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Birthday Arc VII : I Won't Enter This Disgustingly Cute Room!

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A note from BubbleGum

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I'll be going overseas starting tomorrow which is the 10th for me, to 17th 
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After everyone had settled down from their laughter and Astraea had recovered from the tickle onslaught, she had turned to Dennix with want in her hand and gave a big thank you along with her signature smile, making Dennix's heart skip a beat from her cuteness.

She was actually very happy with her present even if it couldn't match the previous one. She had actually been wanting to learn more about magic besides from training on her own, and the small spells her parents used around her every day to boost her Neutral Magic affinity.

The magical wand was exactly what she had wanted as she would be able to study how it cast those spells. even if she couldn't cast them herself due to her affinity, she would be able to learn how it controls the flow of mana, and study how it absorbed mana as she had already noticed that it was using mana from the surroundings to power its spells.

Even if she couldn't study it, the functionality and visual effects it had surpassed most kid's toys in her previous world to the point that even she who had the mentality of an adult had fun using it.

Tirana walked forward while holding the present Aneya had gotten for her, as Paela had indicated that she could go ahead and give it to Astraea.

Tirana shyly passed it to Astraea while looking away, fidgetting in place before running back to Aneya.

Inside the present was an assortment of female clothing that were all in different shades of pink, all with different designs. Paela looked at the present happily before turning to Aneya with a grateful expression. 

"Size-adjusting clothes? You shouldn't have." Paela said to Aneya with a happy tone, she had been wanting to buy Astraea more clothes with different designs as it was getting old seeing her wear the same things, making her very thankful towards to Aneya who had seemingly read her mind. 

"I Just thought as a mother would, little Tirana here had been wearing the same clothes we got her when she was born so we decided to update her wardrobe, and I guessed that Astraea would also need some new clothes," Aneya explained to Paela. 

Astraea looked through each of the clothes and was happy regarding their designs as they were all very cute and stylish, they would complement her cuteness greatly if she wore them. She gave thanked Aneya happily while hugging her new clothes and though it was the least flashy present so far, it was very practical and could be used daily.

The next to give their presents were Astraea's maternal grandparents, Elle and Dagen. They had gotten her a combined present like Kaelie and Vaena had which was her own holowatch. 

They had commissioned it to have the best magitechnology that surpassed the current versions on the market and included a whole load more of functions that even the best holowatches today didn't have. 

Astraea almost fainted out of shock that she had received the very thing she had wanted the moment she saw it for the first time in this world. 

She excitedly tried to put it on but didn't know how to, the holowatch she had received was a bit different from the others as the ones her parents had actually looked like a watch as it had a small round projector attached to the strap that projects the holographic image. 

Astraea's holowatch had no projector whatsoever and looked like a pink rubber bracelet, she had tried stretching it like a rubber bracelet to fit around her hand and it had not worked as it was not actually made of rubber. She had no other ideas as her hand wouldn't fit through the hole in the first place and she was getting a little impatient at wanting to try it. 

"Hahaha, let me help you there," Dagen bent down on one knee and touched the holowatch with one finger, a moment later the holowatch expanded in size and Dagen slid it onto Astraea's hand. It had started to contract until it fit perfectly on her hand. 

Astraea couldn't even feel the holowatch on her hand, as if she was wearing nothing at all, not even feeling the slight weight it had before it was on her hand, it was as if it had become part of her body. Astraea had sensed the small amount of mana Dennix had inserted into the holowatch and had guessed that that was to way to take it on and off, she decided to try it on her own later on when no one was watching her. 

This time, Aereon didn't make any comments about the gift as he and Paela had been previously informed by Dagen and Elle that they would be getting her a personalized holowatch. Traditionally, it was the parents who were supposed to gift their child their first holowatch on their fourth birthday as they would be intelligent enough to make good use of it.

It was also the time their affinities would settle and no longer increase, which meant that they could start learning about their affinities and attributes which would determine their future paths. 

Aereon and Paela were not saddened by being unable to gift their first child her first holowatch as it was still just a material item and didn't matter as much compared to the memories and experiences they made together, they were also happy that they didn't have to go through the trouble to choose what holowatch to buy as there were thousands available on the market. 

They wouldn't have been able to commission one either, especially one that is leagues ahead of the latest versions that were publicly available as it would put a big hole in their pockets, despite being upper-middle-class. 

Aereon's and Paela families were unlike other upper-middle-class families where they endlessly spoiled their children, while it was fine to spoil them when they are younger to some extent, it is detrimental to spoil them when they grow older as it would breed laziness and dependence to their parents. 

They had been taught to be independent and to be value money despite their rich lifestyles which had made them into successful adults despite their young age, rising to the upper-middle-class in terms of wealth with their own abilities and not through the relation they had to their parents. 

"Originally, most of the functions of the holowatch would have been unactivated as a one-year-old would not be able to properly use them, but upon seeing Astraea's level of intelligence today, I have decided that I will activate some of the functions with some restrictions in order for Astraea to be able to make use of it," Dagen announced to the people in the room, but more specifically, to Astraea and her parents. 

"Of course, if you two would like to change any of the settings regarding the functions she can use and the restrictions to apply, I won't stop you but I'll tell you that this is my recommendation of functions Astraea should access to maximize her growth of intelligence and knowledge. I will also update it frequently in accordance to her growth so she can improve as fast as possible, I see great potential in Astraea's future just from her intelligence alone." 

Aereon thanked his father-in-law with a grateful tone, moved that he was thinking of Astraea's potential in the future. Paela simply gave a big smile to her father, expressing her happiness. They also turned to thank Elle as they knew that she wasn't at all the minor contributor, as she was definitely the one who had thought of the design, functionality, and aesthetics of the watch as she had an eye for detail.

With all the gifts being given and with it already being very late, the party had officially ended, though that didn't mean that anyone was going to go home. It had been a long time since everyone had seen each other and they wanted to make use of the time they had, all of them agreeing prior to the birthday party that they would all have a late-night adult party involving alcohol, stories, and laughter.

They all agreed that they would party into the wee hours while allowing the children to play together in Astraea's room, before sending them off to sleep some hours into their party. 

Kyris was annoyed after being told that he had to play with Tirana and Astraea in Astraea's room and have a sleepover after, as he had wanted to go home right after the party. While he had no problem with Tirana as he had played with her ever since she was born, he didn't want to play with the baby that took all the attention throughout the day with her intelligence. 

He didn't even consider the fact that it was Astraea's birthday and the center of attention would always be her regardless of her intelligence.

Tirana, on the other hand, was a little nervous having to play with someone new and was subconsciously put off by the fact that someone younger than her seemed way older than even she was, or even her big brother Kyris as in terms of intelligence and demeanor.

Astraea both led them along to her room when Paela had told her to go play with them and had brought along all her presents. 

When they reached her room's door, she pressed the small button on the side that mechanically opened the door that her parents had installed so she would be able to open it by herself, still having a traditional doorknob out of reach that her parents used. 

When the door opened, Kyris's and Tirana's mouths fell wide open, but both had different expressions on their faces. Kyris looked like he had seen a terrible monster as he shivered uncontrollably and took a step back while shaking his head, while Tirana's eyes sparkled in amazement and wonder at the paradise she had laid her eyes upon, the biggest smile she had made so far appearing on her face.

They had both seen the sea of stuffed toys along with the beautifully designed pink room with girly frills and hearts all over. 

"No, no!! I'm not going in! I won't be a boy anymore the moment I step into that room!" Kyris shouted loudly as he stated his extreme unwillingness to enter the room. 

Astraea and Tirana looked at each other with a mischievous smile before turning to Kyris with the same smile. They lunged forward and caught Kyris's arms as he was backing away and started pulling him into the room with the same smile still on their faces. 

Despite being older than the combined ages of the two girls, and being the physically superior gender, Kyris was unable to resist their combined strength and was slowly dragged into the room. 

"Stop pulling me!! Stop before I tell on you both!! No, no, noooooooooo!!!!!!!" Kyris's screams were left unheard as he was dragged into the room of his nightmares and the door shut closed behind him, sealing his fate. 

He would certainly not be the same person he was from before when he exits the room.

That is, if he ever exits at all...

A note from BubbleGum

Hope you liked the chapter!! 

I'll be going overseas starting tomorrow which is the 10th for me, to 17th 
and I don't really know how to go about the chapter so I'll let you guys decide for me in the poll!

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