Counting how much people there was he saw that including him and the member of his gang there was thirty three blood power users.


Finding that number more than enough to take care of six people, he tried to calm the sense of danger which he had, but it didn't work, which made him quite nervous.


Trying his best to suppress that feeling he turned toward the one eyed dragon gang direction and started running leading the charge.


He was followed by the other six leaders, who soon were on the same line as him running and leading the charge with their members behind them too.


They soon made it to the entrance, surprisingly Mad Dog didn't try destroying the entrance but he stepped on the place of the entrance a few times, and soon after it opened, if old Frank or any member of the one eyed dragon were there they would all be surprised to see that the one who opened the gate wasn't the man that was always there but another one entirely, when he saw Mad Dog he said respectfully:


"Sir you came."


"Tell me where they are?" Mad Dog didn't waste any time on pointless chitchat instead he asked the man about what they wanted to know the most.


"Sorry to tell you sir but none of them is here." the man who opened the entrance said, when he said that his expression changed a little as he knew that even though it had nothing to do with him he would got shouted at by Mad Dog because they weren't there.


And just as he expected Mad Dog's face changed and become colder as he said:


"What do you mean with they aren't here? speak where are they if they aren't here?"


"I don't know, this morning all of them left the base along with a hunter that has a good relationship with them, we call the hunter old Frank, anyway they left the underground base, and while they were out the dragons released their roar, signifying that the Great Migration was starting.


"A while after that old Frank and a girl who is also one of them returned to the base, but they left quickly to the cave where the ships are kept; when they left they also took with them some guards while asked the others to take some water containers to the surface, I knew that something was weird so I get closer to old Frank and asked him where the other leaders were, and he said that they were going to be in the cave." knowing that mad dog was angry, the man didn't dare to hide anything and he said everything he knew, he even said a few things about how he tried his best to get some information to show that he really did try hard.


"So right now none of them is in the base?" Mad Dog tried to calm his anger down as he asked that.


"Yes they are where the ships are, all of them." the man answered while nodding his head.


"So what should we do, should we attack the base or go to where the ships are kept and finish them first?" Mad Dog looked at the other gang leaders and asked them.


"There's no reason to attack an empty base that only have normal people, we should first kill those blood power users." One of the six leaders, a man with a big beard said.


"I also think the same thing, if you remember, those people had a big interest in the ships since the first day they took control of the gang, who knows what they will do if we won't stop them." a short man nodded his head in approval while saying.


"Ok then, we will go to the ships." Mad Dog said after he saw that all of the six leaders had the same idea of going to where the ships were, and then he looked at the man who opened the entrance and said:


"I heard that the one eyed dragon gang had a tunnel that leads straight to the cave where the ships are kept, hurry up and take us to it."


The man didn't dare waste any time and he hurriedly led the way.


When some guard saw them walking inside the base they wanted to stop them, but looking clearly and seeing the number of people and the pressure that they were imitating made all of them think again.


Just like that they walked straight to the tunnel with no one playing hero to stop them, they then passed through the tunnel in less than ten minutes, but they were only able to make it that fast because they left the crewmen behind them to walk on their own on the tunnel while they, all the blood power users including the leaders, headed first to the cave where the ships were kept.


After passing by the entrance of tunnel on the side of the cave, they saw that the place there was full of activities and all of them were concentrated on Barbarossa.


Mad Dog just caught a man passing by and asked him:


"Where are the leaders?"


His overwhelming presence and the appearance of the thirty four blood power users behind him, could put a great pressure on everyone who might see it, so of course the man who was caught could only answer with a trembling voice:


"I... I don't know, only miss Anie, old Frank and Barry were here, while the others are somewhere else."


"Were... So even those three aren't here right now." Mad Dog easily caught to what the man said.


"Yes, they are outside right now, they left after giving some instructions about getting the cover on the gate of the cave removed and getting Barbarossa ready for sailing... Yeah Barbarossa is that ship right there, and they also asked us to fell some water containers and put them on the ship, they also asked for some empty containers to be put on Barbarossa." not daring to hide anything, the man said everything he knew fearfully.


"Just what do they want to do?" the bearded man said with a confused look on his face.


"It doesn't matter, if we kill them all, no matter what they wanted to do it won't be important anymore." Mad Dog said.


The other nodded and then they all headed to the outside of the cave.


The first thing that hit them after leaving the cave was the breeze and the salty smell of the ocean, making them quite refreshed, then moving by the road leaving the cave, they finally were able to see three distant shadows with their backs turned toward them, knowing that they were the one the man called, old Frank Anie and Barry, they moved toward them slowly and carefully.


When they were around twenty meters or so, the one with the smallest body who appeared to be a girl turned her head to look at them, seeing her behavior the others two also turned around and after they saw Mad Dog and the others their faces paled and they one of them shouted:


"What are you all doing here?"


Seeing how old Frank reacted Anie knew that those new faces that appeared suddenly weren't good people as his face has paled and his voice when he asked them was trembling and had a sign of fear.


"What? We aren't even allowed to come here now? You know that the ships aren't the one eyed dragon gang property, we just came to take a look at them, and say hi to the new leaders of the gang." Mad Dog said.


He saw that the other blood power users of the gang weren't there so he decided to try finding where they were before doing anything.


"The seven people at the head of the group are gang leaders of the other gangs in the city, the one who just talked is Mad Dog, he was the second strongest blood power user after the one eyed dragon." Old Frank whispered to Anie.


Nodding her head to old Frank's words, Anie looked at Mad Dog and said:


"Unfortunately, the others aren't here, but they are going to be here soon so please wait."


She didn't really understood why they were there but she knew that they probably didn't come with good intentions, so she tried to buy as much time as she could, wishing for her brother and the others to return.


"Then you tell me where they are." the bearded man asked.


"As I said they are in their way here." Anie answered.


"Such a waste of time, let us just catch this girl here and deal with her, the others are going to come here sooner or later why waste so much time talking with her?" a tall man said.


After he finished talking he started moving toward Anie, but just after he took three steps a roar sounded from far away.


Hearing that roar the face of everyone there changed and they looked at the place where it sounded.


"A dragon's roar, tha... That's impossible the Great Migration started more then an hour ago." the tall man said with a trembling voice while running back to the group of blood power users.


"Roar!" Again the same sound was heard again except that that time it was closer.


With pale expressions they all started looking at each other, confused and not really understanding what was happening.


"Roar!" and for the third time it happened, and just like the times before the roar seemed even closer than before, as if its owner was moving toward them.


"You... You know something, tell us was that the sound of a dragon." suddenly Mad Dog's voice returned them to their senses.


Looking at the place that he was looking at they saw Anie smiling happily while looking at the direction of the voice.


"Well, didn't I say that they were coming here? I never said that they were coming alone." Any said with a big smile on her face.


"You mean..." Mad Dog said astonished, he kind of guessed what was happening but he still didn't want to believe it,

unfortunately Any next words confirmed his suspicious as she added:


"They are luring a dragon here, it's injured and can't fly so don't worry it's not as strong as a normal one."


Anie just wanted them to feel fear toward Dan and the others, as she knew that neither her nor old Frank or Barry had any chance against all those blood power users.


"Crazy they are crazy, like this we won't even need to do anything they are going to die just like that." One of the leaders said.


He wasn't the only one thinking that, all the others had the same idea, for any native of area 07, dragons were invincible, they weren't something human could kill, even injured dragons were out of question.


"Believe it if you want, but you should all know that the dragon is coming here, so decided if you should leave or stay here to watch." Anie said, in all the time while they were talking the sound of a dragon's roar kept on getting closer and closer.


"I'm not staying here to die, Mad Dog let's leave, the sound is getting closer and closer, we should hurry up." the short gang leader said.


Mad Dog felt fear each time the dragon's roar sounded, no matter how tyrannical he acted in front of his followers and the other leaders, when he met a dragon all of that would disappear rending him a normal scared person


So he didn't really know how to act when he heard Anie's words and the short leader's urging, but then he saw Anie's calm face and for some reason and without even thinking he decided to stay.


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