With a smile on his face after seeing him nod his head Dan patted him on the shoulder, then he turned his head to Anie and said:


"Any, get everything ready ok, the containers for the blood, Barbarossa, the crewmen and any other thing, I believe you understand your job and won't need me to tell you what you need to do, you get it, right?"


He understood the importance of one of them staying at the base, and where the ships were, but there were no free members among them except for Anie, so he had no choice but to ask her to take care of it.


Robin didn't disprove as he was the one asking for his sister to be excluded from the dragon hunt, he also understood that someone had to take care of the ships while they weren't there, so he just moved to his sister and said:


"Don't worry about me Anie, just make sure that everything is fine on your side ok?" after that he hugged her, before kissing her forehead and letting her go.


"Hurry up, no one that we trust is in the base right now, make sure to pass by it first, and yeah old Frank send me those spears that I asked you about with some guards, tell him that we will be around the place where the ships are, remember do this fast, as soon as you make it there send them, YOU have to be fast!" Dan said as he saw Anie leave Robin's side and stand with old Frank.


Both Anie and old Frank nodded their heads before turning to the direction of the underground base and started running.


"Now Robin, teleport to where the injured dragon was, see if it is still there and if any changes happened, remember every little detail is important, after that return here and tell us everything about what you saw, then we will all go to the place which old Frank pointed at, we should find a good place to fight the dragon in… Sigh we didn't have enough time, we will waste too much time searching for a place to fight the dragon in." Dan ordered those that were still there, before sighing in the end of his words.


He felt regret, he should have took a look at the places on the surface around the cave where the ships were kept, but there was no point in regret so he just threw that thought out of his mind and focused on what was in front of him, what he was dealing with, hunting the dragon and leading the team to doing it safely.


"Ok, just leave it to me." Robin said while holding the soul weapon.


"And while you are trying to get closer to the dragon, pass by Barry and tell him to return to the base, his job has ended."


Robin nodded again.


"Now that that's all decided, Robin hurry up and go we are waiting for you here." Dan said to Robin seriously.


Robin nodded his head before disappearing from the sight Dan and the others.


Barry was setting inside the building which he was hiding at, he was trying to collect some power before moving toward the base, as the dragons roar was so strong for him.


It was the first time he felt something like that, because he usually would be inside the underground base, which would make the sound a little bit softer, it was his first time hearing the roar that the dragons released before the Great Migration while outside he base.


After a while passed and the sound of the dragons flying above his head was finally gone, he stood up and shakenly held the binocular in his hand, and tried to look at the injured dragon.


He saw that it was setting there dejectedly with its head lying on the ground it seemed sad and unhappy, as if it lost its will to live.


He was surprised after he saw it like that, it was his first time seeing a depressed dragon.


Soon after he put the binocular down and started thinking about what he had to do than. His orders were to keep an eye at the injured dragon till the Great Migration started and they didn't say anything about what he should do after the Great Migration started, probably they meant that he had to return to the base than.


As he was wondering what he should do, he felt movement behind him, turning his head he saw one of the people who was around Dan most of the time, his name was Robin, Barry didn't see him talk a lot and he didn't know why he was there or how did he appear behind him without him even noticing it.


"Sir Robin." Barry said respectfully, while standing up.


"No need for the sir, just tell me how is the injured dragon is it still there." Robin said as he walked toward him.


"Yes it is still there, it seems depressed or dejected." Barry answered.


"Depressed, dragons can get depressed too?" Robin asked with a weird expression on his face, it sounded weird.


"Well... That's just how it seemed to me, here take a look for yourself." as he said that, Barry took the binocular from his side and gave it to Robin.


He expected him to know how to use it, but Robin just looked at the binocular in his hands, not knowing what to do with it, it was his first time seeing something like that, so after looking at it for a while he, turned his head to Barry as he asked:


"Tell me how it works."


"O... Ok, just do this..." Barry answered before starting to teach him how to use it.


It come as a surprise to him that Robin wasn't able to use the binocular as Randy was the one who gave it to him, so seeing how they were always together, he believed that he too must know how to use it.


"Do you find it weird." Robin asked, he was able to see that Barry was somehow astonished when he saw that he wasn't able to use the binocular.


Barry was surprised when he heard Robin's words, but he still nodded his head as it wasn't something to hide.


"Don't be, after all we are from different worlds." Robin said while smiling, and then he pointed the binocular in the direction of the injured dragon and started looking, leaving Barry standing there with a confused expression.


Barry didn't understand what Robin said, so he just stood there not knowing what to say or do, it wasn't till Robin put the binocular down and talked to him that he returned to his senses:


"this tool is quite interesting, even at night time and with so little light it shows you everything clearly; no wander Dan keep on calling them the most technologically advanced earth."


Turning his head and seeing Barry standing there with a confused expression he smiled and said:


"Don't worry about what I just said, you will understand eventually, what's important is that you should go back to the base, help my sister, Anie and old Frank there, while we are all here taking care of the injured dragon." Robin said.


Barry hesitated a little before asking:


"What about you, will you not be returning to the underground base?"


"No I still have something to do here, so just go, those two are on their own in the base." Robin said.


Nodding his head Barry collected his things before saying good bye to Robin and leaving, he ran as fast as he could to the base.


Seeing him go Robin turned his attention to the injured dragon again, he found it weird that just as Barry said the dragon seemed depressed or sad, remembering how all the dragons left for the southeast he deducted that maybe for a dragon, not going in the Great Migration was a horrible thing.


Throwing all of those thoughts from his mind he kept on looking at the dragon till he finally decided that there was nothing wrong or weird with the dragon, except it being depressed, before teleporting to where Dan and the others were.




Mad Dog was looking at the three blood power users who were standing in front of him, his gang had five blood power users, him the bald middle aged man and the those three.


It didn't take them long to group up, just a little bit less than ten minutes, as the bald middle aged man had just finished telling them about Mad Dog's order before the Great Migration started.


"Everyone, after half an hour we will attack the one eyed dragon's gang, don't worry it won't be just us that are going to attack it, all the other gangs are sending their blood power users to help too.


"There's really no need to worry about anything, just don't be afraid and know that after this day our city will no longer have a gang called the one eyed dragon gang, and this will be our gang's first step toward becoming the strongest gang in the city." Mad Dog said, while looking at each blood power user in his gang, making them feel excited.


Seeing their excited faces and their happy expressions he smiled, before turning his head to the bald middle aged man and saying:


"Go get the crewmen too, we shouldn't waste our time, as soon as the battle with the new leaders of the one eyed dragon gang ends and they are all died, the crewmen will leave to the ocean."


The middle aged man nodded his head before leaving.


The crewmen of the ships in all the gangs are always ready in the season of the Great Migration, so as soon as they heard the dragons roar they started getting ready and making sure that they didn't forget a thing, so the middle aged man only had to tell them that they were leaving.


There was ten crewmen on the mad dog gang, the middle aged man escorted them all to the room where Mad Dog was, when they entered Mad Dog only nodded to the middle aged man and stayed silent waiting for time to pass.


"Ok it's time, let's leave." Mad Dog said after half an hour passed.


They then left their base running on their feet's as there was nothing to use a mean of transportation, but even though they moved on their feet's they were fast, as any luggage the crewmen had were lifted by the blood power users, and they too were strong young people so keeping up with the speed that the blood power users were going by wasn't that hard for them, of course that was only because the blood power users were going slow, if they moved at their top speed the crewmen wouldn't even be able to get close to them let alone run by their side.


It being dark also didn't help a lot as even the blood power users found it somehow hard to move in an environment like that not to mention normal humans.


Thirty minutes later they stopped in a place that was around half a km away from the entrance of the one eyed dragon's gang, as they still had to wait for the other gang leaders and their blood power users.


Fortunately they didn't have to wait for long, around five minutes or so later they started appearing one after the other, till finally after twenty minutes of waiting, and two hours and half of the great migration starting, all of them were there.


"So everyone is finally here, let us not waste anymore time and go to deal with the new leaders of the one eyed dragon gang." Mad Dog said to the six leaders and the twenty two blood power users who were standing in front of him.


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