Devil of the Heavens

Devil of the Heavens

by yogorojo

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

In a world of magic and a land where martial artists rule , a Devil from another world is reborn in this land unknown to him. Little did they know about this Devil, who in his time was called an Asura -a person with the power to slay the gods . What will this world make him? Will he once again rule over the lands rampaging and spreading chaos? Or will he just be forgotten? Only time will tell.

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Good story worth the time

This story is quite good and has potential, i can see some things that reminds med form som wuxia/xianxia novels but that is good in my book, and i cant wait for more chapters. keep  up the good work and dont stop writing this is a good story worth to read and i hope you dont stop haha.


Dear Mr.Writer here I\'m ain\'t  with the intention to condemning your work nor insulting your hard work... I\'m here purely for giving a few suggestions or opinion that could be use as mean to improvise your story...

  • About the characters... I do think that u should give the respective characters more description bout their body build, looks, impression from the other character, emotion and temperament to make the character give more impression to the readers than a simple character named A can give... U can also add a few action such as \'sigh\',\'bow\'and \'chuckle\'... 
  • For the grammar department... I can\'t give any suggestions because even I not excell in this department... 
  • For the story.... I think you did a god job by inserting the facts in the dialogue rather than simply packed the paragraph with the facts... but u should try to divide the information into lots of dialogue rather than u pour all the information into one single dialogue like when the spirit talk with Li Chen... Also,  try to make the flow of story a bit smoother and as little to no ploy holes as possible... because sometimes I read it, there\'s something that does not make sense here and there... 

I think that\'s all of the things that I want for u to know.... BUT BE NOTED THAT ALL OF THE THINGS THAT I SAYS ARE PURELY MY OWN OPINION AND SUGGESTIONS.... I\'M NOT FORCING AT ALL... u can even ignore it... May Fortune Befall You... n all the best 


An excellent story so far

Right now it is early days but I have to day that I have been really enjoying this story. I recommended that you change the prologue as it is a bit confusing. Other than that I encourage the author not to start writing another project as this one is still on its infinancy and needs dedication to make a good story.


The hermit sage

Very nice, Capters well written

The story isn't anything too out-of-the-ordinary - powerful guy dies and respawns in another world.

However, these kinds of stories are my favourites. I see a couple of similarities with cd concerning elemental affinites and two ways - mage and warrior. Really like how you out everything together in the chapter when he met  the supreme expert who gave him the divine body and the other treasures -skills

I got fully immersed when reading it and *whoops* - no more chapters out.


Overall it's so far a verk great read and i hope the quality and the speed of chapters continues.

Keep up the god work!!!