I did !

  • Overall Score

I  find this novel to be one of the best here on royal road.

The grammar is basically perfect and all of the charachters feel like real people (there are of course, those more detailed than others).

The story itself  is well paced, it leaves you with anticipation for what is to come chapther after chapter.

Spoiler: Spoiler
  • Overall Score

The story is slow to build.  Very slow.   Lots of characters, and character progression.   Overall very good, though there are a few problems.   

First, girls.   As in there are way too many.  Don't get me wrong, I like female characters, and they add depth and interest to the story.   But going into a medieval setting, there is a reason why all the soldiers were men.   And it wasn't just sociological, or lack of training.   Men are better equipped generally for fighting and stamina.  It's just how it is.  Not that there aren't female outliers, or women who can't get there with training.  But as many girls as are fighters etc.  Is way too many.

Next multiple pov.   Too many.  Not as bad as some stories I've seen here, but they are distracting.  

That's it.  Like I said, minor issues aside, it's a great story.  

  • Overall Score

I judged this story premateurely. Despite how it looks on the outside, this is actually a decent story! I just finished chapter 18, and the story has been solid the wholw way through, with good characters, good chapter size, and a god plot. It doesn't stand out to me as exceptional in any one area, but it is very well rounded and really high quality by the somewhat lower standards of this website. I think it's worth a try! Give it a shot.

  • Overall Score

I see that you (the author) know how to catch my eye. Put an anime pic. This is absolutely brilliant.
Now to the real review. This story is amazing. I love the characters, they feel really 'real'. I love the writing style, it is very simple yet really professional looking. The plot is also really good, making me want to read more. The grammar is magnificent. All in all, this novel is good, flawless, and fun!