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036: The Great Migration is Starting.


Mad dog was setting on his seat, while the bald man was standing in front of him telling him about what the other leaders' answers were.

"Sir as we expected all the other gang leaders had the same idea as us, and they all decided to join hands with us to destroy the new leaders of the one eyed dragon gang, they said that they had gone way too far and that we need to deal with them for the sake of all of us." the bald middle aged man said.

"A punch of hypocrites, they are simply after the control of the ships and more shares in the fish that is caught, and control over the hunting ground that each gang have." Mad Dog said in an unhidden disgust, and then he added:

"As long as they do their jobs we won't care, after all we all are after the same thing."

"Sir then what should we do." the bald middle aged man asked.

"We should all get ready, tell the blood power users to move fast as soon as the Great Migration starts, I need them to be here next to me in less than a minute after the dragons' roar, we shouldn't waste any time, after all those are the words that we told the other gangs leaders to work by, we can't be the last few there right." said Mad Dog.

"Ok I will deal with that right now." the bald middle aged man nodded his head, before turning around and leaving the room.

Mad Dog set there in the room on his own, he kept on getting that feeling as if something bad was going to happen, something he wouldn't have the ability to stop, the first time he got a feeling like that was when the previous leader of the gang died right on front of him, it happened when they miss-calculated the date of the Great Migration, and a dragon ate him while he survived by a chance as he fall inside a hole before the dragon made it there.

Since then he got saved by this sense of his many times, so feeling it this time while planning to take down the one eyed dragon gang, made him worry that something might go wrong, which made him act in a more cautious way, but he still had the same feeling and it didn't go away.

He wanted to think of it as just as mistake on his side but he knew that he couldn't, as in his life he learned to trust his instinct more than anything else, so he decided to be more cautious and do everything perfectly leaving no room for mistakes on the day when they attack the one eyed dragon's gang.

A while later the middle aged bald man returned, interrupting his train of thoughts, he said respectfully to Mad Dog:

"Sir, I did as you said all the blood power users have been told to regroup as fast as possible when dragons release their roa ahhh..." before even finishing his words a defying heaven shaking roar sounded in the room making everyone in it fall to their knees while covering their ears in pain.

Ten or fifteen seconds later the roar stopped, Mad Dog stood unsteadily almost falling many times, and then with a pale face he shakenly said:

"Th... The dragons roared, the Great Migration is starting, hurry up, go get everything ready, I want us to be out after an hour, move, move, MOVE!" he shouted the last few words.

The roar that happens when the Great Migration is going to start isn't a normal roar; it's a perfect combined roar that all the dragons in the area release when they start to migrate, it sound as if it was released by a single dragon because of how perfect it was.

Usually the dragon would move from the area after five minutes or so, as they would still roam on the sky for a while before flying away, but for the natives to make sure nothing bad happens, they wait an hour or so before they start moving freely on the surface.

The bald middle aged man, got up unsteadily and took a few steps while swaying from the left to the right, it took him a while to return to normal after he heard the dragons roar, as the after effects of that defying sound wasn't something you can just ignore, but even though he still needed time to return to normal, when he heard Mad Dog' order, he couldn't stay laying on the ground so he did his best to get up, and answered after a few steps:

"I'll do as you ordered sir, don't worry." before leaving the room while lining on the wall.

Mad dog fall to his chair after the bald middle aged man left, he didn't expect the great migration to start that fast, and it took him by surprise.

"Now we can only wait and see." he murmured to himself, before his mind started wandering.


Dan and the others were returning to the base talking and laughing together, the sun was giving its last rays for that day and they didn't have to worry about anything as Nero was keeping watch over their surroundings, they were peacefully walking and chatting but suddenly:


A huge sound filed the whole city, Dan Nero and everyone there covered their ears as they fall to their knees, the sound was way stronger than anything they had heard before, fortunately that sound disappeared as fast as it appeared.

It took them a few seconds to get up on their feet, Robin moved toward his sister wanting to see how she was doing as she and Katherine were still on their knees, seeming as if they suffered a lot from that roar just than.

"What was that?" Nero asked Dan as he tried to get up.

Dan didn't answer him; instead he lifted old Frank that didn't have the power to move and said before starting to run:

"Let's hide we don't have a lot of time, there that place is good, follow me."

Hearing the urgency in his words the others didn't try asking any other question as they knew that Dan wouldn't do something like that without a reason, so they helped each other and followed him who was moving toward a half destroyed building, even though it was half destroyed, a part of it was still intact making it a great hiding spot.

"Shah..." seeing Nero try asking him what was happening again after they hid, Dan put his finger over his lips and asked him to stay silent as they weren't out of danger yet.

Understanding something Nero and the others all turned silent and started listening, it wasn't long before Nero's expression changed and he looked toward the western side of the place where they were hiding, knowing that he might have felt something the others looked toward that place and started listening, it wasn't long before the sound of wings flapping was heard.

The sound was unfamiliar to all of them it was the first time that they heard it, but it had resemblance with the sound that the dragons made when they wanted to land, which was something they heard before in their first meeting with a dragon.

Soon after they first noticed the sound, other sounds like it sounded, and they got louder and louder till finally it become all what they were able to hear, it sounded as if a swarm of large winged birds were above their heads.

As if they thought of something Nero, Leonard, Katherine and Robin all looked at Dan, who nodded gravely; the meaning of his action was apparent and needed no explanation:

'The Great Migration is starting' that thought passed by their minds at the same time.

Randy and Anie understood that the great migration was starting as soon as they heard their great roar, as Randy had already asked Dan if there were any signs of the great migration starting, when they were returning from taking a look at the ships the first time they went there, and when he did that, Anie was standing right next to them, so as soon as they head the defying roar they understood it's meaning, and they followed Dan hurriedly, without asking any questions.

The sound of flapping wings kept on sounding for a while, at one point Dan and the others tried to take a look outside without making any noise, what they saw was something astonishing that they wouldn't be able to forget for many years to come.

They saw a huge number of dragons, counted in thousands, above their heads, those dragons were one big swarm, and they weren't flying as how dragons normally do, but they were slowly and steadily flapping their wings making that sound that they were able to hear since a while ago, they seemed as if they were doing some kind of dance or ceremony, it was a breath taking sight.

Seeing that amount of dragons in one place almost stopped Dan and the others hearts, no matter how beautifully or breath taking that sight was, those dragons were still creatures that destroyed a civilization on the matter of years.

Knowing that they had to wait for the dragons to leave before doing anything, they just set there in silent looking at each other, and sometimes at the dragons flying and performing in the skies outside.

Waiting like that for a ten minutes that seemed like an eternity, the sound of the dragons flapping their wings finally stopped and an awkward defying silence fall on the half broken building, it was a normal feeling as when you get used to a high sound and it suddenly disappears, that will give the impression that the silence was defying and unbearable.

They waited for another ten minutes after the sound disappeared, Dan looked at Nero, seeing him nod he said while releasing a breath:

"They are probably all gone by now, so don't worry."

"Dan that was..." even though she understood it, Katherine still decided to ask that question.

"Yeah, it is just as all of you have guessed, the Great Migration had already started." Dan nodded.

Hearing his words mixed emotions were on everyone's faces, fear, excitement, nervousness, eagerness and many others, they were all mixed together.

Seeing that Dan smiled and said:

"So we will go with our plan, right?"

"Of course." everyone said with big smiles on their faces.

Hearing that Dan nodded and turned his head to old Frank and asked:

"Old Frank, from here, can you tell me where the ships are kept?"

"That... That way, just keep on going in that direction and you will see it eventually." old Frank answered unsteadily, it seemed that he was still shaken from the dragons roar somehow.

Old Frank pointed to a direction in the west.

"Ok, now old Frank listen to me and do what I'm going to ask you, it's not that hard just go to the base with Anie and after that listen to all her orders ok, remember all her orders, there's no reason to mess it up right now after you followed us for so long, just make sure that Anie is going to be safe and do her job."

"Ok don't worry about that I'll listen to what miss Anie will ask me to do, and I'll do my best to protect her if the need ever calls for it." Old Frank said resolutely.

He understood that they were going to try hunting a dragon, and he also understood that the real reason of many of Dan's weird behaviors was going to get reviled and that he only had to take care of some small things before all of this ends and before he understands what Dan and the others really were up too.


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