A Journey Through the Worlds.

by reverof

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Low Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy War and Military

What will happen if there's a multiverse, what will happen if everything in this multiverse merges one day...

Follow this story which combines superpowers, magic, technological advancment and many other, all mixed together.


The novel is coming from webnovel, I'm releasing here after rewriting the chapters from there.

new chapters will be released after I rewrite all the ones out now

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
000: Prologue. ago
001: The Beginning. ago
002: Robin. ago
003: The Awakening. ago
004: Misjudgment. ago
005: First Fight, First World. ago
006: Dragon. ago
007: Memories. ago
008: Natives. ago
009: World's Children. ago
010: Randy. ago
011: Combined Multiverse. ago
012: Great Migration. ago
013: Not the Only Reason. ago
014: Athena. ago
015: Blood Baths, and Blood Power Useres. ago
016: Assassination. ago
017: Meeting the One-Eyed Dragon. ago
018: Awakening. ago
019: The Great Migration is Close. ago
020: The Purple Empress. ago
021: New Earth. ago
022: Changes. ago
023: Body Tempering and Blood Baths. ago
024: The Huge Cave. ago
025: Little Ru. ago
026: Stronger. ago
027: Team. ago
028: The Selfishness of a Brother. ago
029: We Will Try Hunting it. ago
030: Meeting Again. ago
031: Throw Them All Away! ago
032: Barbarossa. ago
033: Mad Dog. ago
034: It's Healing ago
035: Ability Getting Stronger. ago
036: The Great Migration is Starting. ago
037: Last Preparations. ago
038: Meeting Anie. ago
039: Luring the Dragon. ago
040: World Destroyers. ago
041: Blinded ago
042: Dead. ago
043: Leader. ago
044: Free Man. ago
045: Hope. ago
046: I Want to Join! ago
047: Setting Sail. ago
048: Rest. ago
049: Changes. ago
050: United. ago
051: Thomas. ago
052: Creators. ago
053: Crystal. ago
054: Crystal and Blood Bath. ago
055: Susan. ago
056: Pain. ago
057: Pressure. ago
058: Male Dragon. ago
059: Ice Phoenix. ago
060: Divine Armies. ago
061: One Month. ago
062: Arrival. ago
063: Start of the War ago
064: Susan's Ability. ago

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Cheshire Alucard
  • Overall Score

The story is pretty good so far, interesting setting and the protagonist isn't too naive, nor is he an all knowing god, my main issue is with the grammar, there are lots of little mistakes, bearable, but annoying.