Warrior of the Moon

by Stephen Brooke

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai

 Since he was small, Maratoa had held one desire above all others: to become a warrior as great as his heroic father. Yes, he knew he had inherited sorcerous powers and, yes, he been trained in their use. But there was no place for a man with such abilities in Mora society, in the Land of the Sleeping Sky.


Now the greatest of all wizards had traveled across the ocean, on a mission that might decide the fate of their world. Does the fate of Maratoa also hang in the balance? A voyage into the unknown brings answers but asks new questions. Headhunters, lost aviators, a secret submarine, sea monsters — all these Maratoa encounters on his quest.


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Stephen Brooke

Stephen Brooke

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