Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

by LivingSpoon

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Martial Arts Ruling Class Slice of Life Xianxia

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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Top List #4
Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Transmigration ago
2. Disciple Acceptance Ceremony ago
3. Calamity ago
4. Not a Dream, Sorry ago
5. Tragedy of the Heroine ago
6. Archives Must Be Incomplete ago
7. Prepared ago
8. Gather for the Feast ago
9. Wolves' Hunger ago
10. Low Profile ago
11. Heroine Goes to Work ago
12. Like Father, Like Son ago
13. Anti-MC Thug Force ago
14. She Just Kept Talking... ago
15. Blockade ago
16. I Have Finished Farming ago
17. No Fun Allowed ago
18. A Father's Love ago
19. Endless Suffering ago
20. Power of Friendship ago
21. Tragic Past ago
22. Doubt ago
23. Magnet ago
24. Mistakes Were Made ago
25. Convergence ago
26. Old Friends Die Hard ago
27. Crystalized Effort ago
28. Not Slow Enough ago
29. Overreaction? ago
30. Devil ago
31. No Matter the Cost ago
32. Hurricane Arrives ago
33. Why So Reasonable? ago
34. Just Deserts ago
35. Anomalies ago
36. Expectation ago
37. Interference ago
38. Family First ago
39. Death Omen ago
40. Loophole ago
41. Traditional Gift ago
42. Ice Fishing ago
43. Anger Management ago
44. Uncontested Farming ago
45. King of Vegetables ago
46. Top Dog ago
47. Pampered Princess ago
48. An Object in Motion ago
49. Natural Order ago
50. Way of the Cockroach ago
51. They're Always Watching ago
52. Herbology Professor ago
53. Tampering ago
54. Reserve Force ago
55. The Tyrant ago
56. Fiercely Filial ago
57. Over the Specified Limits ago
58. Anti-Divination Alliance ago
59. No Need to Delay ago
60. Pro-Divination Alliance ago
61. Future Concubine ago
62. It isn't Cheating ago
63. Heartwarming Advice ago
64. Ancient Plan ago
65. Cost of Exposure ago
66. Natural Habitat ago
67. The Chicken or the Egg? ago
68. First Contact ago

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gaius maximus
  • Overall Score
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I just want to read more and more. It's fun and hilarious. Among many xianxia novels I have read this one is very refreshing. I hope the author will not forget what makes this novel unique and fall for the traps into becoming another xianxia novel.

  • Overall Score

If you like cultivation and litrpg elements, then this story is for you! Plus the MC is pretty humorous too.

  • Overall Score

The story is awesome and the author is writing a much better story than the summary or title implies.


The MC is also smart and has done pretty good stuff in order to survive.



  • Overall Score

I am thoroughly enjoying this story. I laugh nearly every chapter. It is nice to read a cultivation story which breaks the mould.

mr paradox
  • Overall Score

Join us and your refresh button shall break less often

  • Overall Score

Pretty funny satirical look at xianxia genre

Reviewed at: 23. Magnet

The author makes fun of all the xianxia isekai tropes, with an engaging plot

  • Overall Score

A fitting title eludes me

Reviewed at: 21. Tragic Past

The story is good, much better than most xianxia bullcrap I've read that's for sure. But the one thing that ruins it for me is the same reason why I dislike most cultivation novels; the MC. Although in this case, for very different reasons.

Han De (the MC) acts like someone who has a mental problem. And not the 'this is just a side effect of being a genius' type that Sheldon Cooper has, or the cinematic type that The Joker has, or even the type that Stinky Pete down the street has. No. This is the 'I've spent a lifetime immersing myself in silly Chinese literature and have now lost touch with reality' type of mental problem.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that his situation is anything but ordinary (not to mention dangerous), what with all the tropes being tossed around, but his overall behaviour so far has shown a level of callousness that strongly suggests he does not consider this world to be fully... real, for lack of a better word. I mean his treatment of Ning Bi (his disciple) is just... that's a child under your fucking care, she's not some... Anyway, I'm taking a break from the story for now. Maybe I'll return to it in the future, who knows?

All that aside though, please note that author did do good work with rest of the story.

Demonic Spoon
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Interesting premise, strong beginning, grows increasingly incoherent over time.

Reviewed at: 43. Anger Management

This is a story compelling enough that I could ignore the broken grammar until I reached the end of the currently released chapters. However, after a dozen chapters, the story seemed to grow increasingly disconnected from its starting point, of a humouristic view of a modern day person transported into a xianxia world and forced to take on disciples to avoid his destiny of attracting calamities and dying to:

a tiresome drudge of random powerups for the mc, several point of view shifts which leave me confused and bored while revealing nothing except the abyss of grammar hell, a rapid acquisition of bland disciples who suck up yet more pov chapter time, no credible threat in sight, and an army of underlings at the MC's beck and call who can stomp any known enemy yet revealed except for the mystery void who is being mysterious and refusing to do anything except be mysterious and make tiresome commentary.


The story is still readable, but my enjoyment has rapidly dropped off.

  • Overall Score

This is a blatant rip-off of 'Master of Untold Daos', which is being translated on wuxiaworld forums. At least acknowledge it in the description.

  • Overall Score

Interesting deconstruction of the Xianxia genre

Reviewed at: 43. Anger Management

I don't normally like Xianxia but I surprisingly did like this. Perhaps it's because the story is so self aware and self referential that it doesn't grate on my nerves as much when the parts of Xianxia I don't like appear.

Just a really fun, humorous, and interesting read.