The Ageless Sword

The Ageless Sword

by GracelessLiar

In a world where using magic is a given, those who can't have no place. Being one of those unlucky few, Tavia has spent most her life keeping out of sight and waiting for something to change. Her hope of attending Avel'lier, the most esteemed university for training Knights and Altheists in Marquest is slowly dying, and she fears being left at home with the mother who only sees her defects.

She gets her chance after a terrorist attack leaves her in possession of one of the most storied Artifacts in Marquest's history, The Ageless Sword. The sword can give her the strength to change her fate, but it comes with burdens of its own. Suddenly, Tavia, whom no one wanted, is the only person who can protect her city from the machinations of a organization bent on resurrecting a monstrous false-god, but after so long in the shadows, can Tavia find the courage to step up and save everything she cares about?

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3rd Anniversary
Group Leader (V)
Word Count (9)
Table of Contents
85 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: A war had been brewing here ago
Chapter 2: Fought twixt nations, hearts ago
Chapter 3: Full of hatred and of fear ago
Chapter 4: With cruel magic arts ago
Chapter 5: Marquest, the nation mighty ago
Chapter 6: Prided alther blades ago
Chapter 7: We from battle never flee ago
Chapter 8: And never seeking aid ago
Chapter 9: Terris, land of tradition ago
Chapter 10: Magic masters wise ago
Chapter 11: Held fast to their position ago
Chapter 12: Sought a deadly prize ago
Chapter 13: Though many years we had fought ago
Chapter 14: With no end in sight ago
Chapter 15: Balanced though advantage sought ago
Chapter 16: Till all changed one night ago
Chapter 17: Desperate Terris stole power ago
Chapter 18: From a monster old ago
Chapter 19: Before whom all do cower ago
Chapter 20: Their future they sold ago
Chapter 21: Dieos the Time Eater ago
Chapter 22: Demi of ages past ago
Chapter 23: Usurped The Terris leader ago
Chapter 24: So the stone was cast ago
Chapter 25: Such power never seen before ago
Chapter 26: Marquest bound by fears ago
Chapter 27: Losses followed by still more ago
Chapter 28: We wept futile tears ago
Chapter 29: Pain and fear too hard to stem ago
Chapter 30: Not a hope to hold ago
Chapter 31: For a hero to save them ago
Chapter 32: Who could be so bold? ago
Chapter 33: Then a hero stood so tall ago
Chapter 34: Saw the soldiers poor ago
Chapter 35: Counting those who did fall ago
Chapter 36: Vowed never one more ago
Chapter 37: Blade of night and edge sky-blue. ago
Chapter 38: Held ‘bove hero’s head. ago
Chapter 39: Bold and silent, to strike true ago
Chapter 40: Evil’s eyes of red ago
Chapter 41: With alther dark and magic bright ago
Chapter 42: clash of sword and spell ago
Chapter 43: Their contest went through the night ago
Chapter 44: till the monster fell ago
Chapter 45: Silence fell across the land ago
Chapter 46: As the fighting faded ago
Chapter 47: soldiers cheered an end so grand ago
Chapter 48: To the foe they hated ago
Chapter 49: But alas our brave hero ago
Chapter 50: Stood after no more ago
Chapter 51: Though lives and peace we did owe ago
Chapter 52: A hero to the core ago
Chapter 53: A story told through years long ago
Chapter 54: Stretching far and wide ago
Extra: Remembered in this song, tale of hero's pride ago
Crossing of Fates: 1 PEI- 2 ago
Crossing of Fates: 2 LCU- 5 ago
Crossing of Fates 3: ACM-11 ago
Crossing of Fates 4: XXR- F ago
Crossing of Fates 5: IMD-17 ago
Crossing of Fates 6: HEB- 13 ago
Crossing of Fates 7: ACV- 5 ago
Crossing of Fates 8: WCD- 15 ago
Crossing of Fates 9: LCS-15 ago
Crossing of Fates 10: WDK-6 ago
Crossing of Fates 11: ACE- NA ago
Crossing of Fates 12: ACI- 14 ago
Crossing of Fates 13: PMB- 11 ago
Crossing of Fates 14: HCJ-7 ago
Crossing of Fates 15: XXU- F ago
Crossing of Fates 16: SEI- 7 ago
Crossing of Fates 17: SIG- 5 ago
Crossing of Fates 18: ANZ-10 ago
Crossing of Fates 19: ACA-2 ago
Crossing of Fates 20: FSN-22 ago
Crossing of Fates 21: CTCG- F ago
Crossing of Fates 22: SRR-3 ago
Crossing of Fates 23: WDN- 10 ago
Crossing of Fates 24: PMD-17 ago
Crossing of Fates 25: ARV- 4 ago
Crossing of Fates 26: XXY- 3 ago
Crossing of Fates 27: ARP-7 ago
Crossing of Fates 28: PEM-7 ago
Crossing of Fates 29: MEQ- 3 ago
Crossing of Fates 30: XXL- F ago

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Lord Turtle

This takes place almost exclusively within the confines of a single city so far and as such makes the world feel quite small but at the same time leaving much to explore. I noticed this doesn't have a review yet and want to recommend anyone curious to at least go until chapter 10 to see if you'll like it. Personally I think this is worth a read and it's shaped up to be quite fun!