Titanomachy - A Mecha Pilot In Another World

by NoDragons

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy LitRPG Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

As he waits for death in the ruins of a battlefield, mecha-pilot Pike is given a last chance at life - a new life, on a new world, one where Skill and magic reigns supreme. A world built on the gutted ruins of old technology, where ancient mechas become the foundations of new cities. Strange alien races, impossible odds, and endless war lie in his path.

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Pacific Rim LitRPG meets a fantasy post-apocalyptic world

Reviewed at: -0015-

Stranded on an alien planet, Pike is thrown into a world of skills, levels, and wonder. He soon begins to discover a world built upon the ancient wrecks of decaying steel titans.

As he explores a primitive world of fantasy and magic built upon the legacy of mechanical juggernauts, Pike learns of the true power that lies dormant in tech gone to rust and ruin.

The power of a Machinist...


TL;DR: Titanomachy is a story with a whole shedload of potential. It's early days, but NoDragons has done it again. A vibrant world with mechas, LitRPG and Opness.



The style is great and easy to read so far. Flows nicely and is beneficial to the story.



Early days, but this is going to make up the meat of the review. There's a lot to talk about. The direction of the story is clear so far, and the protagonist has set goals.  The world is dynamic, vibrant, visceral, and - most importantly - interesting.

NoDragons' real selling point is his worlds and his characters. Here, we find a world that's built deep and wide as the ocean. Monsters stalk the surface world and strange races build their civilizations in the hulks of decaying mechs.

The MC is has the benefit of advanced tech and this seems to be pivotal in giving him a realistic way of the promise of mecha opness that seems to be hinted at so far. His skills and talents already point him out as a big mover and shaker even by CH15 and lead to him being regarded as an almost divine figure. Still, this is balanced nicely by him still being unaccustomed to the world and having relatively low level powers at the moment. More to come, I hope.



No complaints, no issues.



Pike is a great character so far, interesting fun, and with an ever so slight cheeky charm. What you're looking for in an MC basically. Early days, interesting so far, though.


Pretty interesting as of chapter 10

Reviewed at: -0010-

i'm gonna give this series a 5 star at the moment but I probably come back later to either add or change the review later on. In any case though the series is pretty interesting and fun to read, although I cant wait for Pike to finally be able to speak the local language (also really REALLY looking forward to when mech battles start happening).


I was on the fence, but it's winning me over

Reviewed at: -0015-

I read this author's other story, the Thieve's Dungeon, and it was a very emotional ride that got me quite worked up. I both loved it and hated it at the same time, because i got invested in the characters. That should be telling for anyone considering reading this guy's stuff right there. The words just FLOW, I don't have to check and recheck and double-re-check what I just read to make sure I'm getting the picture.(that goes for both of these stories, by the way)

This one is just getting started, but already I can envision an amazing world. I don't know by what means the scattered ruins of giant mecha came to be scattered all over the place, but what I most get the impression of is that this is a world underneath everything else. A world down low, below where all the titans and giants and gods have had their wars, and stuff slips through the cracks and ends up here.

There's a city built into a giant mech the size of a skyscraper. There are scavengers struggling to survive in the cast off rubble of older civilizations. There's mutants and danger galore, different races and peoples, and the author shows it to you instead of telling you about it.

Style: I think my intro covers that. It's good, trust me.

Grammar: Impeccable.

Story: Excellent so far. While Thieve's Dungeon was a bit too tragic for me to stay with at the end, this one has more fun and less of the sadness that drove me away from the first tale.

Characters: The MC is practical, pragmatic, and above all, relateable. He makes some goofs, he makes some friends, and he's also makin some enemies. I look forward to seeing how he deals with them all.

Overall: Read it.

Jack Blank

I came for giant robots and got mecha-fantasy Dorothy

Reviewed at: -0017-

I don't know shit about mecha novels before this but whatever the fuck you're doing, you're doing it right.


This is a damn good story, considering we're less than 20 chapters in. Our MC is a Kansas boy through and through and he's got all the references to prove it. Stranded on a foreign planet, it's probably he's got all that soldier down to his bones, because there's no other explanation as to why he's not losing his shit.


Regardless I feel like this could've been done a lot worse. The plot's moving quickly and fluidly and that's something I can really appreciate considering the characters in this story all work with a lot of vibrance. It may not be home, there's some things that are just universal.


MagicPunk Novel in a Mad Max type world

Reviewed at: -0018-

Early review, since only 18 chapters are out, but I really like what I am reading. 

Pike, a space marine piloting a titan gets transported to a world of machines and magic. 

The world itself reminds me of Pandora from Avatar, with its floating islands. But what makes it stand out is that, it was once host to a lost civilization (I assume) of technocrats who built Titans and other mechanical wonders. The world building itself is just starting but what we have seen as of now is very promising.

The concept is really nice and somewhat reminiscent of a Japanese light novel but is fairly original in the elements that make it unique. 

Lets see what happens with the character development as these are still early days, but having read NoDragons's other works, I am really looking forward to it. 

In Summary, Lots of potential with an interesting concept and world. Eagerly awaiting new chapters.


I struggled with this one

Reviewed at: -0011-

I found this to be frustrating to read. I want to say that this is probably the best looking story that I just can't get myself to read. I love the premise, I love how skills were integrated, I love the setting! The writing is good, so why did I struggle reading this?

I just cannot for the life of me understand the MC (he's also apparently 7'9.... yeah that's beyond tall). Spoilers for the first few chapters coming in. So picture this, you wind up in some strange location and lose your super expensive Mech that you apparently love to hell. You set off in search of it, but run into some chick with a bow. You put your hands up in surrender, but she shoots you anyway.... She then kidnaps you, and brings you to a weird alien, who takes your shit in return for healing you. Then suddenly this alien is teaching him sword moves and hunting centipides?!? How did we go from point A to point B?! Then suddenly they're friends?!

MC spends no time thinking about improving his situation, 9 chapters in and that mech has all but been forgotten. He's in mortal danger but he's fanboying over magic. He's incredibly passive. He doesn't do things, things happen to him and he reacts. It's frustrating to read about.

With all that being said, I can defo see how someone might still enjoy this story. Everything except the characters is done excellently. My recommendation is to give the first few chapters a read, if you can bear with the insanely tall, boneheaded MC you might enjoy it.


Pike. Elves. Mechas. Goblins...

Reviewed at: -0019-

It's full of action. It has the big guns and the titanic plot. It has elves... Even goblins... What the hell is this?

A fiction of epic proportions... A must read. Really!


"Now listen up folks, this is the moment you've all been waiting for and expecting. Here we'll have the amazing and favoritized Khalaenas reviewing a story"


"Yes John, we all get the excitement, and not without reason. Khalaenas has a good track record, and he really showed Zardax last season in the finale, so many have been excited for what he'll do next. I'm excited myself, but it would seem he has hard competition this season. Do you expect him to pull of another victory John?"


"Hard today Will, Cryuins earlier review threw most contestants out of the ball park with its ingenuity, so I think he'll have a hard time topping that, but he's surprised us before so maybe he'll pull off another game changer, and-"


"John! He's coming out now!"


"Ah, yes folks, here's coming the star of the show, let's see what he'll do..."



Clears throat


"Uhh... Ummm... Well...."



"It's good"


Thunderous applause sounds through the theater




A wonderful blurring of numerous common tropes into something really fun.

Reviewed at: -0019-

The authors managed to take concepts from many different settings, Fantasy, LitRPG, sci-fi, mecha AND Post-apocalyptic with a dash of Mad Max and somehow make it work really convincingly. The MC's seems fleshed out enough that we the audience is able to ride along and explore this frankly fascinating new world with him, yet not one of those annoying over-thinkers. We experience these new experiences with him and he has enough personality to react to various phenomenon in a somewhat satisfying and convincing way which allows the plot to move steadily.

The fact it's been silent on RR for the last 6 months is one of the greater tragedies on this website!



Really good and fast paced

Reviewed at: Kansas-Boy

From what's been put out so far, this is pure gold. There's been an apparent gap in posting, but what's there is really interesting. Not the deepest world building, but all of the concepts are great. A bit more substance and it would be frobt page worthy.