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Birthday Arc VIII : Cute Little Valkyrie


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"Let me out!! Let me outta here!!" Kyris screamed at the top of his lungs, banging on the now shut and locked door of Astraea's room with two closed fists, though no sounds were made and his fists were instead sinking into the door each time he hit it, like punching a pillow.

Astraea's room had an enchantment called 'babyproof' that made every part of the room behave like a soft pillow when a certain amount of force is applied to it, this applied to everything in the room from the walls to the floor and the bed frame and even the ceiling, making it so that no child would be able to hurt themselves on accident or on purpose in the room.

Her room was also soundproof which is a common trait that even the most common of homes possess due to cheap soundproofing enchantments that were sold commonly in this world.

Enchantments that were commonly used in homes usually were sold as easy to use stickers were one had to paste the enchantment anywhere inside of the room for it to take effect, though for more high standard homes common enchantments like soundproofing or babyproofing already came with the home itself as part of its features.

Though Kyris understood this having his own soundproof and babyproof room, it didn't stop him from attempting to call for help as he had no other ideas. 

Tirana had already started to play and cuddle with the stuffed toys in the room, not staying long in one location or cuddling one stuffed toy, moving on to the next one in the next moment. 

Astraea looked between the two physically older toddlers in the room and shook her head at how they were such polar opposites, though she knew it was greatly attributed to their genders.

Though she did understand, in her previous life, though she was not averse to stuffed toys even as a male kid, she would have definitely felt uncomfortable being in a pink girl's room filled with stuffed toys, even more so as a grown adult male.  

That all changed when she had become a cute little girl as the stuffed toys instead greatly complemented her and one might even mistake her as a cute stuffed toy if she sat amongst her stuffed toys. 

After tiring himself out, Kyris had stopped his pleas for help and sat with his back against the door, head down and eyes closed, refusing to even look at the interior of the room. 

Astraea decided to leave the two toddlers to do their own thing as she wanted to organize the presents she had received, specifically her customized holowatch and her new baby sister. 

Astraea had already decided to treat the artificial A.I. residing in the robotic doll as a sapient living being as she had always loved stories about of A.I.s gaining sapience and people becoming friends with them. She loved it because she could watch as the once cold unfeeling A.I. learned about emotions, memories, and relationships, and become a real person from what it learns, and that was exactly what she wanted to do with her new baby sister.

She went to the side of the room where there was a part of the wall not covered with stuffed toys and pressed her hand in a random place in the wall. A part of the wall slowly started to come out to reveal a hidden drawer with an assortment of cute underwear, this wasn't the only drawer she had as there were multiple other drawers along the wall that had other types of clothes she owned. 

She organized all the new clothes she had received from Aneya into their respective drawers and went back to her other presents. She set aside her magical wand on her bed as she decided to experiment and study it later. 

She still had her holowatch on her hand but didn't think to start playing with it, as she wanted to start teaching her new baby sister. Though her holowatch was very cool, it was basically an extremely advanced smartphone and it didn't even have all its functions activated as Dagen had explained. 

Her baby sister who was still currently unnamed had stayed unmoving the entire time since she had been activated and had only moved its head to look at Astraea.

It was a bit unnerving having a standing cloth doll slowly move its head to face you, if the lights were off and the room was instead an old bedroom, it would have easily been one of the scariest parts of a horror movie.

She didn't let that deter her and she sat down crossed legged in front of the doll that was looking straight at her. Though she had never taught anyone before, she knew the way babies learned and the most straight forward way anyone can learn; memorization. 

She knew that learning through understanding was only possible when the one learning had a point of reference such as other things they had learned, but how is it possible to learn by understanding if they didn't understand anything in the first place? 

That is why the way babies learn is through memorization as babies have an extremely good memory. Due to just being born, their brains are like a dry sponge that will soak up any information and not leak a drop, and as they get older, the heavier the sponge becomes and the memories will start to drip out from the sponge.

Though they wouldn't be able to use the information they gained, their brains will slowly start to organize and piece the information into patterns they have learned and use that as a basis to start 'understanding' their surroundings and the information they had gained.

This was exactly the way she wanted to teach her baby sister, and as an A.I. she would have a memorization ability thousands of times stronger than that of a human baby which made it highly likely that she would only need to be taught once to memorize it.

The first thing she wanted her to memorize was her name and the relationship they shared, she decided that she would still repeat what she says so as to emphasize her words. 

"Astraea, As-tra-ea" She started to say her name while pointing at herself, then repeating it at a slower speed.

Her baby sister stared blankly at her, not reacting to her name in the slightest.

She didn't let that affect her and continued repeating her name for a whole minute.

 With no choice but to assume that her name was properly ingrained in her baby sister's memory, she moved on to naming her baby sister.

She had the perfect name to give her baby sister that would greatly complement her own name that was taken after a goddess.

She pointed at her baby sister and clearly pronounced her new name.


Valkyries in Norse mythology were beautiful winged women who served the god Odin as messengers, bodyguards, and warriors.

As someone who avidly played multitudes of MMORPGs in her previous life, she had encountered many versions of valkyries and one thing they had in common was that they were seen as battle-born female angels due to their angel-like wings and their servitude to a god.

 Though she wasn't Odin nor was going to treat little Valkyrie as a servant, it was the closest thing she could think of to describe her.

As a sapient A.I. that would have access to extremely advanced technology acting as her body, there was no doubt that she would become a deadly killing machine with proper guidance and some upgrades to her hardware.

She was also the younger sister of someone who was named after a goddess so the hierarchy had already been established with her being lower on the ladder.

As for the gender? Though nothing has been formed as of yet, Astraea was sure to integrate all things female into the very soul of little Valkyrie, to the point that she would be female in all of her future lives.

She did the same thing like with her name and repeated Valkyrie's name for a whole minute.

At this point, Kyris had lifted his head with one eye open, curious about what Astraea was doing.

As a four-year-old, he was highly curious and doing the same thing for a prolonged period of time easily made him bored and allowed any new stimuli to grab his attention.

In this case, he had grown bored of doing nothing but sit down with his eyes closed, and the sounds of repeated words had grabbed his attention.

He looked up to see that Astraea was saying her own name to the robot doll over and over and it confused him greatly.

He became even more confused when she started repeating a word he had never heard of before while repeatedly jabbing her finger at the robot doll.

Though he didn't understand much about the conversation the adults had when they were talking about the robot doll, he had gathered that it was very expensive.

He had learned from experience that the more expensive something was, the better it was!

He had also learned that you could teach it whatever you wanted! Though he had his own toy robot at home, it was only able to do a measly 57 unique actions and couldn't be compared to the more expensive brands and models that had a hundred unique actions at minimum.

But with a robot that was able to learn, he could teach it to do more than 57 unique actions! heck, he could even teach it to do a thousand unique actions!

He wasn't even worried that it wouldn't be able to learn well as it was very expensive, which would mean its learning ability would be proportional high too!

Thinking of all the possible things he could teach it, he couldn't help but become bitter when he remembered that he didn't own it, and was instead owned by an immature one-year-old.

Why did Aunt Kaelie have to give it to her! She was too young to even understand how to use it. Even if she was a little older, girls didn't even like robots, to begin with, and he knew as Tirana didn't hold even the tiniest of interest in his robot every time they played together.

He had decided to suppress his jealousy and suffer watching Astraea do strange things to the robot, such as moving it limbs manually, pointing at parts of her body and saying its name a million times.

He couldn't help but cringe every second he watched her, still thinking that she was doing those things because she didn't know how to play with a robot and that she was still a baby that did random things.

If Astraea were to listen to his thoughts, instead of getting mad, she would shake her head in pity at his ignorance that was the result of his young age.

Though it had only been a few minutes since Astraea had been teaching Valkyrie, Kyris couldn't take it anymore. He stood up and ran over to Valkyrie and snatching her from the floor.

"That's not how you play with it!" Kyris yelled out while holding Valkyrie high up in the air to prevent her from being taken from him.

Astraea was more than a little annoyed when Kyris had not only interrupted her but had also roughly grabbed Valkyrie and refer to her like she was only a toy.

Before she could say anything Kyris had put Valkyrie down on the floor a distance away from Astraea, to prevent her from easily reaching it, making her irritation rise further.

"This is how you play with it!" Stated Kyris as he started to walk back and forth in Valkyrie's line of sight.

"This is how to walk, see? Now you try!" Kyris had decided to teach it the most basic action that all robots knew how to do in order to quickly show Astraea how to 'properly' play with the robot.

There was no movement from Valkyrie after a few seconds, causing Kyris to get irritated.

Though his own toy robot was only able to perform 57 unique actions, it was actually able to follow simple commands by singling out keywords and related to its 57 actions and had a database of words that it was able to follow in relation to its 57 actions.

For example, one could ask it to do action sixteen three times, wait for ten seconds, then do action eight at half the speed, and it would do exactly as stated.

That was the reason Kyris had become annoyed as a robot that couldn't even learn how to walk after being shown a few times and not even responding to his command seemed like a piece of junk compared to his own robot.

"I thought that you can learn stuff! So why can't you learn to walk!" Kyris asked angrily as he reached his hand out to grab the robot.

Before he had even touched the robot, Astraea had spoken up, making him freeze in place at her words.

"If you touch her without my permission again, I'll tell on you to your dad." Though it was said with an angelic and cute voice, there was an underlying threatening tone that Kyris could sense, similar to when his dad threatens him with punishments if he repeats something bad he had done.

Astraea nodded in satisfaction as Kyris slowly moved away from Valkyrie, as he knew better than to risk being told on to his strict dad.

Astraea walked up to Valkyrie, gently picking her up and placing her on a nearby play table.

She stood next to the table facing in the same direction that Valkyrie's body was facing and gently held her left leg up.

She lifted her own left up and started moving her leg and Valkyries leg in sync with each other, she did this a few times before switching to the right leg and repeating.

Kyris groaned in annoyance that she was back to doing the same strange things she was previously doing.

After a few minutes of leg lifting, Astraea let go of Valkyrie's leg and put her own down, as a smile appeared on her face.

This entire time Valkyrie had been staring at her face with no intention to look anywhere else but had suddenly looked down in the middle of their leg exercises, straight at Astraea's legs.

 Astraea knew she had finally made some progress and wanted to confirm it with her next action.

With Valkyrie's gaze still on her legs, Astraea slowly lifted up her left leg, while also looking at Valkyries legs.

Though for the first few seconds Valkyrie had made no movement, Astraea was lifting her leg as slow as possible and it was still a short distance from the floor.

It didn't take much longer as Valkyrie's own leg started moving, and Astraea didn't stop raising her leg despite seeing the obvious movement.

She lifted her leg as high as it could go and held it there with a bit of difficulty, silently moving her hand to the table in order to keep her balance.

Valkyrie's own leg was still slowly rising and took a whole ten seconds before it reached its limit.

Astraea then slowly brought down her leg and Valkyrie's followed soon after.

Both legs reached their respective surfaces at the same time, but Astraea did not start celebrating from her success but instead started to lift her right leg and going through the same motions, with Valkyrie reacting faster than before. 

Kyris' mouth opened with a bit of shock as he watched the robot he had tried to teach follow Astraea's movements without her even saying a word, he became bitter in the next second when he realized that she had beaten him once again, his shoulders drooping down. 

The entire time, there had not been a peep out of Tirana as she seemed to have disappeared from the room like a ghost.

In a corner of the room, if one were to strain their ears next to the small hill of stuffed toys, they would be able to hear to soft snores of a little girl. 

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