Hearing his words the faces of everyone in the room changed, after all they decided to try hunting the dragon because it was injured, so hearing that it was healing was the last thing that they wanted to hear.


"Well there's nothing we can do, let's just hope that the great migration would start fast." Dan sighed and said.


The others didn't say anything, but it was apparent from their faces that they weren't able to accept it, they wanted to hunt that dragon and they were excited about it and all, so hearing how it might heal if the great migration started later, it made them anxious, and they had nothing to do about it.


Seeing their expressions Dan added:


"Don't worry, there's still a chance, who knows? Maybe the Great Migration would start today or tomorrow, we still have hope, so don't give it up."


His words helped a little, and seeing that he said:


"So do you want to go and take a look at it ourselves?"


Finding no reason to refuse as they had nothing to do and because they were interested in going out after so many days underground, they all decided to go to where Barry was.


Before leaving Dan changed the ownership of the soul weapon and gave it to Robin, so that they won't waste time when the Great Migration starts.


Barry was tired, it wasn't because he had to spend all that time outside, as he had to spend longer time outside before, the reason why he was tired was because of the sun that had been out for more than a day.


For most of the time he spent outside it was sunny, that morning after he woke up he saw that it had just started setting, making him feel weird.


Soon after he woke up and took a look at the injured dragon to see how it was, and while he was having breakfast, he heard movement behind him, turning his head he saw old Frank standing there, they talked for a while, and as he was leaving he told him about what he noticed about the injured dragon, its wounds were healing, even though it was a small change its wounds were surely healing.


When he heard that, old Frank's face paled and he left hurriedly saying that he had to tell Dan and the others about it, so he watched him leave before turning his head and looking at the injured dragon thinking that he won't meet anyone for the rest of the day, but he was wrong.


Two or three hours after old Frank left, Dan, Robin and the others came to where he was hiding, giving him a surprise.


It happened as he was setting under cover and keeping watch over the injured dragon, when he suddenly heard moment behind him, he knew that old Frank won't return at that time of the day, so he hurriedly turned his head wanting to see who it was that came, and as he did he saw old Frank along with Dan and the others.


"Hey Barry you are working hard I see." Dan said waking Barry from his surprise.


Barry stood up and said to Dan and the others:


"Hello sir, May I ask you what you are doing here?" he wondered why Dan and the others were there, as he didn't expect them to come all the way to where he was.


"We heard from old Frank that the dragon's wounds started healing so we decided to come and see, there's no need for you to worry about anything, so can you tell me what you saw." Dan said while smiling kindly.


Understanding what they were there for, Barry released a breath of relief before saying:


"Just as what old Frank told you, this morning..." Barry was going to say this morning but seeing the setting sun he sighed and corrected himself saying.


"Well, when I woke up I mean, I saw that some of the wounds on the neck of the dragon showed signs of healing, they were just shallow wounds on the first place and they would have healed sooner or later, but the rate at which they were healing seemed astonishingly fast, so I thought that you need to know about it."


"You did well, this information is quite important to us." Dan said while looking in the direction of the injured dragon gravely, before saying to Barry:


"Can you give me the binocular?"


Barry handed the binocular to Dan hurriedly.


Taking it Dan pointed it to where the injured dragon was.


Seeing him do that Randy wanted to tell him how to use it, but his words were stock in his throat, Dan skillfully used it as if he did that for many times before.


"Did you use that type of binocular before?" Randy asked.


"Not this one exactly, but I have memories of an older version of it, it's from your Area so figuring out how this one works isn't that hard at all." Dan answered, then he concentrated on the injured dragon.


Just as how the

blood bath and the body tempering technique were helpful for the abilities of the others, his ability, super memory also showed some signs of getting stronger, as more and more memories from the most recent world he had memories of, Randy's world, were getting clearer and clearer, with each passing day.


He was able to see the injured dragon clearly through the binocular as if it was right in front of him, he also did the changes in the binocular skillfully and cleanly, showing how good he was with it.


Just as Barry said, the wounds on the injured dragon's neck were showing signs of healing, while the serious wounds in its stomach were worst, and still bad they too were different from before, they healed a little.


With no other words and with a grave look on his face, he handed the binocular to Randy, who took a look before handing it to Nero, they did that till everyone in the group took a look, and then they fall to silence.


"What Barry said is true, its wound are getting better, if we are unlucky and the Great Migration starts late this year, I mean till the tenth day, then we will have a problem as most of its wound would have more or less healed by then." Dan broke the silence by saying that in a grave tone, then he added:


"We might not be that unlucky but we should put that into consideration, so what should we do?"


"What you said is true, if the Great Migration starts late this year the dragon will be more or less healed, but let us even not talk about how the chance of that happening is small, even if that happens we should also take into consideration that with no food or anything to help with its healing process it will be weak when it fully heals, after all it can't just generate the power to heal from nothing right? To get some it will have to sacrifice some, even a dragon no matter how overpowered it is can't bypass this rule, so I think that as long as it's not able to fly we should do our best and try to hunt it." Nero said, after he thought about it for a while.


"What you said makes sense, but we really don't know if dragons don't have such an ability, after all this isn't... Well you know our Area, and we should stop thinking of it as if it is." Leonard said.


He was going to say our world but then he saw Barry and old Frank and decided to change his words.


Again everyone fall into silence, since none of them knew about the true abilities of a dragon and what they were capable of.


"We will base our decision on how the injured dragon is on the day of the Great Migration, if it seems strong and normal with no traces of weaknesses we will stop the operation and simply leave this Area, and enter the ocean, and if its seem weak and lifeless, as Nero said, we will try hunting it, but even then we should put the priority to our safety and to try running after seeing anything unusual, we can give that job to Robin, with the soul weapon and his ability he will be the best for the job, what do you think?" Randy said, after he saw how the group was split between two opinions.


"It's great, who thinks that we should go with this plan." Dan asked after hearing it.


The others all nodded after thinking about it for a while, the plan was good for both sides as it covered the most critical part, their safety.


They then talked with Barry and old Frank,who had confused expressions on their faces most of the time the group spent talking.


Before they said good bye to Barry and started moving toward the underground base, they didn't have to move that stealthy or in fear as Nero was covering all the seven km and half around them, giving them no need to be careful.


Their ease while walking made old Frank wonder about how they could act like that, whenever they were outside it gave him the feeling as if they didn't have to worry about being attacked suddenly, or trying to hide their tracks, they always staied in plain sight, making him wonder just why they were like that.


"This new world is really weird, I mean we just woke up and the sun is setting can you believe that?" Nero complained as they were returning to the base.


"What can we do about it? here think positively, at least we aren't crushed by the gravi..." Dan smiled and tried to comfort him, but then his expression froze as he suddenly remembered something.


"Wait you guys, why isn't the gravity effecting us, I mean if what we think happened really happened then the gravity should be way stronger then what we can handle, our bodies would have been crushed, no not just our bodies everything would have suffered the same fate, buildings trees even dragons and other animals and insects, nothing would have avoided that fate, so how are we still standing here normally, how are dragons flying in the sky freely, and how are those buildings still up?" Dan questioned while thinking, the more he said the more agitated he become.


His words left everyone there speechless, especially old Frank who understood nothin

g about what Dan was talking about.


"I... I never thought about that, but theoretically that's what's supposed to happen if the world really... You know changed, but now that you mention it there are no signs about any change in that regard happening, which is really puzzling" Randy said with confusion, Dan's words reminded him of that.


"Just as I said, this new world is really a mess, to think that even the law of physics got thrown away like this?" Nero murmured to himself.


The others feeling were the same as him, especially Dan who had memories of more than one world, and he had the impression that the laws of nature and physics were the same in all those worlds, well not of them as there was a few that had weird illogical laws, like the floating islands world or the gigantic insects worlds that seemed on their own, anyway seeing how they were still alive even after all the worlds combined and become a huge world made him question what was happening, and if that minority of worlds with weird laws effected the new earth.


With those new unanswered question in their minds they made their way to the underground base.


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