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Hello everyone! This is my first web novel. I started writing on a whim but ended up having tons of fun with it. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I don't plan on making MC leave the sect too much. I dislike the "power-up > beat everyone > move to a new area > meet new characters > power-up" AI-assisted pacing. Let disciples do that kind of stuff!

Fair warnings:

1. I kinda like yanderes.
2. I like misunderstandings. A lot.
3. Lack of an Action tag isn't a mistake!

Edit From The Future: Updates weekly. Current schedule is 3-4 chapters a week.

*Screeching Sounds*
*Crash Effect*
*White Light!*


"Aah, I shouldn't have eaten that last burrito..."


[Integration Complete]
[System Online]
[Searching for a Host Body]

"Excuse me, what?"

[Possible host body found]
[Calculating rejection possibility]
[Possibility of rejection is at 0.005%]
[Host body confirmed]
[Soul migration starting]
[Soul migration complete]
[Integrating remaining memories from the body into the soul]


[Memory integration complete]
[Sync point confirmed and verified]
[Calibration started]



A young man that looked to be in his mid-20s sitting in the lotus position slowly opened his eyes. He found himself in the middle of a courtyard, surrounded by foreign-looking trees and flowers under the moonlight.

The young man took a deep breath and thought 'Why am I sitting in such a weird position?'

'Let's think back slowly. Am I dreaming? If not where am I?'

'I died, a creepy and menacing voice said some stuff, now I'm sitting wearing old fashioned clothes, in the middle of the mountains, apparently, and that tree is called Weathered Iron Bark and it costs 200 thousand spirit stones as a sapling! There are 15 fully grown ones here, very few sects could afford something like this'


'This is definitely transmigration, right? Think! Think! YES! MY NAME IS HHAAANNN!!! Wait that should be my family name, my full name should be Han De!'

Han De slowly stood up. The excitement was written all over his face. If anyone familiar with the previous owner of his body could see him right now they would've been shocked.

Han De, before he became Han De, was just an average guy. In school his grades were average. In the workplace his performance was average. His favorite past time was Chinese web novels. He was obsessed, he would read them during his breakfast, commute, lunch, breaks, he would read while walking home after work with a burrito in his hands. He was so dedicated, he even started learning Chinese. Unfortunately, laziness was one of his defining characteristics, so he ended up dabbling in the dark arts of MTL, being content with losing his brain cells.

'Transmigration usually involves a cheat, doesn't it? I wonder if I have one, wait didn't I hear something like a system?'



'W-why is your voice so creepy?! Shouldn't your voice be like a robotic lady instead of this robotic demon from hell? Is there preset for this?'

Naturally, there was no response. Han De quietly checked his status.

[Name: Han De]
[Race: Human]
[Gender: Male]
[Age: 26]

[Cultivation: Core Formation - Mid-Stage (3741/500000)]
[Constitution: None]
[Bloodline: None]
[Roots: Pending Calibration]

[Fame: Cloudy Mountains: 500]
[Sect: Starfall Mountain Sect (21st Core Elder)]

[Cultivation Methods]
[Starfall Scripture (Mortal)]
Power: Extremely Weak
Comprehension: Intermediate (24/32)
Stage: Core Formation (Mid-Stage)

[Martial Arts Methods]
[Heaven Defying Tyrannical Sword (Self-Made)]
Power: Extremely Weak
Comprehension: Intermediate (2/10)
Stage: Core Formation (Mid-Stage)


Pending Calibration

[Experience Points: 0]
[Skill Points: 0]

[Evaluation: Pending Calibration]

'Alright, not bad, I am at Core Formation realm. Hmm? This doesn't seem right.'

Core Formation was the 3rd major stage in cultivation, following Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment. These people are considered to be the core pillars of a sect. They were costly to raise, even if a sect could afford to raise many of them they would still have to find people with exceptional talents first. Ordinary cultivators would usually get stuck in Qi Condensation. Those with good talents with some luck could end up at the peak of Foundation Establishment. Only those with great talents could have any hope of forming a Core. Even then, sects wouldn't nurture these people. They would usually end up staying in the Foundation realm and become low-level elders. Reaching the Core stage would depend on their merit. The lucky ones would finally form a Core at the end of their lives and enjoy their extended lifespan as respected elders of a sect.

Han De knew all this. Which is why he found this situation strange. Wasn't this body supposed to be trash? Wasn't he supposed to use the system to get a disgusting amount of power-ups and wipe out the ones that bullied, and offended him to the 9th generation of their families?

Han De stopped pacing. Combing through the merged memories, he realized the gist of the situation.

His father was the current sect leader, his grandfather was one of the core reserves that were in secluded meditation with all the other old monsters. Vast amounts of resources of the family resources were dedicated to him, and a considerable amount of sect resources was open to him since he was a small child. Even an ordinary cultivator would advance pretty quickly with these resources, but Han De was also a true genius! 2 years ago after reaching the Core Formation stage he became the youngest core elder in the sect history!

However, previous Han De was arrogant. He wouldn't even look at outer sect disciples, let alone ordinary cultivators. The Han family was known to be a domineering force. Few dared to offend them. Starfall Mountain Sect had the respect that few sects could enjoy. Although it was considered to be a mid-size sect, their foundation was known to be extremely deep. Even though they had over a million cultivators they were still known as a sect that valued quality over quantity. He had a high amount of pride being the prodigy of the Han family and the Starfall Mountain Sect. People that offended him would get beaten half to death by his subordinates. Han De himself sometimes personally crippled people that dared to not give him face just one too many times.

Looking at the courtyard he was in, Han De recognized he was in the abode of the previous Han De. Although he called it abode, it was more of a giant estate inside the sect. From the expensive decorations to the spirit spring right behind him, just this 'abode' alone was worth more than a small sect!

'This doesn't look like an MC template. No matter how I look at it, I seem like an Arrogant Young Master A that offends the MC and dies a few dozen chapters in…'

Feeling troubled, Han De decided to test his abilities. He knew from memory that no would dare to disturb him during his cultivation. He re-entered the lotus position in front of the spirit spring. Recalling the feeling of cultivation from his memories, entering the state of meditation was like second nature to him. Breathing in and out, circulating the energy through his meridians, exhaling the filtered stale spiritual energy, he completed one cycle after 10 minutes.

'Damn, this really is cultivation!'

1 cycle.

2 cycles.

3 cycles.

4 cycles.

5 cycles.

6 cycles.

7 cycles.

8 cycles.

9 cycles.

10 cycles.

11 cycles.

12 cycles.

13 cycles.

14 cycles.

15 cycles.

16 cycles.

17 cycles.

18 cycles.

19 cycles.

20 cycles.

21 cycles.

22 cycles.

23 cycles.

24 cycles.

25 cycles.

26 cycles.

27 cycles.

28 cycles.

29 cycles.

30 cycles.

31 cycles.

32 cycles.

33 cycles.

34 cycles.

35 cycles.

36 cycles.

"AAAH I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! Why is this so boring?! How could this guy cultivate for a whole day like this? I did 37 cycles, 1 cycle is about 10 minutes, which means I've been cultivating for more than 6 hours! *sigh* That should've made some dent right? Status!"

[Cultivation: Core Formation - Mid-Stage ((+26)3767/500000)]

"Only 26?! 1 cycle doesn't even give 1 XP!?!?" Feeling irritated, Han De quickly started doing some math using his fingers.

"If it is 1 XP per 15 minutes then it would take me about 125000 hours to get 500000xp, if I could cultivate 18 hours per day then it would take me close to… 20 years… to get to the Advanced Core Stage…"

"Shit! Wasn't this guy supposed to be a genius?! How did he reach the Mid-Core stage at 26?! Even if I gobble down an entire bottle a day would it really cut the time in half?!"

'Thinking about it, even if required XP for the Mid-Core stage is lesser than the Advanced Core stage, it still should've taken this guy about a decade to reach it. What? Was he born in the Foundation Establishment realm or something? That doesn't seem to be the case looking at his childhood memories.' Suddenly remembering something, Han De started laughing and shouting like a maniac.


"That's right! I got the system! I have the Experience and Skill points on my status screen. If I'm right, all I need to do is to hunt some spiritual beasts and skip all the boring cultivation! HAHAHA"

"Man, although this MC template is kind of wrong, with the system I can have a truly easy life here! I'll just get some subordinates to capture some beasts! All I need is to be the last hitter. No one else can gain benefit from killing itself anyway! Perfect! The System truly is the best!"

[Calibration Complete]

[Fate Type: Calamity Attractor]
[Roots: Light (42%)]
[Evaluation: Extremely weak, destruction of the soul is inevitable]
[Considering Options...]
[Considering Options...]
[Considering Options...]
[Considering Options...]
[Considering Options...]

[Could not find a suitable option]

[Unlocking Unrivaled Master System]
[Removing Experience Points]
[Removing Skill Points]
[Activating Profound Points]
[Activating Privileges]
[Privilege Level: 1]
[Privilege level met, issuing the welcome gift box]

[Issuing First Quest]

[Quest: First disciple]
[Difficulty Level: Rating Requirements Not Met]
[Status: Issued]
[Summary: You are an elder in an extremely minor sect with extremely limited resources. As you are fated to attract calamities, with your weak cultivation and abysmal talent, your only hope is to foster strong disciples. Work hard.]

[Requirements: A disciple with over 30 total potential points]
[Time Remaining: 5 days]
[Success: 50 Profound Points]
[Failure: Removal of the System. As the System is completely integrated into the host's soul, removal will result in said soul's dissipation]

Han De stood in a daze. It was a lot to take in for him. He couldn't help but shudder when he read the words 'soul dissipation'.

'What the hell is a Calamity Attractor? I just transmigrated and this is what I get? Where is my cheat?! Where is my lottery system full of bullshit cheat items and scriptures?! Unrivaled Master System?! Can that even be considered a cheat?! Why did you remove my experience points?!?"

As Han De was complaining about how unfair life is, the sun was rising. As a Core Formation cultivator, he was acutely aware of his surroundings. He felt a weak presence enter his abode, slowly heading for the courtyard he was in. Realizing this was his first interaction with the people of this world, he quickly collected himself. From his memories, the previous Han De was an arrogant piece o... Ehm. A young master. He always presented himself as an aloof expert. In dealings within his sect, he would adopt a faint smile and usually nod and walk away.

Having someone's memories and acting like that person were different things. After all, the current Han De wasn't Han De himself. He just had his memories. The way he acted was still that of an average office worker. Previous Han De was doted on by his family, if he started to act differently all of a sudden the result would almost certainly be disastrous. As Han De kept panicking inside and trying to pump himself up, the presence had already arrived.

Entering the courtyard a young disciple with grey robes and clear brown eyes quickly bowed before him.

"Pardon for the interruption Elder De. Elder Yan wanted to inform you that the disciple acceptance ceremony is about to start. This year there seem to be disciples from prominent families that show promise."

Han De adopted a carefree expression and faintly smiled.

The disciple acceptance ceremony was a chance for core elders to select direct disciples. Although he is the youngest elder, he still had this right. For the past few years, previous Han De rejected getting a disciple in favor of cultivation. He was a prodigy, he rejected even attending the event, why would he waste his time with some ordinary trash, those were his usual thoughts. However, current Han De got the feeling that he was supposed to attend this time but he couldn't figure out why. His memory was too fragmented as a result of the merge and he needed time to figure things out. While he was thinking this, the disciple in front of him secretly started fidgeting in his heart.

'Heavens! Why does Elder De keep staring at me with that creepy smile?! Did I somehow offend him? I-I don't think he even blinked once. Mom, Dad, I'm so sorry, I don't think I will be able to make it'

Just as the disciple's legs started to give out, Han De made his decision. "Alright, lead me to selection area and start telling me about which families are attending and who is showing promise"

Of course with his current predicament, this disciple selection event was a godsend for Han De. The reason why he wanted this guy to lead him was to get a feel on how to act as Han De. As an esteemed elder, if this guy was talking while they were going to the venue, no one would try to interact with him, thinking that he was listening to some report from a disciple.

Of course, being an office worker he was still thinking as a paper salesman. Walking to work was a natural action for him. He didn't think that a Core Formation level cultivator and an elder of the sect would just fly towards wherever they wanted to go.

After hearing Han De's words, the disciple with the grey robes felt a chill running up his spine.


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