"We will stay." his words come as a surprise not just to the people on his side, even Anie showed a confused expression.

She thought that they would leave after she threatened them using the injured dragon, she didn't expect Mad Dog to choose staying, but then her expression returned to normal, she totally didn't care, the reason why she wanted then to leave was for her, old Frank, and Barry's safety, so seeing how Mad Dog had thrown the thought of attacking them, his staying or leaving wouldn't change a thing.

"What's the purpose of you luring a dragon here?" After calming the other leaders and blood power users and making them stay, Mad Dog finally turned his head to Anie and asked her.

"Of course we are going to hunt it." Anie didn't find it important to hide that so she told them the truth.

"Hunting a dragon is just suicide, you must be crazy if you think that only five blood power users can take it down." a leader said disdainfully after hearing Anie's words.

"And you trying to kill us with just the bunch of you is also suicide." Anie said.

Her words made everyone there mad and some leaders even wanted to attack her but they were stopped by Mad Dog.

He felt that the girl standing in front of him wasn't normal, during the whole time they stood in front of her she didn't show any signs of panic or fear, he first thought that maybe she just didn't know what they were there for, but hearing her words it was apparent that she understood what they were after clearly, yet she didn't fear them.

That along with the dreadful feeling he had been having since the beginning, made him act cautiously in front of her.

Anie truly didn't fear Mad Dog or any of the other blood power users with him, after all if what Dan said was true then she also had an ability, and hers was something that wouldn't let her die just like that, and even if Dan was wrong and she didn't have it, Dan and the others were close by, as Nero was with them, they probably had already noticed the abnormality, and if Mad Dog or any of them tried to attack they would probably come to help, so she only had to hold on for a while.

"It... It's coming this way, look, there it is!" A blood power user said while pointing at a creature which was heading toward them in fast speed.

But the others didn't need him to point it out for them, they had already seen it, the appearance of the dragon destroying everything in front of it as it moved turned everyone's faces deathly white and made even the leaders take a step back.

Mad Dog noticed that just as Anie said, the dragon was injured and it seemed that it wasn't able to fly, while looking at that he remembered Anie saying that they were luring it but he wasn't able to see anyone ahead of it, nor could he believe that anyone would be able to outrun that dragon, as even though it was injured it speed was still astonishingly fast.

Just as expected Mad Dog wasn't the only one who noticed that there was no one ahead of the dragon as someone soon shouted:

"Wait there's no one ahead of the dragon, they lied to us, this is just a rampaging injured dragon that didn't get to leave for the Great Migration, we should all run away or we will get ourselves killed." The one that talked was a blood power user who seemed quite young, his voice was full of fear and it was trembling.

"Look, how did that person appear there? Was he always standing on that building?" while people were feeling restless, and many wanted to leave, a sharp eyed leader was able to notice a man standing on top of a building.

The man seemed young and he had a bow in his hand, but that was all what they could make out, as they were quite a distant away.

They watched as the young man lifted his hand and pointed the bow at the dragon, everyone there had the feeling that he didn't hold an arrow in his hand but then, as the young man pulled the string of the bow they saw that an arrow was really there, so thinking that it was just their fault, and that he had an arrow since the beginning no one mentioned it as each of them thought it was just their misconception.

"It's idiotic, he is way too far, an arrow released from that distant won't even reach the dragon." a blood power user said.

The others also thought so, as the man was far away from the dragon and the bow didn't seem anything special.

But thing didn't happen as they thought, because as soon as the arrow was released it disappeared from their line of sight, and before they even had a chance to say anything else they heard the dragon's roar, from its appearance and behavior it seemed as if it got angrier as it moved toward the man.

"Well... I don't know what just happened just now, but the man is dead for sure, the distance between him and the dragon is way too short. And look, the dragon had just started moving faster, it will got him now." The same man said after he saw that the dragon acted as if it was hit by something.

The others this time didn't know what to think and none of them showed neither approval nor disapproval of what he has just said, Mad Dog looked at Anie and the other two next to her, and he saw that even though the other two seemed worried and all, Anie was just standing there with a smile on her face, as if she didn't fear anything at all.

Turning his head around he was just in time to see the man jump from the roof of the building which he was standing on, exclamations of surprise rung out as everyone there thought that the man was died for sure, as he was standing on the sixth floor of a half destroyed building, but just as he was half way through his fall he disappeared.

Just like that, while they were looking at him, he disappeared, leaving them looking at each other in confusion, they couldn't put their heads around how he disappeared, while they were looking at each other in confusion, they suddenly heard Mad Dog shout:

"Look there, he's there how did he appear..." he didn't finish his words; he simply didn't know what to say.

Before, while everyone was looking at each other in confusion he looked at Anie because he felt that the only one who knew what was really happening was her, as he did he saw that she was looking at another direction, but her eyes weren't focused, it seemed as if she was searching for someone or something.

Seeing that he too decided to look around the place where she was looking, and soon after that he saw a shadow standing on top of a building like the one that the man was just standing on, so he couldn't stop himself from shouting out loud even with his strong self-control and all.

Looking at where Mad Dog was pointing, they saw the same young man standing on top of a building while holding the same bow.

Soon after he reappeared the dragon released a defying roar, it seemed as if it had gone through this many times before as it just changed its course and headed toward the young man.

"What is happening? who is that man?" Mad Dog asked Anie after he returned to his senses.

"As I said we are trying to hunt a dragon, and about that man, his name is Robin and he is my brother." Anie said with a faint smile.

It was then that Mad Dog noticed that the only who had a calm expression among the whole group was Anie, even old Frank and Barry had surprised confused expressions on their faces, right at that moment, Mad Dog was able to conform something that he suspected for a while, those new leaders of the one eyed dragon gang weren't normal at all, and that only them understood themselves.

"Just what are you...?" he murmured to himself.

At that moment, not just Mad Dog, none of the other six leaders or blood power users with them had any thought of killing the leaders of the one eyed dragon gang.


Robin looked at the dragon which was heading toward him without giving any care to the building in front of it and murmured to himself:

"Did I go too far?"

After he ordered Barry to return he took a few other looks at the dragon before teleporting to the place where Dan and the others were, as soon as he teleported there they started moving heading to the place which old Frank pointed.

He could have just teleported them there one by one, but that would have used a lot of his power, and as he was the one who had to lure the injured dragon, and also being basically the groups way out if anything gets wrong, using all his power was out of the question, so the best course of action was for him to go with Dan and the others on foot, choose a good place for them to fight the dragon, before teleporting back and luring the dragon to that place.

So he ran to the place where the ships were kept, as they were able to identify it using Nero's ability because he was able to sniff the smell of the people inside cave as it wasn't totally locked.

Anyway after finding where the ships were kept they started searching for a good place to fight the dragon on, while they were searching three guards came and gave Dan three big holders with each one having ten spears in it, Dan thanked them and asked them to leave as they were getting ready to start.

It took them a while to find the perfect place for the ambush, they decided on a natural valley that was around three or four km away from the cave where the ships were kept, even though it was still somehow far, it was the best location they found, and also the most secure as if they were closer to the cave, who knows if the injured dragon would turn its attention to the cave, that would be dangerous for both the people on the cave and the ships.

After decided on a place to fight the injured dragon in, and deciding on a plan, Dan looked at him, patted his shoulder and said:

"Ok, now that everything is ready, go an lure it, and remember be careful and always put your safety first."

He nodded his head and after taking another last look at everyone there he teleported to the place where Barry was hidding in order to take a look at the dragon and see if it didn't move.

He made it there, used the binoculars and released a breath of relief after he saw that it was setting there as before dejectedly.

After the first moment of relief because of seeing that the dragon was still there, a rush of adrenaline hit him as he looked at the gigantic beast.

The thought of how they were going to try hunting it soon made him excited and it took him a while to calm down and return to normal.

After that he took a deep breath before teleporting to a building which was a hundred meters or so away from the injured dragon and aimed the soul weapon at it.


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