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Author's Comment: I was asked about reading my work on other sites. The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than royalroadl.com. Only here, I correct mistakes and errors. If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed. You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website. The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf. (http://armaell-library.net/author/andur) ———————————————————————————————

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My world faced its end, but I refused to perish with it! So I intercepted a summoning ceremony from another world. One moment!? My summoner tried to summon a demon? Fuck it, I think it's better to break the contract and do my own thing... or not? Why is Mrs. Sacrifice hugging me? And why am I suddenly a child!? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not entirely sure how this fiction will turn out. And I am not sure on the tags either. They may change. Bear with it. As always, how chapters turn out is up to my mood.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. ~Beyond the curtain.~ ago
2. ~Awakening.~ ago
3. ~Confirmation.~ ago
4. ~Language.~ ago
5. ~Stories.~ ago
6. ~Inspection.~ ago
7. ~Pecking order.~ ago
8. ~Paradise.~ ago
9. ~School.~ ago
10. ~Clique.~ ago
11. ~From day to day.~ ago
12. ~Test.~ ago
13. ~Opened Eyes.~ ago
14. ~Bad Omen.~ ago
15. ~Party.~ ago
16. ~University.~ ago
17. ~Suspicions.~ ago
18. ~Look the other way.~ ago
19. ~Just a part.~ ago
20. ~Going back.~ ago
21. ~Ice.~ ago
22. ~Rested.~ ago
23. ~Escape.~ ago
24. ~Daily life.~ ago
25. ~Problem and Solution?~ ago
26. ~Thrown out!~ ago
27. ~Invitation.~ ago
28. ~Party.~ ago
29. ~Tutor?~ ago
30. ~By other means.~ ago
31. ~Life.~ ago
32. ~Caught.~ ago
33. ~Work.~ ago
34. ~Return.~ ago
35. ~Visit.~ ago
36. ~A father's test.~ ago
37. ~Mayhem.~ ago
38. ~Just Students.~ ago
39. ~Secret.~ ago
40. ~Registration.~ ago
41. ~Research.~ ago
42. ~Misgivings.~ ago
43. ~Rage.~ ago
44. ~Hunt.~ ago
45. ~Assault.~ ago
46. ~Returned.~ ago
47. ~Memories and Oaths.~ ago
48. ~Misfit.~ ago
49. ~Secrets.~ ago
50. ~Sides.~ ago
51. ~One step behind.~ ago
52. ~Enlightenment.~ ago
53. ~Cold Calling.~ ago
54. ~Lies.~ ago
55. ~Flip a coin.~ ago
56. ~Uncovered.~ ago
57. ~New threats.~ ago
58. ~The Light.~ ago
59. ~New friends.~ ago
60. ~History.~ ago
61. ~Tight schedule.~ ago
62. ~Taking care.~ ago
63. ~Visitors.~ ago
64. ~Greetings.~ ago
65. ~Concourse.~ ago
66. ~Fortress.~ ago
67. ~Circumstances.~ ago
68. ~Adjournment.~ ago
69. ~Gatecrasher.~ ago
70. ~Statement.~ ago
71. ~Tradition.~ ago
72. ~Scorched.~ ago
73. ~Frustration.~ ago
74. ~A usual day.~ ago
75. ~The Traveller.~ ago
76. ~Intermission.~ ago
77. ~Good vs. Evil.~ ago
78. ~Ignorance.~ ago
79. ~Arrival.~ ago
80. ~Storytime.~ ago
81. ~Teachings.~ ago
82. ~Developments.~ ago
83. ~More than Enough.~ ago
84. ~Siege.~ ago
85. ~Tri.~ ago
86. ~Source.~ ago
87. ~Move In.~ ago
88. ~Freedom or Peace.~ ago
89. ~Research methods.~ ago
90. ~The other side.~ ago
91. ~Sightseeing.~ ago
92. ~Interlude.~ ago
93. ~Payment.~ ago
94. ~Uprising.~ ago
95. ~Abolition.~ ago
96. ~Cite.~ ago
97. ~Power Game.~ ago
98. ~Parole.~ ago
99. ~Tea time.~ ago
100. ~Theism.~ ago
101. ~Ignorance.~ ago
102. ~On the move.~ ago
103. ~Desperation and Hope.~ ago
104. ~Interlude.~ ago
105. ~Waiting.~ ago
106. ~First exchange.~ ago
107. ~Bail out.~ ago
108. ~Intermezzo.~ ago
109. ~Mysteries.~ ago
110. ~Preparations.~ ago
111. ~Centre.~ ago
112. ~Close Call.~ ago
113. ~Return.~ ago
114. ~Getaway.~ ago
115. ~History Lesson.~ ago
116. ~Fate.~ ago
117. ~Fin.~ ago
N. a. C. - Announcement ago
118. ~Epilogue.~ ago
Epub/Pdf-Version ago

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haha another andurpiece

like always awesome interactions between the characters

best mothercharacter of all your stories

hillarious race(that eggscene HAHA)

and the romance will definetly become again like always funny and sweet

so far great

want more



Another one by Andur

I definitely like how the story is turning out so far, Azir, while very similar to him,  is very different from Ascathon in some things(like the part where he actually give a fuck about being alive). I was afraid after the appearance Ingrid that it was going to follow the same path as your other stories to much for me to fully enjoy it but meby Stella can be a new love interest and help make this story not another rerun of Untill Death? I am loving it so far, thanks for giving us another one!


voted best author on this website!!

love your stories, so interesting and enjoyable. Best part is that i can barely see any grammar errors or none at all most of the times.


Unlike all those top fictions on this website, your stories are the only one that doesn't make my vein pop from their poor literacy level. 


Hnn...no, it can't be Ascathon!

Ascathon wouldn't cling to life as much as this guy does. After all, it'd just start all over again!


Possibly an incarnation after a complete memory wipe, but this feels like a different person in many ways.


Either way, I really like the setting and I'm excited to see this new work :)! Wonder where it's going to end up, too, of course, but we'll see that in time! 


Writing style is good and I didn't see any grammar mistakes, but characters are really bad.
Mc is old man(Almost last living human on his home planet, really strong magician) but thinks like this: "This is scary lady, I don't like scary lady"(And this is from mc POV). He is supposed to be old man, smart, or at least smarter than 1 year old kids. But no, I thought wrong.
So I only can give this story 3 stars, because it feels like japanese comedic light novels with dumb MC. If you like novels like that, then this story is for you.


Everything I came to expect from the Author and a little more

Unless you are unfamiliar with author's other fictions, this follows the style of the previous works with great characters and setting.

Action, comedy, romance and sometimes drama. What I really like about it are the ideas and their execution in this story.


I powered through all of it today. Keep up the good work! 


Best romance i've read so far

Interesting story but the main reason for my score is your romance with A... and S.....  it's refreshing, fun and lovely.

I could feel their love throught your words ;)


I love this story. I hope this is helpful for the author.

Okay this is my first review ever so im just gonna go ahead and point out my likes an dislikes about this story. Btw anything in () is just me talking towards the author and interruping the flow of my review >~> dont judge


likes: the story has an interesting begining that makes me want to continue reading. I also enjoy your attitude towards people correcting grammar or pointing out things that don't make sense... (Celestial stop sneaking in there lmao.) Fast updates! Gives me plenty to read in my free time that a pluss no matter what! (Though it would be best to take a break every now and then and be sure you have a planned out plot and filler chapter ideas for buying time. Though i say filler but you can (as in would be nice but not needed) throw in some character development or foreshadowing) next i do enjoy the personality of the mc though he is still mostly mysterious  to me so it feels like watch a cool guy do cool stuff more than feeling like im in his place struggling with him. (that is not a bad thing unless you didn't want to give that vibe.) okay i'll stop here cause i dont want to discuss plot. (Me no like spoilers in reviews :P)


Dislikes: I dislike how the family views the mc as if there is only two options love or hate (btw hate isnt an opposite of love you can care for a person you dislike.) some of the relationships could be more.. Complex. I hate time skips where nothing interesting happens cause it is hard for me to believe nothing interesting happened especially in these kinds of stories (personal opinion take with grain of salt) before and after time skip personalities havent changed much at all annoying people kept being annoying. People with little back story stayed with little backstory For a while i still know nothing about most characters besides things like they like flashy spells or they are perverted, smart yet naive, and basic descriptions one or two character roles feel forced (you dont notice unless you take the time to think about why that person would even have developed in that way though you do give rough clues pointing to reasons for it.. But still its rough and kind of glazed over.) besides that lack of eyebrows raised at mc opness i can't think of anything else maybe its just my bais of loving this story keeping me from being more critical..


Well hope this helps you improve your writing. Sorry if it doesnt. Btw the reason you dont get 5stars is cause well i dont give 5 stars to anything cause perfection is a lie lol.


I don't like this book, it had a lot of potential at the start, but it just fell flat and became more of the same.

If you are interested in characters who don't fit the usual cliché personality tropes then this isn't the story for you.