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Author's Comment: I was asked about reading my work on other sites. The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than royalroadl.com. Only here, I correct mistakes and errors. If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed. You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website. The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf. (http://armaell-library.net/author/andur) ———————————————————————————————

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My world faced its end, but I refused to perish with it! So I intercepted a summoning ceremony from another world. One moment!? My summoner tried to summon a demon? Fuck it, I think it's better to break the contract and do my own thing... or not? Why is Mrs. Sacrifice hugging me? And why am I suddenly a child!? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not entirely sure how this fiction will turn out. And I am not sure on the tags either. They may change. Bear with it. As always, how chapters turn out is up to my mood.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. ~Beyond the curtain.~ ago
2. ~Awakening.~ ago
3. ~Confirmation.~ ago
4. ~Language.~ ago
5. ~Stories.~ ago
6. ~Inspection.~ ago
7. ~Pecking order.~ ago
8. ~Paradise.~ ago
9. ~School.~ ago
10. ~Clique.~ ago
11. ~From day to day.~ ago
12. ~Test.~ ago
13. ~Opened Eyes.~ ago
14. ~Bad Omen.~ ago
15. ~Party.~ ago
16. ~University.~ ago
17. ~Suspicions.~ ago
18. ~Look the other way.~ ago
19. ~Just a part.~ ago
20. ~Going back.~ ago
21. ~Ice.~ ago
22. ~Rested.~ ago
23. ~Escape.~ ago
24. ~Daily life.~ ago
25. ~Problem and Solution?~ ago
26. ~Thrown out!~ ago
27. ~Invitation.~ ago
28. ~Party.~ ago
29. ~Tutor?~ ago
30. ~By other means.~ ago
31. ~Life.~ ago
32. ~Caught.~ ago
33. ~Work.~ ago
34. ~Return.~ ago
35. ~Visit.~ ago
36. ~A father's test.~ ago
37. ~Mayhem.~ ago
38. ~Just Students.~ ago
39. ~Secret.~ ago
40. ~Registration.~ ago
41. ~Research.~ ago
42. ~Misgivings.~ ago
43. ~Rage.~ ago
44. ~Hunt.~ ago
45. ~Assault.~ ago
46. ~Returned.~ ago
47. ~Memories and Oaths.~ ago
48. ~Misfit.~ ago
49. ~Secrets.~ ago
50. ~Sides.~ ago
51. ~One step behind.~ ago
52. ~Enlightenment.~ ago
53. ~Cold Calling.~ ago
54. ~Lies.~ ago
55. ~Flip a coin.~ ago
56. ~Uncovered.~ ago
57. ~New threats.~ ago
58. ~The Light.~ ago
59. ~New friends.~ ago
60. ~History.~ ago
61. ~Tight schedule.~ ago
62. ~Taking care.~ ago
63. ~Visitors.~ ago
64. ~Greetings.~ ago
65. ~Concourse.~ ago
66. ~Fortress.~ ago
67. ~Circumstances.~ ago
68. ~Adjournment.~ ago
69. ~Gatecrasher.~ ago
70. ~Statement.~ ago
71. ~Tradition.~ ago
72. ~Scorched.~ ago
73. ~Frustration.~ ago
74. ~A usual day.~ ago
75. ~The Traveller.~ ago
76. ~Intermission.~ ago
77. ~Good vs. Evil.~ ago
78. ~Ignorance.~ ago
79. ~Arrival.~ ago
80. ~Storytime.~ ago
81. ~Teachings.~ ago
82. ~Developments.~ ago
83. ~More than Enough.~ ago
84. ~Siege.~ ago
85. ~Tri.~ ago
86. ~Source.~ ago
87. ~Move In.~ ago
88. ~Freedom or Peace.~ ago
89. ~Research methods.~ ago
90. ~The other side.~ ago
91. ~Sightseeing.~ ago
92. ~Interlude.~ ago
93. ~Payment.~ ago
94. ~Uprising.~ ago
95. ~Abolition.~ ago
96. ~Cite.~ ago
97. ~Power Game.~ ago
98. ~Parole.~ ago
99. ~Tea time.~ ago
100. ~Theism.~ ago
101. ~Ignorance.~ ago
102. ~On the move.~ ago
103. ~Desperation and Hope.~ ago
104. ~Interlude.~ ago
105. ~Waiting.~ ago
106. ~First exchange.~ ago
107. ~Bail out.~ ago
108. ~Intermezzo.~ ago
109. ~Mysteries.~ ago
110. ~Preparations.~ ago
111. ~Centre.~ ago
112. ~Close Call.~ ago
113. ~Return.~ ago
114. ~Getaway.~ ago
115. ~History Lesson.~ ago
116. ~Fate.~ ago
117. ~Fin.~ ago
N. a. C. - Announcement ago
118. ~Epilogue.~ ago
Epub/Pdf-Version ago

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An enjoyable, daily light read.

I'll plainly state it that I don't think the plot takes itself seriously. Not to say it's a joke or bad, but if you're looking for a super serious read, where the characters are fighting tooth-and-nail through some convoluted struggle, this isn't it.


It IS, however, enjoyable to read and updates (usually) daily.



Andur has it down, with this being his third(I think it is?) fic. A first-person POV, that uses several characters every now and then besides the MC. It's "clean" and it works. Not much else to say.



I wouldn't call it original, as the author had a fic similar to this one before, but I would say that this one is better written. It is, plainly said, the life of the MC in his new world with his new family and new country. He (mostly) does what he wants and curb-stomps anyone that tries to mess with his day-to-day life. It's funny as hell where the MC introduces all sorts of technology to his new world and personally out smarts and out wits all of his adversaries. It is difficult to against a guy that has 700+ years of life in a world that was more advance than yours.


Some errors here and there, but the commenters help Andur out and correct them and he edits them quite quickly.


Same "complaint" as the story. The Azir and Stella (The two most recurring characters) are quite similar to his previous story, except improved and better. There is nothing "deep" about this story and Azir has no real struggle with his character as he knows who he his, so he won't waste time deliberating on whether he should do this or that. He would simply use the easiest method available to him. Is there "character development"? Um... sure, if you count Stella trying to convince her husband not to eat chocolate that was dropped on the ground. Stella has most character development IMO, as she went from sweet childhood friend to being a not-quite-there-mad-scientist like her husband. I mean, she experiments on her own body!


I dont have any problem with the grammar the plot is amazing and the story is unique and hilarius especially the MC childish side and interracrtion with the other kids 

i did found the love interst in the begining cliche but as i read i realize it totally different than what i imagined to be and those plot suprise made the story go from good to very good

Thank you for this amazing story and i anticipate more progress character wise especially his kids.


this is probably my favorite story on the site and one of the best i have had the pleasure to stumble upon.


the characters are well written and funny, and it's not all sunshine and rainbows for the protagonist. bad things can and will happen.

the story is slow moving at first but definitely necessary for character development.


action and comedy are there in abundance and are well balanced in the story


and last but definitely not least, it's not your run of the mill you're dropped in the middle ages have some magic and swords now fight dragons kind of fantasy, it's interesting.


well hope this review will help a few people pick it up and enjoy it as much as i do :)



Great story, very enjoyable and interesting...if you read the author's other work you will come to find similarities, yet compare with the other two this one has a different vibe to it. Both of the other stories are enjoyable as well but it's nice to see a change of pace even though their are similarities


This is one of the best stories out there. I recommend it to everyone.



It's clear to me from the beginning that Beyond, Transcendence and Until Death were one packaged story. It's been written in reverse, the ending was written first. In short it was the story of reincarnation cycle of one person which is the savior of the world. How their live and love fate keeps on repeating and so on, too bad Andur didn't finished Transcendence because if he did the trio will be a complete book ready for publishing. 


A little bit spoiler pooper, if anyone didn't knew, well now you knew. It's the story of the villain origin, the great calamity in the making. Anybody want more spoiler? 


BTW Andur, YOU GOT A FREAKIN BIG ASS LOOP HOLE between Transcendence and Beyond, before you finishing Transcendence you better reread and check it again. I won't tell it here, it'll be a real party pooper if I did,...  But I'll give you a hint, it's about the great calamity circumstances. 



Mystery Quest:find the missing plot hole

-there is a hole in the history plot, find it before it brings a great calamity to the world. 

REWARD: cookie,,, lots lots of cookies. Oh and potatoes too! 


Simply the Best for me :)

I like reading the Author's work. In every Book, I always try to guess the characters base on their Mannerism, attitude,likes! and dislikes, and Names too! from the previous works and I know some people who read the first 2 books tried those too! I Thank the author for always giving good stories, not stopping even for having many "Bullies?" lets just call them bullies whos Hunger for "Perfect Story for them" and I dont really hate them for it,  I know they just have different taste. Still, I encourage everybody to Try reading the Author's works. It always End and no Dropping of stories :)


The Story is Awesome


Thank you, I really enjoyed reading though this..


Interesting start fizzles into family drama

I came away from this story disappointing because it's intro is basically a lie.  It's very well written and he does a good job of creating characters but it never goes anywhere or does anything to keep our interest. It quickly becomes just another bored generic protagonist excels at everything and does whatever he wants. Which is apparently just to hang around torturing school children hugging his family.

 Strange for a teenager that used to be some kind of ogre archmage or something. 

We get an assassin/spy plot that fails utterly to be anything but a tool for the main character to show off with and seemingly endless school or  family drama.  None of which held my attention, probably because it was so slow,  cliche and predictable. 


good story(again) but slighty boring(again)

really good story, but... why in every your novel male mc is a pussy, and female is a dick? Until death, Transcendence. now Beyond. Its irritating and already boring. Male magic&industry oriented geek and female crazy bitch who bully him all the time. Love, yeah... And children. They are actionkillers in novels, so imo its stupid idea