It's a Reincarnation of the Reincarnator

by Suzannaslanderz

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Historical Female Lead Gender Bender Reincarnation War and Military

(This story will not be written in a third-person descriptor, it will be written using First Person Pronouns.) Sorry if this is not your cup of tea.

When referring to oneself in ancient China, people avoided first-person pronouns ("I", "me", "we", and "us"). Instead, a third-person descriptor was used, which varied according to the situation.

Lu Tian Qu is an extremely fickle person. She is so fickle it took her 11 years to graduate from college because she changed her major four times. (And that doesn't include the breaks she took in between.)

She went to sleep, the same as any other night. However, when she woke up she was in the body of a 13 years old girl who was also named Lu Tian Qu. The original body owner had reincarnated back to the age of 13 after being exiled in the furthest corner of the Lu compound and forgotten for 29 silent sad years. She died falling to her death trying to escape by climbing over the wall after her reincarnation.

Come join Lu Tian Qu on an escape as she to figure out what to do with her life all over again.

T/N: I am a new writer with horrible grammar and spelling. English is not my first language. So please excuse the horrible grammar spelling, plot holes, etc. Thank you for showing interest.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Reincarnation ago
Chapter 2: Cute fat little dumpling Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 3: Cute fat little dumpling Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 4: Running away from home is a skill ago
Chapter 5: If you are in danger, that puts your family in danger ago
Chapter 6: The cold face young man dressed in black ago
Chapter 7: Wang Fèn Yǒng Pt.1 ago
Chapter 8: Wang Fèn Yǒng Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 9: Returning as the Prodigal Son is also a Skill ago
Chapter 10: Little Dumpling has his dignity as well. ago
Chapter 11: Li Chūn Yǔ ago
Chapter 12: Was your father named Li Chūn Yì? ago
Chapter 13: Butler Huang ago
Chapter 14: Kneel! ago
Chapter 15: Veiled Mountain ago
Chapter 16: The map of the Northern Lands ago
Chapter 17: Reincarnated to live in Mei Changsu's house! Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 18: Reincarnated to live in Mei Changsu's house! Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 19: Liu Residence ago
Chapter 20: Butler Zhou Pt.1 ago
Chapter 21: Butler Zhou Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 22: Sōng Shǔ and the Blind Horse ago
Chapter 23: The Fight on the Cliff of Veiled Mountain ago
Chapter 24: Black Blossoms Dual Potions ago
Chapter 25: The peddler ago
Chapter 26: Jiang Tài Píng ago
Chapter 27: You're Too Morally Lacking ago
Chapter 28: You moved my heart ago
Chapter 29: I bought a blind horse today ago
Chapter 30: I have a gift for you ago
Chapter 31: The Five Conditions ago
Chapter 32: Liu Tián Qǔ again! ago
Chapter 33: Opening negotiations Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 34: Opening Negotiations Pt.2 ago
Chapter 35: The Rage of the Emperor ago
Chapter 36: Stealthy Invasion of Outside Forces ago
Chapter 37: The Tolling Lands ago
Chapter 38: House Meeting Pt.1 ago
Chapter 39: House Meeting Pt.2 ago
Chapter 40: House Meeting Pt.3 ago
Chapter 41: The First Report ago
Chapter 42: Elder Wang ago
Chapter 43: Observation of Elder Wang ago
Chapter 44: Warning of Elder Wang ago
Chapter 45: Arrival of the Generals and Imperial Commanders ago
Chapter 46: Prime Minister must not be granted an easy death ago
Chapter 47: Those who must die will die ago
Chapter 48: The borders are not secured! ago
Chapter 49: Since she has courted death then I will grant it ago
Chapter 50: Closing the Net Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 51: Closing the Net Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 52: Don't sell your life to others not even in gratitude ago
Chapter 53: Jiang Tài Píng's past life ago
Chapter 54: Melded Ore Blood Storm Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 55: Melded Ore Blood Storm Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 56: Prince Jing Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 57: Pring Jing Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 58: The Livid Warriors of Leandore Garrison ago
Chapter 59: Stomping the Garrison Commander to death ago
Chapter 60: The Sad Tale of the Wu Uncle and Nephew Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 61:The Sad Tale of the Wu Uncle and Nephew Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 62:The Sad Tale of the Wu Uncle and Nephew Pt. 3 ago
Chapter 63: The Sad Tale of the Wu Uncle and Nephew Pt. 4 ago
Chapter 64: Liu Tián Qǔ meeting of the servants in the meeting hall Pt.1 ago
Chapter 65: Liu Tián Qǔ meeting of the servants in the meeting hall Pt.2 ago
Chapter 66: Liu Tián Qǔ meeting of the servants in the meeting hall Pt.3 ago
Chapter 67: Seal your mouth and I will give you a chance to live ago
Chapter 68: Hòu Dao ago
Chapter 69: What underground barracks?! ago
Chapter 70: I'm looking for the crouching tigers and the hidden dragons ago
Chapter 71: How did I become a designer and builder of garrisons? ago
Chapter 72: The peddler and an afternoon discussion of Nadelineian wine ago
Chapter 73: The training of Zhou Yù ago
Chapter 74: Charmed unground storage spaces ago
Chapter 75: Supervisor Kuo ago
Chapter 76: Arrival of the Decree Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 77: Arrival of the Decree Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 78: Arrival of the Decree Pt. 3 ago
Chapter 79: A house that is divided will fall ago
Chapter 80: Since he sent me a slap I sent one back ago
Chapter 81: I have only one butt ago
Chapter 82: Letters of friendship and gifts ago
Chapter 83: Have Elder Chen gone senile?! ago
Chapter 84: Elder Wang's suspicions ago
Chapter 85: There will be no negotiations, plea bargains, or deals ago
Chapter 86: The Emperor address the Imperial City ago
Chapter 87: Convening of an Emergency Session of Court ago
Chapter 88: No longer will I be so tolerant or lenient, so beware ago
Chapter 89: The stupid random cousin ago
Chapter 90: The Mysteries of the Universe ago
Chapter 91: Winemaking ago
Chapter 92: Making a Yo-Yo for Little Dumpling ago
Chapter 93: The confession of Minister Peng and Chen's ago
Chapter 94: Visiting Little Dumpling ago
Chapter 95: The words of a Wiseman ago
Chapter 96: The Horse Stance ago
Chapter 97: Like recognizes like ago
Chapter 98: The blue sea stone of Asledan ago
Chapter 99: Armband of the Guardian Warriors ago
Chapter 100: The strange look in Wang Fèn Yǒng eyes ago
Chapter 101: You made them change their mind ago
Chapter 102: A toad lusting after swans flesh ago
Chapter 103: Wēi Wò Yàn ago
Chapter 104: The stolen twin ago
Chapter 105: Mythical Beast Medicinal Pills ago
Chapter 106: Preparing to receive the arriving guest ago
Chapter 107: What is it that troubles you? ago
Chapter 108: You have overstepped your boundaries ago
Chapter 109: Whose family child are you? ago
Chapter 110: House Guards of the Martial World ago
Chapter 111: You too!? ago
Chapter 112: Doctor Ru ago
Chapter 113: Don't bother begging for mercy, there will be none ago
Chapter 114: I will hold you to a higher standard ago
Chapter 115: The Return of the Four Martial Families Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 116: The Return of the Four Martial Families Pt.2 ago
Chapter 117: It never occurred to you to ask why? ago
Chapter 118: Dangerous smiling face tiger ago
Chapter 119: Let's see who will drive away with this carriage ago
Chapter 120: Welcoming the returning families to Liu Residence ago
Chapter 121: Knell Stones Part #1 ago
Chapter 122: Knell Stone Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 123: Revenge for the carriage must be sought! ago
Chapter124: Buying more time ago
Chapter 125: We won't be leaving ago
Chapter 126: A win-win situation ago
Chapter 127: The memorial for the returning martial families Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 128: The memorial for the returning martial families Pt ago
Chapter 129: Channeling her inner Ning Yi ago
Chapter 130: Wang Fèn Yǒng past ago
Chapter 131: I accept ago
Chapter 132: You claim that you want to learn to cook but you forgot to ask? ago
Chapter 133: The hidden enclosure Pt.1 ago
Chapter 134: The hidden enclosure Pt. 2 Published (32 ago
Chapter 135: Ill-gotten gains ago
Chapter 136: Moving the Dowager Queen to move the Queen ago
Chapter 137: Who told you to run away with his carriage? ago
Chapter 138: Want to take advantage of a Eunuch? Good luck with that! ago
Chapter 139: News of the Map of the Northern Lands begins to spread. ago
Chapter 140: My mother is Wu Yǐn Rán of the Wu family of Leandore Border ago
Chapter 141: Are you aware of how important first impressions are? ago
Chapter 142: Lady Wu Yǐn Rán ago
Chapter 143: The past life of Lady Wu Yǐn Rán and her Eldest daughter ago
Chapter 144: My Residence sign does not say Imperial palace! ago
Chapter 145: The crystal clear coffers ago
Chapter 146: The blinding golden bright light over the skies of Liu Residence ago
Chapter 147: The disturbance at Liu Garden Residence ago
Chapter 148: The drunken brawl of the scions ago
Chapter 149: Training next generations Commanders, Generals, and Officers." ago
Chapter 150: Since when slaves were allowed to live better than nobles?! ago
Chapter 151: "Too vicious! That Master Liu is too vicious!" ago
Chapter 152: A thunderbolt from a clear sunny sky ago
Chapter 153: His silent support ago
Chapter 154: It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission ago
Chapter 155: It's better to be safe than sorry ago
Chapter 156: Did you see everything? How far did they go? Was it good? ago
Chapter 157: The Return ago
Chapter 158: Unless... ago
Chapter 159: The Queen has summoned you ago
Chapter 160: Scheme? If she wants to scheme, then scheme we will Pt. 1 ago
Chapter 161: Scheme? If she wants to scheme, then scheme we will Pt. 2 ago
Chapter 162: I dare not proceed further without Imperial mother's approval ago
Chapter 163: Drowned? What drowned? If he drowned why is he still breathing? ago

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The flow is good, despite the grammar sometimes being bad. Many novels are almost unreadable because not only is the grammar bad, but the idea structure is poorly laid-out as well. Your story is well-constructed, so the grammar issues are small bumps in the road instead of a derailment. Nothing editing couldn't fix.

There are issues involving the main character. When she uses base knowledge from her previous life, rumors from her body's previous life, and deductive logic, this story is very strong.

It's everything else that causes the story to suffer in credibility. She is too accomplished in her previous life. She is extremely intelligent and book smart when she tries. Good at archery, bunch of stuff. Ok, that's fine. 

She knows about wine, vineyards, and gardening? Um, well it's relaxing and she likes relaxing with dumb hobbies.

She took off school to ruin someone who framed her father, and did it in a few years??!? Why wasn't this in Chapter 1?

Qi is real in the previous world and she was decent at it? Why wasn't this in Chapter 1?

These are possible, but they feel like she is gaining skills in an amorphous background when the plot calls for it. Because these plot justifications are not generally established in the beginning, it feels contrived and after the fact.

It is fine to have an overpowered main character, but these things need to be established up-front or they just feel like weak justifications. I want to see a genius overpowered girl form genius plans using only base knowledge, investigations, and overpowered genius logic. I don't want to see her form plans because her backstory now says she did this before.

In my opinion, you either mention them up front, find better justifications, or give the ultimate justification (Go full reincarnation and make her have had a reincarnation in the 21st century world as well.)

  • Overall Score

Binge read the entire thing and I don't regret it

Reviewed at: Chapter 110: House Guards of the Martial World

Hoo boy this is a hard novel to review. Let me start off by saying, that some of the issues that user ACERBIC pointed out is genuine concerns. However, the genre is called Fantasy. It's meant to be unrealistic. So feeling put off by them to the point you wont atleast read 10 chapters feels like slap in the face of the Author's hardwork. 

Firstly the bad things. I would like to echo Acerbic in one issue. The info dump regarding the MC's family was unneeded at the time. You could have let the readers know through Butler Zhao later on and the information would have flowed smoother.

The grammer while bad gets better as the story goes on. You can see visible improvements if one binge read the chapters like I did. A bigger problem I believe is the repitition of information from chapter to chapter. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

As for the good things, I love the cast. Little dumpling is an instant favorite and I really like the rest of the supporting cast. They are fleshed out well and the different POVs work well for this story. A protagonist can carry a medicore story but it's the supporting characters that will truly help seprate a mediocore one from a good story. I like the direction the story is going in and I hope kingdom building with some wars and fluffy moments are in horizon to come. 

In conclusion, yes this story has problems. It's being written by someone who wholly acknowledges that they are new at this. However the story is fun to read, and at the end of the day a fun story is all that we come to RRL for. I hope the author is not disheartened by any bad reviewers and do their best to make this story and their following stories better. 

  • Overall Score

chapter 6

although it is still really early in the story i would say that it has a strong start with some really amusing moments along with a strong base to build the story on although only time will tell if the auther soars into the sky or crashes and burns

  • Overall Score

I am that horrible reader who puts a review after reading only 1 chapter

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Reincarnation

If somebody would set a goal to write a story I would not want to read, I imagine the result is something like this novel. Now, fair warning, I only read the first chapter, so its possible this book is a hidden gem that only gets an awkward start, but I am not going to risk my brain cells on it.

1. It looks like the heroine is Mary Sue. She is (secretly) brilliant, finished Uni with 4 majors, all the meanwhile being also a nerd with passion for light novels, online games and animes. How she combines passion for nerd stuff with getting 4 majors higher education degree on top of being very athletic and participating in Olympic games so successfully she got 3rd place in fencing, is a total mystery.

Does the writer realize how much effort, time and practicing it takes to even take part in Olympics? Its the whole life dedication, with rigorous training, dieting, taking part in local competitions to qualify for bigger events. But nope, the MC is just that good, I guess.

2. Very stupid reincarnation for no reason. The sutiation she arrives into is just so unrealisticly preposterous, it makes me laugh. And what's with all the weird infodump about family drama. So out of place for us to randomly know salacious details about her original body's maternal grandparents household - like why? And how would the original body even know all that, if her mother died during birth and then nobody of importance talked to her? How would she know what her father told the rest of the family? We get this pretty out of place exposition for sole point of DRRRRAMMA, its so bizzare it turns into a joke.

  • Overall Score

very interesting reincarnation novel

Reviewed at: Chapter 98: The blue sea stone of Asledan

I'm almost to the end of posted chapters, and I like what I've read so far.

This is very much a slow burn start to a reincarnation novel.  In a lot of series, by chapter ten the MC is already powering up and blazing through enemies, where this has a lot devoted to politics and world building, and the fantasy elements come into play slowly and are not forcefed.  

As other reviews mention, at the start the MC comes across as unrealistic, but the trend in some recent isekai-type series is to start with OP characters.

I didn't have much issue with the grammer inconsistencies.  While present, they didn't impede my ability to follow the story.

I quite enjoy the series overall.

  • Overall Score

I started reading this thinking that was a cultivation story.

It is not.

Surprisingly fun read nontheless. This is clearly written by a woman and tells the story of a MC who has a saviour complex and is a Mary Sue

The setting is very fluffy(?). Nothing all to bad happens, and every problem is resolved in 2 chapters.

A fun and easy read

  • Overall Score

There are problems, but

Reviewed at: Chapter 131: I accept

This story has a lot of problems.  I mean a lot of problems.  So much so that I very nearly dropped it around chapter 29.  The biggest one, is that the MC is constantly getting new skills and powers out of nowhere.  Its like the author wrote a scene and decided the MC needed to have a skill to deal with things in the scene and so wrote that they previously learned X. 

For example, the MC purchased a plot of land with a couple of grape vines, that obviously at one time was a winery.   Well, if thats the case, the MC should obviously know about wine, so they decided, that before she reincarnated, she also spent 2 years intering in a winery.   Bam, problem solved.  Except it happens repeately.  By the current chapter, we've realized that the MC was always superhuman, and learned more in 15 years then most people learn in a dozen lifetimes.

I do have to credit the author for one thing though.  When an obvious plothole is pointed out, the author will decide, oh, its foreshadowing, and write something to fix the plothole.  Explaining why characters act the way they do, or how they have this new power etc.  While its extremely off putting, at least the author goes out of their way to fix problems caused by their writing.

I don't really care for this type of writing.  If I was giving an advance review, for style I would mark this very low.  However despite this, I enjoyed the story.  I've always been a sucker for the young miss reincarnation type stories.  And the paralels between some of them, as well as a story like the Human Emperor are obvious.  

Overall, I enjoyed it, and plan to continue reading it.  Despite the problems it has.

  • Overall Score

It's not a perfect story, but I fell in love with it.

Reviewed at: Chapter 131: I accept

First, let me say that the author warns everyone that she is a new writer, and this is her first time writing a story. She goes on to say that English is not her first language, and she warns everyone to expect grammatical errors, misspelling, plotholes.....etc.

She didn't lie about that there are ALOT of grammatical errors and misspellings. Now with that said, although there are many problems with this story. I completely fell in love with it. I totally binge-read this story all the way through.

I will label this story as a fun, easy read story with a brilliant 'MarySue' main character and great support characters. When reading, keep in mind, this story is labeled as Fantasy. I must also say that although the main character is a MarySue, the author wrote it in a fun and engaging way that make you want to keep reading despite the problems mentioned.

Do I recommend it?

-- To people that have a problem with MarySue characters, grammatical errors, and misspellings, I would advise you to skip this story.

-- To people that don't mind a fun easy read with grammatical errors, misspellings, and a MarySue main character that definitely falls into the Fantasy category. I would say give this story a try.


  • Overall Score

As the author said. The grammar is horrendous. But it is consistently bad. It feels like its own language almost. The retelling of story elements that sometimes happens could be handeld differently  as well but you can read over it when it happens. I like the low fantasy/low xianxia-style setting. 

Good story so far very slow ''kingdombuilding'' 

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Nailed the genre. A Reincarnated not-Otome Young Miss ascends!

Reviewed at: Chapter 144: My Residence sign does not say Imperial palace!

Review for chapter 1 through 45:
Updated for chapter 144.

The novel starts out weird but gets better quickly. Chapter 1 is borderline awful and the title is clickbait but the summary is spot on and the rest of the novel delivers the good stuff. If you like reincarnated female leads this novel will probably scratch your itch. Read chapter 1, if you like novels the MC describes, you will probably love this, and don't judge the rest of it by chapter 1; Give it at least to chapter 5 before deciding if you hate it.

Is this a work of art? No. This is an excellent attempt to create something in a genre where the exemplar works all have obvious 'flaws' as a literary tradition so the author can deliver exactly what makes this genre great. Face slapping, empire building, schemes, and bizzare romance in an ancient chinese fantasy world and this book has nailed the genre.

Is it as good as novel x or book y?  I find it of better quality than A Duke's Daughter (translated) but less stunning than A Mistaken Marriage Match. It lacks the fantastical elements of things like Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife (this MC is also less OP) and is both more believable with less martial focus than Genius Doctor: BBM. Thus far we haven't seen any wuxia, though it looks like it might happen. Jianghu stuff happens. Less romatic/marriage/drama-centric than Doomed to be Cannon Fodder, so far, but that seems to be the best comparison I can think of. I could go on, but fans of the genre should feel comfortable that if you liked one of those you'll probably like this. The novel does stray from the fast paced genre standard and becomes more eloquent and involves more character backstory than the above worksIt meanders more than I'd like but I still find it worth reading.


The book proceeds both maddeningly slow and incredibly fast. The premise gives the same feel as an otome game reincarnator but with better immersion. Author did a nice job there. The chapters can get a bet repetitive where the MC constantly reaffirms her decisions and reasoning from previous chapters. I've started skimming paragraphs when this happens. With chapter length what it this isn't egregious.

Grammar:  A few typos here and there that are sometimes amusing but nothing that interferes with comprehension.

Story:  Off to a great start! MC has tragic backstory with mysterious unexplained stuff, money, absurd luck, and has started building a powerbase. Many potential villians have been introduced and there has been some mild face-slapping, with promise of much more. Actually a little light on the face-slapping so far. Still light on face slapping.

Characters:  MC is more kind than I typically like my black bellied young misses to be. She hasn't made any plans to murder someone yet. Very sad. She is actually less black bellied and far more bright-eyed nonconfrontationalist that bites when cornered. Might actually be a complex, realistic MC or could be a train wreck waiting to happen, time will tell but I'll keep reading regardless. Still on the fence about the MC.

Supporting cast hits all the right notes: they're expected roles without overlapping heavily with previous works, they're not overly explained but you have a clear impression of each of them when they're introduced, and there aren't many random digressions for characters unrelated to the story. The author did a mostly great job on all that and left room for them to grow into complex characters later if the novel takes us there. You will read things that seem like they are unnecessary digressions that waste a great deal of time. It may take a long time to see why but they usually aren't a waste- they are a subtle brilliance. Still a tad excessive for fans of the fast-paced versions but I'm happy enough with it.


All in all, I like it! Good review! Will read again!

Oh Suzanna, don't you cry for me!
I'd rather read your book than have a banjo on my knee.


Some people have pointed out that the MC is a bit like a Mary-Sue. She might be but I would say she isn't. She's like a merry Susanna. That's just another forced pun on the author's name you say? What's your point? You have something against merry Suzannas or puns?