Chapter 11: Entrance Ceremony 

'Zayer Demonte'

Both Zayer and Levia couldn't help but be horrified. Zayer quickly flipped through the pages. Beads of sweat rolled down his head. Levia couldn't help but anticipate on what she would see. Then Zayer opened the page that he needed. After seeing the picture, he sighed in relief.

"Pheewwww! It's not me!!" Zayer exclaimed.

"Yup that's not you. He looks quite handsome though"

"..............." Zayer was about to burst out but he stopped realizing that Levia was one dumb girl. 

He stopped looking at her and immediately started to view the details about this so called 'Zayer Demonte'. The picture of him was sure crazy. The man in the picture was surrounded by chains of fire in the shape of a sphere. Through the gap between the chains, a part of face was clearly visible. The depth in eyes shook Zayer for a moment. He realized that this Zayer Demonte may be even more dangerous than Krezul. 

"Name: Zayer Demonte.........known affinities: fire..........killed the immortal Killjoy by roasting him alive...........extremely dangerous......last seen in the Battle of Two Towers......present location: unknown.......Alive or Dead: Alive..................Hmmm"

"This guy looks strong!"

"Levia he's an immortal. He's like a god to everyone in the Gaspra Realm in terms of power"


"Pfffff. Let's leave. I'll go rest a bit. Today has been rather tiring"

"What about this person? Maybe Grand Ma knows he who is. Let's try asking sister if she knows anything"

"You go ask whomever you want. I'll just go to my room and sleep"

"Okay let's go"

Zayer and Levia left the library. Levia and Zayer parted ways at the Community Square. Zayer began to walk alone towards his dorm building. On the way in his mind he was thinking about Zayer Demonte. He thought maybe he was an ancestor of the clan. If he really was in the immortal planes then he would one day go and meet him. Zayer entered his dorm building and got on to the elevator. He reached the thirty second floor and went to his room. In five days there would an Entrance Ceremony. Zayer sat down crossed legged on the floor and started to meditate. He could now train in the meditative state for almost a month without food or water.

      Two days went by fast. Zayer was still in his meditative state when he heard a knock on his door. He didn't go to open it. There was no sound of a voice from the outside either. Zayer got on guard and waited. Suddenly the door opened and boy came in. He had green hair with blue eyes. His build was medium and looked full of energy. The boy was surprised to find someone inside the room.

"Hello there! I'm your new room mate!" the boy had a childish smile on his face.

"Oh. Hi. I'm Zayer Demonte"

"I'm Joran Saffire"

"Nice to meet you Joran"

"Nice to meet you too Zayer!"

Third Eye '

Zayer used his ability to find anything suspicious about Joran. He was surprised to find out that his soul was much stronger than any average person of their age. After looking at his soul he concluded that there was nothing to worry about. 

"Hey Zayer. You're from the famous Demonte Clan right?"


"So cool. So you're from the branch family or the main family?"

"The main family"

"Amazing! It must be good being a part of the main family right?"


"I'm from the Western Domain! I come from Saffire Clan"

"Oh. Is it a big clan?"

"Yup. We have good influence in the Western Domain. Well, even if we don't have a big history like you're clan, we are quite formidable. We're way stronger than the so called big clans of Yellow Shield and Blue Eagle"

"Relax. You're clan is strong okay? Calm down a bit"

"Hehe. Sorry. I got carried away a bit"

"Well,I guess we're gonna be room mates for another ten years or so? huh?"

"Yup. Oh, by the way what affinities do you have?"

"Lightning, Wind and Darkness"

"Nice. I have Earth, Wind and Water"

"So,I wonder what our other two room mates will be like"

"You didn't hear? There will be only three students in our room"

"What? Why?"

"Who knows. That's what the official who gave me the room key said"

"Oh. Hey, you want to grab something to eat?"

"Sure. But I don't know this place. I just got here"

"Let's just go search. Even I don't know much"

"Okay! Let's goooooo!" Joran started to act weird.

Zayer and Joran left the room and headed out of the building. They spent some time chatting while searching for the dinner hall. They found the dinner hall and went to grab something to eat. The dinner hall was very big. The varieties of food available there was limited. Zayer then thought this may have been the reason for the existence of other restaurants within the Academy. Zayer was quite impressed with Joran. He knew Joran was a simple person and never would hide anything. They spent around four hours looking around the Academy and went back to their room. When they were almost near their room they saw their door open. Zayer and Joran rushed to the room in curiosity. There was a boy unpacking.

'Third Eye'

Zayer was very cautious in this life. He didn't want to take chances with anyone. Zayer upon seeing his soul felt sad but he didn't show the expression on his face. After what he saw he understood that the boy in front of him had faced many hardships in his life. He could see loneliness, guilt, despair and various other expressions which would make any normal person insane. But still there was this boy in front of him having a smile on face and it wasn't fake. He had blond hair and black colored eyes. His clothes looked rather plain and were those worn by commoners. He had a solid lean body and looked very agile.

"Oh! Hi guys! My name is......" the boy stopped speaking after he saw the clothes the two boys were wearing and lowered his head. He knew they weren't commoners and didn't want to offend them. Due to his past experiences he had realized that nobles would get offended for simple reasons.

Joran's face became red in anger. He realized why the he stopped speaking.

"What happened? Did you bite your tongue?! Just because you're a commoner that doesn't mean you have to lower your head whenever you see a noble! How despicable!"

Just then Zayer held Joran's shoulders and stopped him from going any further as he saw the horrified expression on the boy.

"Joran you can't judge a person like don't know about his life or what he's been through to act like this"

Joran was startled by what Zayer said. Understanding what Zayer meant, he apologized to the boy and continued

"Hi, I'm Joran Saffire"

"H-Hello, I'm Taylor Crevil"

"I'm Zayer Demonte. From now on you won't act this way. No matter who that person is. If anyone tries to bully you, just tell them my name"

"Yeah! Tell them my name too! Let's see who dares to mess with us!" Joran became excited all of a sudden.

"Thank You guys. I really appreciate it"

"So Taylor, what affinities do you have?"

"I have affinities to earth and wind"

"Oh! That's nice"

After the incident, Taylor started to open up. The boys began to interact and got to know each other well. They talked on for hours and decided to call it a day and go to sleep.

"I never thought I'd get to know people from the big clans!" Taylor exclaimed.

"I don't really understand how that's a great thing" Joran replied.

"You guys don't know how great it is to be born in a big clan. Only a commoner would understand. Especially Zayer who comes from one of the oldest clans in the Gaspra Realm"

"Demonte Clan is one of the oldest?" Zayer asked.

"What? Y-You didn't know about that? Demonte Clan is too legendary! Many famous martial experts have emerged from your clan. Your clan is one of the most respected clans in the entire Gaspra Realm. You really didn't know about this?" 

"Nope. I was never interested in history of my clan. Perhaps you know more about our history?"

"Absolutely! I know almost everything!"

"Really? Then do you know any immortals who have emerged from my clan?"

"Immortals? Let's see.....there were some experts. Give me a minute to think"

Zayer and Joran were looking at Taylor curiously. They never thought Taylor would be this knowledgeable.

"Yes, there were immortals from your clan but that was around five hundred years ago or even more before that. There were only two or three but I think I know why you're asking me this" a smile appeared on Taylor's face.

Zayer couldn't even predict the situation anymore and Joran didn't understand what Taylor just said.

"You want to know about the immortal called Zayer Demonte right?"

"H-How did you...."

"I thought so. But not many people know about him. Even I know only some minor details. I think only the top members of you're clan may be knowledgeable about him. It isn't really really surprising that you wouldn't know"

"If the information is that secret, then how do know about him?"

"As you know I come from the Western Domain like Joran, I used to be a servant for one of the tribes there"

"What?? You were a servant in one of the tribes? You're life would have been really miserable!  How did you escape?" Joran shouted.

"Ha! You can call it fate I guess"

"Joran, what are these tribes?" Zayer asked.

"Zayer from where I come, tribes are groups who don't have enough power to establish themselves as a clan. They are nomads who go on rampaging in the forests. The bigs clans don't bother about them as the tribes just stay in the forests. The tribes don't dare attack clans, so they won't fear the wrath of any clans in the Western Domain. In the tribes, servants are treated like slaves. They are beaten up for no reason and many times even killed. There is absolutely no justice and order. To escape from such a hellish place is a miracle"

Zayer now understood why his soul looked in such a state.

"Come on guys! Just listen to my story okay?!" Taylor yelled as he was in an embarrassing situation.

"Y-Yes, please continue" said Zayer.

"So, when the tribe I was in invaded another, I came across a room where there were a lot of books. Some looked really old so I took all the books with me. I was shocked when I read the contents of many books because these really old. Some of them were even from ancient times. There I came across a journal of a member of the Demonte Clan and it had information on Zayer Demonte"

"What did it say!?" Zayer looked at at Taylor with his eyes wide open.

"It is said that it happened long ago. It's definitely more than five hundred years ago or may be even more. There isn't much information regarding when exactly this incident happened. It said that there was a time when the Demonte Clan was on the verge of being exterminated but then came a man called Zayer Demonte. He singe handedly killed everyone who were responsible to put the Demonte Clan in such a situation. The then head of the clan asked what his name was and he had replied Zayer Demonte. Then he spoke with the head of the clan for a few minutes and left. The person who wrote the journal was present when Zayer Demonte had appeared. From the first look he knew this person was immortal. Then after the incident, the head of the clan had declared that Zayer Demonte was a member of their clan. Everyone from the clan were too happy that their clan would continue to exist. After the incident the head of the clan also told all the clan members that  the clan would help a certain person. The person who wrote the journal thought it was the request of this Zayer Demonte. He also wrote that many clans men were curious about this Zayer Demonte because they had never seen him in the clan before. Regardless he was considered a clan member. Also they were too weak to offend an immortal and were instead happy to befriend one. This was all that was written in the journal"

"Amazing! To think there was something like this that had happened! I guess maybe I was named after him" Zayer was astonished.

"It is indeed possible. But to what extent the information is true, that no one can tell or predict"

"Taylor you sure know a lot about history! Is there some ancient history about my clan too?"

"No Joran, there isn't. Your clan was found around two hundred years ago and all the events from history are recorded. There really isn't anything that is secret"

"Hmph. That sure sucks!" Joran frowned.

"Taylor thank you so much for telling me all this"

"Heh! No problem!"

The boys finally went to sleep. Zayer was satisfied with what Taylor had told him. Now he only thought of meeting this person one day.


It was the day of the entrance ceremony. The Star Fire Academy would begin a new academic year today. All the new students were present in the student hall. The three boys Zayer, Joran and Taylor sat at the back of the hall. There was a stage in front of them where there were a few seats. In a few minutes the ceremony would begin. The three boys had become good friends. As they were chatting a loud voice rang across the room. 


It was the Vice Principle. The seats on the stage were taken and in middle sat an old man. He looked rather weak but the aura surrounding him was wasn't normal. It was the Principal of the Star Fire Academy. He had an indifferent expression on his face. 

The Vice Principal began with his introduction and then continued

"We are all gathered here to start a new academic year. Now you all are a part of this academy, the Star Fire Academy. To be a part of this academy means that you are the best. The best of your age. But this isn't the end but a mere beginning of your lives. Those of you who chose the path of hard work will gain much in your lives. Here you have the means to become strong and one day fulfill your dreams"

The Vice Principal continued on for another hour when he finally stopped and gave way for the Principal to speak. The Principal stood up from his seat and walked a bit forward and looked at the crowd.

"Good Morning to all you new students! I'm Bai Jan. The principal of this Academy. I'm looking forward to see how good you guys will be. Every year I tell this to the new batch of students and I will say this again. You must surpass your seniors and become even greater than they were. I hope you have a good time learning here and I really hope you make my Academy proud. Now, what I'm really looking forward to is the Freshman Championship. Once again this year there are two categories- duo and trio. There will be no solo competition as this is only to make you get along with your fellow students and not a test of strength. There will be a prize for the winning teams and the first three in each category will be given certain privileges. So, make your teams fast and register by the end of today. It is compulsory for everyone to participate. The championship will begin tomorrow morning in the the training grounds"

The Principal had a smile on his face and shouted

"Let the new Academic Year begin!!!"


The entrance ceremony was over. The Principals speech was sure short but it was to point. There was an uproar in the student hall. All the students were trying to scout people. The students could take part in any one or both of the categories. The three boys had come to an unanimous decision of only participating in the trio category. They had already registered and they were in their room thinking of what their next move would be.

"Guys, I think we need a battle plan" Taylor spoke.

"Yes, I think Taylor is right!" Joran continued.

"Hmmm. First we need to know our levels. You both, what are your power levels?" Zayer asked.

"I'm in True Profound Realm early stage in both mage and warrior" Taylor said.

"I'm in True Profound Realm peak stage mage and in the eight level of Rudimentary Profound Realm warrior" Joran said.

"Good. I'm in True Profound Realm early stage mage and a True Profound Realm peak stage warrior" Zayer replied.

"Nice. I think our chances to get to the top ten is certain. Maybe we can even get to top five" Taylor was happy.

"Heh! Only top five? I'm sure we can get to top three easily. As for coming first place, I'm not really sure" Joran held his chest up high.

"Idiots! Why aim below when you can aim for the top. Tomorrow our victory in the trio category is certain" Zayer said.

"Zayer, don't you think you're a bit overconfident?"

"Hmph. You guys still haven't seen me in battle. Let me show you tomorrow what I'm capable of. How about we do this, I'll make a wager with the both of you, tomorrow if we don't win then you both can ask one favor each. It can be anything but if I can't do it, then suitable compensation will be given by me. How about it?"

"Okay!" both Taylor and Joran replied simultaneously. After seeing Zayer's confidence, both of them started to really think of winning the competition. They decided on a battle plan for the competition.

Morning. It was the day of the Freshman Championship. Today the competition would go on till four teams remained in each category. Only the teachers of the Academy were present to supervise the competition in the training grounds. All the higher ups of the Academy would be present the next day which was the final day of the competition. Every student in the competition had a seal placed on their shoulders. This was placed by the teachers to teleport them out of the ring in dangerous situations. All the medics from Academy were present in order to heal the participants if something were to go wrong. With all this supervision, the main advantage for the participants was that they could go all out. The participants were forbidden to attack the dantian region. Many fighting rings were set up in the training grounds. The rules were simple. If the all the members of the team went out of the ring then they would lose and they would lose if they surrendered. The three boys were given their number tag. They would have to enter the ring when their number was called out. The competition began and the students who were to participate in both the categories were given more priority in having the battle first. The competition began and the three boys waited for their turn. One by one the weak teams lost and were thrown out. The stronger teams waited for their next battle. Then the announcer called out the number

"Forty Eight and On hundred and six!"

 The number tag given to the three boys was hundred and six. They walked into the ring and as their opponents were already present. The supervisor was ready to begin the fight.

"Guys, this is our first battle together. You both ready?" Taylor asked.

"I was born ready!" Joran replied as he was really excited to begin.

Hearing what the other two had to say, Zayer continued

"Boys, let's play"


Author's Notes:  So, I realized that Shameless Immortal wasn't ready. I had a different picture in my head but I couldn't project it the way I wanted. Let's just say the execution part was bad. So, I have stalled it and will think on reworking with the story. From now on it'll only be DOH for me! :D yay! I noticed a lot of questions in the comment section and I was too lazy to answer them. 

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