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Extra: Remembered in this song, tale of hero's pride


Thank you for reading to the end of The Time Eater! As this is the end of the very first volume of The Ageless Sword series, I have a few important announcements to make. (Stick around, there's a contest with prizes.)

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who commented and supported me through this. It may not seem like much, but even a single comment is enough to make my day.

Now for the announcements! To start with, though I started posting this novel under The Time Eater, I'm going to be changing it to the series title of The Ageless Sword, so don't be surprised if you see something totally different next time you log in. I also have a new cover for The Time Eater, so even that will be changing!

I will also be taking a brief break before I start posting the next book. The first chapter of Crossing of Fates will be posted on October 12, 2020, and updates will be moving to a regular 3 days a week. I hope to see you all there for first chapter. Updates will be posted as an ongoing continuation, so if you favorite or follow The Time Eater, you'll know when the Crossing of Fates posts.

And finally, the big announcement! To celebrate the ending of The Time Eater, I will be hosting a contest of two parts. Part one is a fanart contest with two winners receiving a copy of Clip Studio Paint Pro, and if we get enough entries, an even bigger grand-prize will be added to the mix!

Along with this, I'll be holding a drawing as well for a $50 Amazon gift card. Entries are easy to earn, but to find the out the rest of the details for both the drawing and the fanart contest, you'll need to head on over to my new website,!

And as one last farewell until we meet again, I'll leave you with the poem that's been accompanying us on this long journey.

A Tale of Hero's Pride:

A war had been brewing here.

Fought twixt nations, hearts

full of hatred and of fear

With cruel magic arts.

Marquest, the nation mighty,

Prided alther blades.

We from battle never flee,

And never seeking aid.

Terris, land of tradition,

Magic masters wise.

Held fast to their position,

Sought a deadly prize.

Though many years we had fought

With no end in sight,

Balanced though advantage sought

Till all changed one night.

Desperate Terris stole power

From a monster old

before whom all do cower.

Their future they sold.

Dieos the Time Eater,

Demi of ages past,

Usurped The Terris leader.

So the stone was cast.

Such power never seen before.

Marquest bound by fears,

Loses followed by still more.

We wept futile tears.

Pain and fear too hard to stem,

Not a hope to hold

For a hero to save them.

Who could be so bold?

Then a hero stood so tall.

Saw the soldiers poor,

Counting those who did fall,

Vowed never one more.

Blade of night and edge sky-blue

Held 'bove hero's head.

Bold and silent, to strike true,

Evil's eyes of red.

With alther dark and magic bright,

Clash of sword and spell.

Their contest went through the night

Till the monster fell.

Silence fell across the land

As the fighting faded.

Soldiers cheered an end so grand

To the foe they hated.

But alas our brave hero

Stood after no more.

Though lives and peace we did owe,

A hero to the core.

A story told through years long,

Stretching far and wide.

Remembered in this song

Tale of hero's pride.

Thank you so much for the support. I'll see you once again on October 12.


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