Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

by LivingSpoon

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Ruling Class Slice of Life Xianxia

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Transmigration ago
2. Disciple Acceptance Ceremony ago
3. Calamity ago
4. Not a Dream, Sorry ago
5. Tragedy of the Heroine ago
6. Archives Must Be Incomplete ago
7. Prepared ago
8. Gather for the Feast ago
9. Wolves' Hunger ago
10. Low Profile ago
11. Heroine Goes to Work ago
12. Like Father, Like Son ago
13. Anti-MC Thug Force ago
14. She Just Kept Talking... ago
15. Blockade ago
16. I Have Finished Farming ago
17. No Fun Allowed ago
18. A Father's Love ago
19. Endless Suffering ago
20. Power of Friendship ago
21. Tragic Past ago
22. Doubt ago
23. Magnet ago
24. Mistakes Were Made ago
25. Convergence ago
26. Old Friends Die Hard ago
27. Crystalized Effort ago
28. Not Slow Enough ago
29. Overreaction? ago
30. Devil ago
31. No Matter the Cost ago
32. Hurricane Arrives ago
33. Why So Reasonable? ago
34. Just Deserts ago
35. Anomalies ago
36. Expectation ago
37. Interference ago
38. Family First ago
39. Death Omen ago
40. Loophole ago
41. Traditional Gift ago
42. Ice Fishing ago
43. Anger Management ago
44. Uncontested Farming ago
45. King of Vegetables ago
46. Top Dog ago
47. Pampered Princess ago
48. An Object in Motion ago
49. Natural Order ago
50. Way of the Cockroach ago
51. They're Always Watching ago
52. Herbology Professor ago
53. Tampering ago
54. Reserve Force ago
55. The Tyrant ago
56. Fiercely Filial ago
57. Over the Specified Limits ago
58. Anti-Divination Alliance ago
59. No Need to Delay ago
60. Pro-Divination Alliance ago
61. Future Concubine ago
62. It isn't Cheating ago
63. Heartwarming Advice ago
64. Ancient Plan ago
65. Cost of Exposure ago

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Not a masterpiece, but certainly something that kept me entertained from the first chapter all the way until the actual, last one. 

Likable mc, funny happenings, goo progress, awesome system, and overall really interesting without any boosing info dumps. Each chapter gives you something sweet to read and I can't say that I really remember skipping paragraphs or so because I was bored. 

Whoever likes a 'light' Xianxia satire that makes fun of that genre, should read it! You certainly won't be disappointed. 

The only thing that bothers me so far is that the mc doesn't take his own personal progress seriously enough. He isn't weak, but he could do better. 

Thanks for writing!

  • Overall Score

I had a HUGE xinxia stage and I grew sick and tired of it. The stupid main characters the moronic evil antagonists, all that face thrown around. The misogynistic society. It was plain dumb so trust me when I say I was sceptic. But this is refreshingly smart and fresh. The main character is smart, the tropes are both gloriously subverted and still there in a glorious way. The irony is sharp and to the point. 

I just binged all the 35 chapters and I need more.

You wont regret it, don't let the bad blurp disuade you.

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Delightful and unique story

Reviewed at: 34. Just Deserts


Style is amazing and enjoyable to read,

Story is unique and interesting, Mc realizes all the templates and knows what to expect, and how to fit in every situation,

I didn't spot any mistakes,

Characters are three dimensional.

  • Overall Score

Awesome, funny and something new (in an exciting way)

Reviewed at: 43. Anger Management

It's a fantastic story well weiteren with good characters and a funny MC it's even better than the simulacrum! Can't wait for more!

  • Overall Score

Standard Gushing review, Variation 9.

Reviewed at: 38. Family First

This is amazingly well done, I picked it up on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by a well-written story that makes use of common tropes in unpredictable ways. Very few stories have actually had me excited for the next chapter to come out, this is one of those few.

  • Overall Score

Unique spin on transmigration and misunderstanding tropes

Reviewed at: 35. Anomalies

This story does 2 things and it does 2 things very well

1. Perspective of an "Overpowered MC" and the surroundings reaction to him. I feel that the main reason why people like this genre is mostly due to this and this story executes this perfectly.

2. A larger more intricate plot being moved along by the misunderstandings. This is mainly what convinced me to stay. The OP mc gets boring after a while and authors write themselves into a ditch often as evidenced by all the stories on here that never took after the first 2 arcs.

The story has a likeable MC, an engaging story line that takes you along for a ride and a supporting cast that actually feels like they have a reason to exist. 

All in all great story. I loved binge reading it and massive thanks to LivingSpoon for taking a new spin on genre I love.

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  • Character Score

Extremely good at what it is trying to do

Reviewed at: 38. Family First

This is a comedy of misunderstandings. This type of story by default will strain probability because that's the entire point. There's no deep substance in the Main Character because if there was, there would be no comedy. It's that the MC is so shallow, while everyone attributes genius motivations that makes the comedy of misunderstandings so fun. 

The challenge comes in making the coincidences plausible enough, or funny enough, that the strain doesn't cause the credibility of the entire story to break.

This is one of the best stories doing this I have encountered. If you don't like misunderstandings, then don't read this. The author gave explicit warnings at the beginning. 

The gap between the MC's motivations and how he is perceived is huge, yet there was only really one instance where I felt the strain of probability.




  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The best Xianxia I´ve ever read.

Style: Really satiric and sarcastic but performed in a way that makes the story even better.

Grammar: I could not find errors or misspelled words.

Story: This is absolutely brilliant. Really fresh, well developed, well-paced, manages to retain a reader all the way through every word and sentence. Parody themed stories a really hard to do in an interesting way but this author did it perfectly. At the same time, it really surprised me that the author managed to accomplish a xianxia that stays located in the same place. It makes it a lot easier to follow the characters and gives importance to geography in the story. Nothing else but more praise.


Main Character is not a one-dimensional idiot. He thinks things in a comprehensible and explicable way. Makes rational decisions, is not rash about things and has some moral conflicts here and there that make him struggle through the story developing him, making him grow and compel to take certain decisions that may scare him but that are acceptable because of the situation and his background.

The disciples are great. They think, have some characterizing and individual traits each but at the same time are not bland. I can feel they are alive and are being developed really greatly. Only his 3rd disciple is less developed but that is perfectly comprehensible because she has just entered the story. I hope to see more scenes of them in their respective POV to learn more about them and their train of thought. 

  • Overall Score

One of the funnest things I've read in years.

Reviewed at: 19. Endless Suffering

As a long time xianxia fan, this story really hit the spot. 

The story follows a guy transmigrated, and with his knowledge of tropes deals with all the plagues of MC's trying to kill the poor Arrogant Young Master.


Very entertaining!

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I am impressed.

The story, the characters, the plot, the world building, etc are solid.

Not perfect, if one compares it to a book. But way above it, if one remembers that this is a web novel.
And even then, it already would be a good published work.
The author does abuse the xianxia tropes. But in this case it is done in an entertaining and intelligent way.
I can only give one advice to the author. Which, believe me, is absolutely not normal for me, since i can be a very unfriendly critic:
Continue the good work.