Chronicles of the Shura Clan

by Nimero

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Strong Lead Xianxia

Being hunted and persecuted by the rest of the world, forced into a situation where he has to fight endlessly for survival, Ling Chen, a lonely youth decided to fight back and embraced  his true self and created a powerful clan that will shake the endless chaos.

The cover isn't mine. All the credit goes to owner.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 -The Birth of the Son of Darkness ago
Chapter 2- Annual Recruitment ago
Chapter 3- The Little Devil ago
Chapter 4- The Slaughter(I) ago
Chapter 5- The Slaughter(II) ago
Chapter 6- The End of the Exam ago
Chapter 7- The shock of within the Heavenly demon palace ago
Chapter 8- Ling Xiao ago
Chapter 9- The Ascension Battle(I) ago
Chapter 10- The Ascension Battle (II) ago
Chapter 11- The Ascension Battle(III) ago
Chapter 12- The Clash Between Brothers ago
Chapter 13- The Sect Master’s Intervention. ago
Chapter 14- The Intimidating Little Devil ago
Chapter 15- Fang Lan’s Opportunity. ago
Chapter 16- The Forbidden Fruits ago
Chapter 17- The Fruits Of Creation. ago
Chapter 18- The Determination of Fang Lan. ago
Chapter 19- The Transformation of Fang Lan ago
Chapter 20 - Fang Lan’s New power. ago
Chapter 21- The Long journey. ago
Chapter 22- The First Encounter. ago
Chapter 23- Devil Fang In Action ago
Chapter 24- The inJured 7th Rank Demon Beast (I) ago
Chapter 25- An unfamiliar Feeling. ago
Chapter 26 - Ling Chen’s True Identity Revealed. ago
Chapter 27- A Myriad Of Emotion. ago
Chapter 28- The Injured Black fox (II) ago
Chapter 29- The Promise. ago
Chapter 30- Bai Tian ago
Chapter 31- The Awaken Little Cub. ago
Chapter 32- The Prodigal Son. ago
Chapter 33- Kapoti Town ago
Chapter 34- The Midnight Massacre (I) ago
Chapter 35- The Midnight Massacre (II) ago
Chapter 36- The Midnight Massacre(III) ago
Chapter 37- The Midnight Massacre(IV) ago
Chapter 38- The Midnight Massacre (V) ago
Chapter 39- The Midnight Massacre (final) ago
Chapter 40- An Increase In Strength. ago
Chapter 41- The Ultimate Kill Command. ago
Chapter 42- Well, I Tried. ago
Chapter 43- One Kick Man. ago
Chapter 44- The Bloody Royal Feast(I) ago
Chapter 45- The Bloody Royal Feast (II) ago
Chapter 46- The Bloody Royal Feast (III) ago
Chapter 47- The Bloody Royal Feast (IV) ago
Chapter 48- The Bloody Royal Feast (V) ago
Chapter 49- The Bloody Royal Feast ( Final) ago
Chapter 50- The Aftermath Of The Massacre ago
Side Story: A Day In The Life Of Ma Tu ago
Chapter 51- A Talk Between Father And Son ago
Chapter 52- Three Months Later. ago
Chapter 53- Old Ling And Old Fang. ago
Chapter 54- Hu’er ago
Chapter 55- Fluctuation of Life force. ago
Chapter 56- Golden Merchant Association ago
Chapter 57 - The Unknown Stalker ago

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I don't get the hate Frantel and DACQSD. The story is definitely full of xianxia tropes, but that doesn't qualify it for half a star. There are still some unique features about the story that you cannot find anywhere else and the author is also really consistent with his releases. Moreover, I don't think the average reader of RoyalRoad is looking for some revolutonary OC story, instead most of us here are on the site for progression fantasy. It's definietly not deserving of the half a star those guys give.

On the other hand, I also think CLE9595 is overestimating the book. For me a four stars is a book that's memorable. however, this story just isn't that. It has several inconsistenices in the plot, very little plot building, and the author can defintely improve this story to even four stars if he can really delve deep into the side characters of the story.

Overall, this is a pretty ok story with the potential to improve, and rn the rating on it is really weird.

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Just that, a generic bad xianxia using all the typical bad tropes, as another reviewer said, dont bother... Pretty sure this will go on hiatus.

  • Overall Score

It seems that i have the honor to review it first

Reviewed at: Chapter 40- An Increase In Strength.

 I'm not gonna be long, but I really like a novel with a strong power character since the start when it's not the cliche Harem/live carefreely.

Here we have a real story, the MC habits are characterized by his background which is really psychologically realistic which in many novels of these types we just have the cliche MC.

the cliche of the xianxia is well used, the world-building theme and expression are used but the story itself is not cliche at all.

For the moment I do only review 4,5 star and not 5 because I still do think that the beginning of the story is a bit slow and I was about to drop the novel in the first 4~5 chapters, I understand it is needed for developing the stories, but if we don't enjoy the first chapters we might just not want to continue on the story. And god knows on the internet how easy is to not read something when the beginning isn't as promising as others contents regardless of how it is developed later

As for the future of the story, I hope it will continue to have a good flow because it is quite risky to begin a story like that and still have good content to show us in the later chapter.

I'm gonna look forward to MC thinking & emotional development and how it will impact the world he is in!