Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

Arrogant Young Master Template A Variation 4

by LivingSpoon

What would a Xianxia MC do?

Seriously, what would they do? Asking for a friend.

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Top List #4
3rd Anniversary
Word Count (14)
Table of Contents
147 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Transmigration ago
2. Disciple Acceptance Ceremony ago
3. Calamity ago
4. Not a Dream, Sorry ago
5. Tragedy of the Heroine ago
6. Archives Must Be Incomplete ago
7. Prepared ago
8. Gather for the Feast ago
9. Wolves' Hunger ago
10. Low Profile ago
11. Heroine Goes to Work ago
12. Like Father, Like Son ago
13. Anti-MC Thug Force ago
14. She Just Kept Talking... ago
15. Blockade ago
16. I Have Finished Farming ago
17. No Fun Allowed ago
18. A Father's Love ago
19. Endless Suffering ago
20. Power of Friendship ago
21. Tragic Past ago
22. Doubt ago
23. Magnet ago
24. Mistakes Were Made ago
25. Convergence ago
26. Old Friends Die Hard ago
27. Crystalized Effort ago
28. Not Slow Enough ago
29. Overreaction? ago
30. Devil ago
31. No Matter the Cost ago
32. Hurricane Arrives ago
33. Why So Reasonable? ago
34. Just Deserts ago
35. Anomalies ago
36. Expectation ago
37. Interference ago
38. Family First ago
39. Death Omen ago
40. Loophole ago
41. Traditional Gift ago
42. Ice Fishing ago
43. Anger Management ago
44. Uncontested Farming ago
45. King of Vegetables ago
46. Top Dog ago
47. Pampered Princess ago
48. An Object in Motion ago
49. Natural Order ago
50. Way of the Cockroach ago
51. They're Always Watching ago
52. Herbology Professor ago
53. Tampering ago
54. Reserve Force ago
55. The Tyrant ago
56. Fiercely Filial ago
57. Over the Specified Limits ago
58. Anti-Divination Alliance ago
59. No Need to Delay ago
60. Pro-Divination Alliance ago
61. Future Concubine ago
62. It isn't Cheating ago
63. Heartwarming Advice ago
64. Ancient Plan ago
65. Cost of Exposure ago
66. Natural Habitat ago
67. The Chicken or the Egg? ago
68. First Contact ago
69. Bursting Watermelon ago
70. Like Mother, Like Son ago
71. Nerd Rage ago
72. Hat Trick ago
73. Special Delivery ago
74. Senpai ago
75. Always Respectful ago
76. Quite Dangerous ago
77. Little Fish ago
78. Familiar Structure ago
79. SYS-UMS-3516961 ago
80. Long Ai ago
81. Carrot All the Way ago
82. Unfulfilled Wish ago
83. The Survivor ago
84. Going Against Fate ago
85. Old Habits Die Hard ago
86. Can't Follow the Rabbit ago
87. Harbinger of Doom ago
88. Priorities ago
89. Just Like the Simulations ago
90. Prank Call ago
91. Anti-Harem Alliance ago
92. Reverse-Harem Alliance ago
93. Totally Not an Array Master ago
94. Three Weirdos ago
95. Exhausting ago
96. True Long ago
97. Predesigned ago
98. Status Upgrade ago
99. Grandmaster Delusions ago
100. Aesthetically Incomplete ago
101. Captain Proton ago
102. Dark Flame Master ago
103. Harem Protagonists Must Die ago
104. Trek Through the Stars ago
105. Local Cuisine ago
106. Unaware of the Elder Behind ago
107. Transmigrator Support Group ago
108. Hot Rainbow ago
109. Two Fatal Mistakes ago
110. Shattered Hopes ago
111. Swan Wants to Eat Toad Meat ago
112. Series of Unfortunate Mistakes ago
113. Truth Seer ago
114. Gratitude Farmer ago
115. Death by Snu Snu ago
116. Sacrificial Lamb ago
117. Ancient Measures ago
118. The Truth of This World ago
119. Slumbering Splinter ago
120. Second Hand Mistakes ago
121. History Repeating Itself ago
122. Crazy Parents ago
123. Reunion ago
124. Excessive Halo ago
125. Beyond Terrified ago
126. First Accident ago
127. Candy Giving Stranger ago
128. Shalalala ago
129. Many Meetings ago
130. Irreversible Corruption ago
131. Sweet Whispers ago
132. Father Knows Best ago
133. Monster Receives Permission ago
134. Dao of Money ago
135. Still Not Quite ago
136. Old Frenemies ago
137. Benefits ago
138. [Remaining: 2] ago
139. Professional Courtesy ago
140. Primordial Oblivion Bloodline ago
141. Will to Destroy ago
142. Bringer of Hope ago
143. Unreliable Help ago
144. White Moonlight ago
145. All About Mechanics ago
146. Self-Realization ago
147. Resurgence ago

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dont be discouraged by the title

Reviewed at: 17. No Fun Allowed

While the novel title makes it sound lame, it's actually quite the cheeky comedy and the title makes sense in context. So dont be discouraged, it's well worth a read.

The story itself plays with genre tropes in a self-aware fashion that fits together comfortably. It's a strange thing, really. I don't want to go into detail and spoil it for anyone, so I suggest trying it out for yourself to see if it's something you might like, but if you hate cultivation novel tropes... you still might have fun with the way they are used.

It really is a different sort of cultivation story, and there aren't many like it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the "plot".



If you read much chinese cultivation fantasy, you already know what this story is about. The thing is, the execution here is actually very good. I find myself prefering this to some of the chinese fictions that pioneered the merge of cultivation/system fiction. Give it a try. It's very fun to read. 

The God Of Boredom

A very consistent release schedule

Reviewed at: 147. Resurgence

This is basically a dude who gets transmigrated into a xianxia world where he becomes an overpowered mc with op cheats. . . and a system with. . . and all that crapᵀᴹ, but somewhere along the line, the OP mc who was a loser in his previous life ends up as the talented filthy-rich arrogant young master cannon fodder of the most prestigious sect in existence who has to try not to die, which means he has to 

raise some OP mc disciples.

A decent summary of the entire story, all in one sentence.

It has a very consistent release schedule of ~70 chapters, all at once, around once every 22 months.

Sibilant Scribe

Humour and Trope Exploitation for Profit

Reviewed at: 76. Quite Dangerous

LivingSpoon has managed to take on the oversaturated Xianxia market and create such a witty, self-aware story that sucks you in.
The latest arc (last updated at chapter 76) has fallen off the rails. It's become a bit of a mess now sadly. The first few arcs are still well worth reading.
Originally reviewed a while ago, but there haven't been any new updates for over 2 months now. Hope the author is ok.


The main character is not the main character. He has been rebirthed into the body of an Arrogant Young Master, and knows that the Xainxia tropes will cause him to be slaughtered by chapter twelve. Meanwhile he is saddled with a quest system that is forcing him to act or die, leaving him in a state where he has to balance every move against the risk of death.

Let's be clear. I dont like Xainxia in general. This story, I fear, maybe be the gateway drug that may change my mind. Much like a pill made of powdered heavenly scorpion perineum, this story will cleanse your meridians and leave you pinching your glabella in delight.


I have read a lot of Xianxia literature, and have come to love the genre. But, there is a lot of things about xianxia stories that I can't stand. The constant moral struggle to not be evil, the hamfisted self righteousness of MC's, and the clueless way Authors justify their character's crappy behaviour. 

This story is awesome, because it acknowledges those annoying tropes while also giving the reader and the characters distance from them. It's fun to indulge in what's fun about the genre, without the infuriating cringe.


I can’t compare this story to any other I've ever read. The foundations of a xianxia-litrpg-reincarnation might be bloated and boring after reading many of these novels, but even at the beginning of this novel, you can tell you're in for a different experience. 

The style is easy to follow when it should be and difficult to follow when it should be. Spoon’s ability to weave the feelings of the character their focusing on is commendable. The actual writing content is very good. 

The story will sneak up on you. In the beginning, the little planted flags might escape your notice but just a couple dozen chapters in, and the story starts to unveil itself. By the time you get to the current most recent chapter, the number of things you noticed you missed or just actually noticed will be staggering. Might be my favorite story so far. 

The grammatical issues are a little easy to notice when you're so immersed in the writing, but they aren't frequent or faulty enough to make the story any worse. 

While characters may be a little tropey, it's part of the experience in a meaningful way. I theorize that it may even relate to a part of the overarching story. For the most part, characters are consistent and well written, there's just a few moments where it feels like a character is acting a little strange or doesn't notice something that they should've been. But even that might connect to the overarching story. 

Simply a must-read. Can't wait for new chapters. 



With another 71 chapter, it is now a perfect time for a re read of this reconstruction of the xianxia genre and it's tropes. 

let's all remember why this story was so popular 2 years ago and hope that the great quality keeps strong!

Thank you Spoon for all your hard work, and I hope you are satisfied with your work.

I know I am.



Loving it so far.  Really enjoyable!  

Good cultivation parody of various tropes while still keeping a semi-serious atmosphere. Good jokes and parody while the main characters are going about things in a serious manner, well at least to themselves. 


Starts slow and ramps up from there.

Reviewed at: 147. Resurgence

Style: The author is consistently witty and makes a good effort at turning typical Xianxia tropes on their head.

Grammar: There are some hiccups here and there, but nothing major.

Character's: every character remains consistent and there's noticable growth as the story progresses. I love the disciples and their relationship with Long De is actually the heart of the story for me.

Story: Ooh, boy this is the long one.

I have to begin this by saying that I disagree with a lot of reviews here. The story doesn't suddenly nosedive in quality in the second half, it just becomes more complicated. Most of what's covered in the second half was gradually being hinted at for a while.

While there are Definitely events that are rapid-fire and confusing on a first take, every single one of them is hinted at 10 chapters prior and has apropriate build up(not that my tiny attention span got it in the first read-through, I had to go back and read again to notice the foreshadowing).

I think the main problem a lot of people have is that the story started simple and got more complex, while many readers were expecting the story to stay simple(like a lot of other deconstruction stories). I say it isn't even the author's fault, there's been a massive boom in slice of life stories in media recently and royalroad especially. Many readers just came in, with other stories coloring their view, and saw this story as something it wasn't trying to be.

What this story Is is a fun romp following a paranoid paper salesman trying to survive through every xianxia trope, from coiling dragon to cradle, all turned up to 11 and turned on their head or taken to their logical conclusions. It's not a traditional slice of life that every reviewer seemed to think and it doesn't deserve to have it's rating lowered because of that.