Draconic Transcendence: Cinders and Ashes

by Forged in Flame

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy Magic

In the world of Aesir, there lies magic and beasts, gods and heroes. A world amongst many. In a particular era of prosperity, there lies the Apollyn Empire, a large Empire stretching across most of the western continent, and the most powerful nation in the world. It is during an age where Humanity turns away from the Gods, turning from Faith to Science. From this viewpoint, magitech exists, miraculous inventions that make life easier than before. But the world is vast, and filled with myths. Legends point to a select few individuals, who throughout history are born from magic alone, and gifted with immense power. All are destined for tragedy, however, and to wreak chaos. With power surpassing that of the Gods and Dragons, it is they who have been behind nearly all the major calamities of the world; these are beings known as "Harbingers". In the slums of Harlup, Capital of Apollyn, a young girl is found in the ashes of a burnt building, and adopted by a homeless woman searching for something of value. Raised from the ground up, and evemtually finding her way to the Gran Sars, an organization of magicians dedicated to war magic, she will rise through the ranks with her partner, and eventually discover that she too, is destined for tragedy. Her path forced by the Gods, she must fight to save the ones she loves, and at the same time face her destiny, and surpass it. Because if she does not, the world will burn, and all she knows and loves will crumble to cinders and ashes.

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Well-written, but a very slow start.

Reviewed at: Chapter 15


Solid. As of Chapter 15 we've just finished the first arc (I think) and it's good enough to make me wonder what happens next.



Fairly one dimensional so far, but it's still early days yet. Nothing terrible, but I'd like to see a little more depth to the characters motivations.



No glaring errors. Good word choices. Five stars.



The intro is pretty long-winded. A good editing pass can cut it down quite a bit without losing any story.




I'll be following this story to see where it goes. I like what I see so far.